Hart's (South Carolina) Battery- Capt. Kershaw's Brigade (Army of Northern Virginia, CSA) 1st South Carolina (Martin's) Mounted Militia, CSA. Most of its members had served in the 1st Regiment Virginia Partisan Rangers (subsequently the 62nd Regiment Virginia Infantry). of Confederate Military Records. Benjamin F. Winfield, Breathed's (Virginia) Battery- Capt. Base reads: Virginia to her Sons at Gettysburg. The Certificates Issued by the U.S. War Dept. James Reilly, Ashland (Virginia) Artillery- Capt. 1st South Carolina Rifles- Capt. A more comprehensive inventory of Virginia soldiers, dead or alive, who fought for the Confederacy was still in want. accident on 95 south today virginia; powerschool ecsd bishop david motiuk; general farm worker jobs in canada for foreigners; 39th infantry regiment roster. Military Units Participating in 1865 Mobile Campaign. There are printed pamphlets containing a roster of the Lee Camp Soldiers' Home in 1913 and also bylaws from 1910. Virginia (Warrenton) Battery- Capt. Fort Blakeley, AL -The Last Battle of the Civil War. 13th Virginia Cavalry- Capt. Chews Ashby Virginia Artillery 7th Virginia Cavalry 8th Virginia Infantry Regiment. 18th Virginia Cavalry. Lieutenant Colonel Carrington was exchanged. Gen. Evander M. Law, Col. James L. Sheffield, 4th Alabama Infantry- Col. Lawrence H. Scruggs . 4th Louisiana Regiment. The bulk of the collection covers the years 1861 to 1864, 1884, 1900, and 1905 to 1918. The regiment lost 54 men killed, 134 wounded, and 57 missing or captured. 5th Texas Infantry- Col. Robert M. Powell (w/c), Lt. Col. King Bryan (w), Maj. Jefferson C. Rogers, Brig. 14th Alabama Infantry- Col. Lucius Pinckard (w/c), Lt. Col. James A. Broome, Brig. Joseph Reid Anderson corresponded frequently with Bidgood while serving as the compiler and editor of the "VMI Biography." From Major Cabells Official Report for the18thVirginia in the Battle of Antietam: Early on the morning of September 17, the 18thVirginia Regiment, about 75 strong, under my command, was marched by the left flank into a position in rear of two batteries of the Washington Artillery, posted on a hill to the south and east of Sharpsburg, Md. of Military Affairs, 506 Ninth St. Office Building, Richmond, Va., 4 April 1918. Morris (Virginia) Artillery- Capt. 44th Virginia Infantry- Maj. Norval Cobb (w), Capt. 19th Virginia Cavalry Richmond Fayette, Hampden, Thomas & Blounts Lynchburg Virginia Artillery On the reverse side of each correspondence are forms issued by the War Dept. Extent: 68.19 cu. This very religious letter was written by Pvt. Robert M. Stribling Charles J. Moffett, 6th Virginia Infantry- Col. George T. Rogers 28th Virginia Infantry- Col. Robert C. Allen (k), Lt. Col. William Watts . South Carolina. Caroline, Parker & Stafford Virginia Artillery Richard C. M. Page Lastly, the payrolls provide the name of the employees who worked at the Rifle Factory, his occupation, days worked, price, total amount, and signature. 7th Virginia Infantry The payrolls are signed and certified by the Master Armorer, Philip Burkhart, and approved by Brig. The men were then withdrawn, and, together with General Garnett, who was upon our left, retired from the field. In the forenoon formed line on Kempers left in the field east of the woods. 40th Battalion Virginia Cavalry Inspector General: Maj. Charles S. Venable The enemy, though outnumbering us at least five to one, were held completely in check, and did not advance a pace. There are also powers of attorney containing lists of soldiers' signatures authorizing certain officers to draw pay on their behalf. Batteries C & G, 1st Rhode Island Artillery. 28th North Carolina Infantry- Col. Samuel D. Lowe (w), Lt. Col. W. H. A. Speer (w) 8th Virginia Infantry- Col. Eppa Hunton (w) 18th Virginia Infantry- Lt. Col. Henry A. Carrington 19th Virginia Infantry- Col. Henry Gantt (w), Lt. Col. John T. Ellis (mw) 28th Virginia Infantry- Col. Robert C. Allen (k), Lt. Col. William Watts 56th Virginia Infantry- Col. William D. Stuart (mw), Lt. Col. Philip P. Slaughter. This work seeks to record all of the casualties incurred by the men in Virginia regiments during the Civil War in a single source. It nevertheless did good and effective fighting, and, had it been supported on the left, would have maintained its ground throughout the entire fight. 2nd Georgia Infantry Battalion- Maj. George W. Ross (mw), Capt. These payrolls provide the names of the soldiers and to whom paid. Bidgood wrote to veterans, veterans' families, clerks of the county courts, and others seeking information about soldiers and requesting copies of muster rolls. William M. Hadden 4th Virginia Cavalry Series II: Unit Records 7th South Carolina Infantry- Col. D. Wyatt Aiken It lost 6 killed and 13 wounded at First Manassas and in April, 1862, had 700 men fit for duty. The 18th endured the hardships of the Petersburg trenches north of the James River and saw action around Appomattox. 18th Virginia Cavalry Regiment Colonel George W. Imboden. About this time the brigades of Generals Kemper and Drayton fell back, and a large force opposed to them swung round toward Sharpsburg and were already getting in our rear, when General Garnett, from sheer necessity, ordered his brigade to retire. . Interest in memorializing Confederate veterans prompted the General Assembly to pass an act on March 13, 1884, directing the adjutant general to compile a roster of all those who served from Virginia in the Confederate armed forces. Chief Quartermaster: Lt. Col. James L. Corley John L. Massie My entire color-guard was either killed or wounded. 17th Mississippi Infantry- Col. William D. Holder (w), Lt. Col. John C. Fiser (w) Here the regiment was reformed. 43rd Battalion Virginia Cavalry 6th Virginia Infantry 3rd Virginia Infantry- Col. Joseph Mayo, Jr., Lt. Col. Alexander D. Callcote (k) 64th Virginia Infantry 18th & 20th Battalion Virginia Artillery The Department of Confederate Military Records, under the Office of the Adjutant General, continued the work of the Secretary of Virginia Military Records of assembling muster rolls and other documents related to Virginians in the Civil War. Pee Dee (South Carolina) Artillery- Lt. William E. Zimmerman Its members were recruited at Danville and Farmville, and in the counties of Nottoway, Cumberland, Prince Edward . Includes correspondence, muster rolls, payrolls, clippings, descriptive rolls of pay & clothing, powers of attorney, rosters, printed material, scrapbooks, letter books, general & special orders, certificates, photographs, and other sundry items. , Leroy W. Stowe 1st Virginia Cavalry- Col. James H. Drake Giles, Alleghany & Jackson Virginia Artillery 12th North Carolina Infantry- Lt. Col. William S. Davis The Roster of Company A thru K is now divided into two sections with the Officers, Men with surnames A thru L being listed on the first page while Men with surnames M thru Z will be listed on the second page. Virginia Richmond Ambulance, Herbigs Infantry, Public Guard Armory Band Chesapeake (Maryland) Artillery- Capt. After many battles, companies might be combined because so many men were killed or wounded. Cobb's (Georgia) Legion Infantry- Lt. Col. Luther J. Glenn Withers. Escort: 39th Virginia Cavalry Battalion (2 cos), Chief of Staff, Inspector General: Col. Robert H. Chilton Here in Belle Isle's Dreary Prison. Volume one includes the following units: Records of the Chiefs of Arms, RG 177. We were compelled to change the front of several of our companies at this juncture, our fire never slackening. Gen. James H. Lane, 1st South Carolina Infantry (Provisional Army)- Maj. Charles W. McCreary Aide de Camp, Asst. Alabama. Please enable JavaScript on your browser to best view this site. It participated in the campaigns of the Army of Northern Virginia from Williamsburg to Gettysburg except when it was detached to Suffolk with Longstreet. 4th Company- Capt. M. G. Bass, 2nd Georgia Infantry- Lt. Col. William T. Harris (k), Maj. William S. Shepherd William M. McGregor Posted on February 27, 2023 by how much is tim allen's car collection worth About 3 p. m. the enemy crossed the creek in heavy force and advanced upon us. 8th South Carolina Infantry- Col. John W. Henagan 4th North Carolina Infantry- Col. Bryan Grimes 8x11 331 pp. Its members were recruited at Danville and Farmville, and in the counties of Nottoway, Cumberland, Prince Edward, Appomattox, Pittsylvania, and Charlotte. Finding Aids: Sarah Powell and Randall Roots, comps., "Preliminary Inventory of the Records of United States Regular Army Mobile Units, 1821-1942," NM 93 (1970); supplement in National Archives microfiche edition of preliminary inventories. 20th North Carolina Infantry- Lt. Col. Nelson Slough (w), Capt. Co.H 1st Lt. Kent, Samuel S. VA 14th Inf . Infantry - 12th-17th. Tyler C. Jordan The right of the Confederate line west of the Burnside Bridge Road being turned, the Brigade was withdrawn, by the cross streets, to the north of the town, and cooperated with Draytons Brigade and A.P. The unit fought at First Manassas under General Cocke, then was assigned to General Pickett's, Garnett's, and Hunton's Brigade. 14th Virginia Infantry Each certificate provides the name of the veteran along with a brief description of their service including their unit, whether wounded or captured, and dates of enlistment. 20th Virginia Cavalry Pendletons, Ritters, Allans, Hardaways, Moodys & Colters Virginia Artillery Col. Gottfried Becker 116th Ohio InfantryCol. 18th Cavalry Regiment was organized in December 1862. Jones' and McCausland's Brigade along with the 14th, 16th, and 17th Virginia Cavalry and in April, 1864, it contained 317 effectives. 52nd Virginia Infantry Cornelius T. Smith 48th Mississippi Infantry- Col. Joseph M. Jayne, Company A - Capt. He was at Langley Field, Virginia, at Fort Benning, Georgia, at Fort Sill, Oklahoma, and at Fort Riley, Kansas, on duty at the Service Schools at those posts from October 15th, 1926, to March 1st, 1927; at Fort McPherson, Georgia, in command . Almost all the survivors of the regiment were captured. General Garnett did not approve of this last position, so he ordered the regiment to the edge of the wood and across a fence some 200 yards distant. Its members were recruited at Danville and Farmville, and in the counties of Nottoway, Cumberland, Prince Edward, Appomattox . 18th Virginia Infantry, by James I. Robertson, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=18th_Virginia_Infantry_Regiment&oldid=1126802488, Units and formations of the Confederate States Army from Virginia, Military units and formations established in 1861, Wikipedia articles incorporating text from public domain works of the United States Government, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License 3.0, This page was last edited on 11 December 2022, at 09:06. It brought about 120 men to the field, and lost7 killed, 27 wounded, and 7 missing. Osmond B. Taylor, 1st Company- Capt. Campbell was killed in April 1865 at the Battle of Sayler's Creek -ironically next to Nottoway County in Prince Edward County, Nine more officers of Company "G" 18th Va Infantry, Private John G. Lee of Company H, 18th Virginia Infantry Regiment. Company B enrolled at Marietta, Ohio on April 27, 1861. 4th Texas Infantry- Col. John C. G. Key (w), Maj. John P. Bane Battle Jackson's (Virginia) Battery- Capt. Gen. John. Joseph Thoburn 1st West Virginia InfantryLt. The regiment lost in this fight 4 killed and 27 wounded, a report of which has been already forwarded. The lines were much broken in crossing the post and rail fences on both sides of that road but with shattered ranks the Brigade pushed on and took part in the final struggle at the Angle. 35th Georgia Infantry- Col. Bolling H. Holt Dix, John Ross. Stuart Horse Artillery Major Robert F. Beckham strength: 400 men, 19 guns casualties: 5 killed, 22 wounded, 27 total. Reorganized April 1862 with Captains Thomas J. Spencer, Mathew Lyle, Robert Morton Shepperson, Martin Luther Covington, William Henry Smith. The 24th Georgia Volunteer Infantry was an infantry regiment in the Confederate States Army during the American Civil War. Subseries 8: Militia 8x11 457 pp. There were only seven officers besides myself with the regiment, and three of the companies were commanded by second sergeants. 39th Battalion Virginia Cavalry 1st Battalion Virginia Infantry Robert Lee Snow has published several books which combine Civil War history and the genealogy of the soldiers in the regiments. July 4. Dept. This advance was made in good order under a storm of shells and grape and a deadly fire of musketry after passing the Emmitsburg Road. Medical Director: Dr. Lafayette Guild 43rd North Carolina Infantry- Col. Thomas S. Kenan (w/c), Lt. Col. William G. Lewis E. B. Brunson, Crenshaw's (Virginia) Battery- Capt. The 18th Ohio Volunteer Infantry (or 18th OVI) was an infantry regiment in the Union Army during the American Civil War. 55th North Carolina Infantry- Col. John Kerr Connally, Donaldsville (Louisiana) Artillery- Capt. Regimental Roster. 53rd Virginia Infantry- Col. William R. Aylett (w), Lt. Col. Rawley W. Martin (w/c) Gen. Alfred M. Scales, Lt. Col. George T. Gordon, Col. W. Lee. 47th Alabama Infantry- Col. James W. Jackson, Lt. Col. J. M. Bulger (w/c), Maj. James M. Campbell Richmond Fayette Artillery- Capt. 45th Battalion Virginia Cavalry In April . James T. Scales James V. Brooke, Danville (Virginia) Artillery- Capt. Artillery Brigade, VI CorpsCol. 37th Virginia Infantry 47th Virginia Infantry and Secretary of Virginia Military Records, affidavits, and personal reminiscences of veterans and their families. Edward A. Marye These rolls contain lists of soldiers who did not receive pay. Alleghany (Virginia) Artillery- Capt. Brigadier General George E. Pickett took command of the brigade. The result of this endeavor was a two-volume roster of West Confederate Avenue, near Spangler Woods. Samuel R. Johnston, 1195 Baltimore Pike Letcher (Virginia) Artillery- Capt. The 18th Virginia completed its organization in May, 1861. Col. Jacob Weddle 12th West Virginia InfantryCol. 6th Virginia Cavalry Operations in Belgium and France, 1917-1919. 36th Virginia Infantry No man of the 18thRegiment left his post until disabled, and all kept up a rapid and well-directed fire. Colonel Withers retired. Company F enrolled at Gallipolis, Ohio on April 22, 1861. 24th Georgia Infantry- Col. Robert McMillin Miscellaneous Disbanded Virginia Artillery ft. Provenance: of Confederate Military Records, 1859-1996 (bulk 1861-1864, 1905-1918). Virginia . 52nd North Carolina Infantry- Col. James K. Marshall (k), Lt. Col. Marcus A. 71st Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry, USA. These rosters represent the work of the Department of Confederate Military Records and its predecessor, the Office of the Secretary of Virginia Military Records, from 1904 until 1918. 2nd Virginia Infantry November 30, 1864, the 18th GA was reassigned to the Army of Northern Virginia and moved back to Richmond. 4th Virginia Infantry- Maj. William Terry This act replaced the Office of the Secretary of Virginia Military Records and appointed the secretary for a term of two years to be paid out of the Military Fund. The rolls are arranged by paymaster. Roster of Confederate Soldiers, 1861-1865, shows: Logan, Richard, Jr. VA 14th Inf. 269 Confederate officers captured between February 1863 and August 1864 and held at Johnson's Island, Sandusky, Ohio. 5th Alabama Infantry- Col. Josephus M. Hall Subseries 4: Local Defense Troops Montague, and William Hodges Mann; John Hart, editor of "Our Confederate Column" in the Richmond Times-Dispatch; and Adjutant Generals James McDonald & W.W. Sale. The John Brown's Raid Unit records contain muster rolls & payrolls from various regiments of the Virginia Militia stationed in Harper's Ferry after John Brown's Raid. The Detached Muster Rolls of Unpaid Men include muster rolls from various regiments during the Civil War. Wilmington, NC . There are both original materials from the Civil War and secondary materials gathered by the Secretaries of Virginia Military Records or the Adjutant General. 57th Virginia Infantry The enemy were pouring a heavy fire of round and canister shot upon the hill when the brigade commanded by General Garnett was put in position, which was continued furiously during the day until about 3 p. m. Our position was changed two or three times during the morning, as circumstances required, moving alternately to the left and right, to shelter the men from a dreadful fire, to which it was impossible to reply with small-arms. Contains rosters, muster rolls, payrolls, powers of attorney, special orders, descriptive lists of pay & clothing, notes, correspondence, regimental histories, pamphlets, certificates issued by the War Department, roll books, field returns, monthly reports, clippings, and other sundry items. At the cessation of the cannonade advanced and took part in Longstreets assault on the Union position in the vicinity of the Angle. Richmond Howitzers Virginia Artillery 36th Virginia Infantry, formerly known as the 2nd Kanawha Regiment, was organized in July, 1861. 62nd Virginia Infantry, Mounted- Col. George H. Smith Amherst (Virginia) Artillery- Capt. 23rd Virginia Cavalry Gen. William T. Wofford Danville, Eighth Star New Market & Dixie Virginia Artillery Staunton, McClanahans Virginia Artillery Individuals wrote Bidgood for information about soldiers for pensions, genealogical & historical research, and other purposes. This work seeks to record all of the casualties incurred by the men in Virginia regiments during the Civil War in a single source. Virginia was the largest state in population and industrial capacity to join the Confederacy, which soon moved its capital to Richmond. 38th Georgia Infantry- Capt. The correspondence from the various governors is mostly letters sent directly to the governor's office which is being transferred to the Secretary of Virginia Military Records. Jordan, James W. VA 14th Inf. The records include rolls for infantry, cavalry, artillery, reserves, navy, marines, and even out-of-state regiments. Oversized (except Muster Rolls) from Series II: Unit Records, Artillery, Cavalry, Infantry, Local Defense, Reserves, Virginia State Line, Militia, & Misc. 13th Alabama Infantry- Col. Birkett D. Fry 2nd Virginia Cavalry- Col. Thomas T. Munford CS Signal Corps. 27th Virginia Infantry- Lt. Col. Daniel M. Shriver Virginia Reserves 17325, Download the official NPS app before your next visit. . The abstracts enumerate and total the number of provisions such as beef, bread, sugar, soap, etc., and the number of men issued these provisions. Many were captured at Sayler's Creek and only 2 officers and 32 men surrendered. The unit was assigned to Imboden's and W.L. Captains Zachariah Blanton, James Holland, William Johnson, Robert McCulloch, and Elijah D. Oliver and Lieutenants James P. Glenn, George Jones, Lewis Vaughn, John Weymouth were wounded and captured. Brigadier General Pickett was wounded, and Colonel Hunton of the 8th Virginia Infantry took command of the brigade. The unit was largely composed of veterans of the 30th N. Y. infantry. Madison (Louisiana) Artillery- Capt. 34th North Carolina Infantry- Col. W. Lee. William J. Reese Bedford Virginia Infantry Baldwin County. 24th Virginia Infantry- Col. William R. Terry, Brig. Gen. Albert G. Jenkins (w), Col. Milton J. Ferguson, 14th Virginia Cavalry- Maj. Benjamin F. Eakle 1st & 2nd Rockbridge Virginia Artillery 10th Virginia Infantry It lost 6 killed and 13 wounded at First Manassas and in April 1862 had 700 men fit for duty.
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