I'm looking for old restored and un-restored police and fire department cars 1979. Its engine is a naturally aspirated petrol, 5.9 litre, overhead valve 90 degree V 8 cylinder with 2 valves per cylinder. Saw one of these, white over white, on my drive home the other day. I thought, most of the St. Regis were used on T.J. Hooker. Being in my 20th year of St. Regis ownership, after my dad owning first for 10 years, I dont think the St. Regis was the worst looking of the 70s cars or that it was designed to fall apart. 1979 Dodge Diplomat (Brochure). Nowadays, I have my 2012 Chrysler 300c (Hemi of course), my 1977 AMC Gremlin, and my 1969 Toyota Corona. The box he put on the car in 1985 finally failed about two weeks ago. Thats the only connection I can think of. The car does well in 40-100+ accelerations but dead-stop launches tend to bog. The St. Regis was based on Chrysler's rear wheel drive R-body platform, itself based on a modified version of the circa 1971 B-body design that provided the underpinnings for such cars as the Dodge Charger and the Chrysler Cordoba. The Caprice was Chevrolets mainstay for this period and was very popular, staying in production until 1990. I replaced the standard 85 MPH speedometer with a certified speedometer (120 MPH) that was set to the car's original odometer mileage. Never buy a used cop car. Powered by a 318-cubic inch V8, that car was so slow that the agency feared it stood no chance of keeping up with the old muscle cars still on the highways. 1978 Dodge Trucks. Given the glacial maximum acceleration rate, there wasnt much of a visual cue it was being hooned anyway. Original paint, top and in . And stick/no a-c is the setup to have on the Horizon! (Jeff Hwang thought this might be of interest to you all. Skip to content. Oh my gosh this is my CL post. I sold that car years ago when I was still a teenager and now I regret it! In addition to its highway patrol duties, the CHP also provides other services including protecting state buildings, state facilities, and state officials. In the book's survey, officers wrote that the 360 powered 1980 St. Regis was the best Mopar police car of all time. V8 (360 CI) Automatic. Has the trusty Chrysler 318 V8. Volare has feather like steering also makes it less comfortable to drive on interstate at 70, but its still possible. The wipers need a near impossible to find nylon bushing, a c compressor clutch is bad. By 1980, restrictive anti-emissions regulations meant that it was a dog to drive, with many police officers complaining about its poor performance. 1979 dodge st regis very nice car see pictures there is slight damage on left rear side of bumper again see pictures it is a 318 motor automatic transmission missing the 2 hubcaps 136k+ miles motor is quiet and smooth as well as transmission shifts smooth this car can be driven home interior again see pictures is very nice including dash the St Louis County Police dept. Only owned it for 27 years, lol. Or not. I bought from him and have owned it 20 years and drove it as recently as yesterday. The last photo is of the featured car (and me before I drove it to prom, sorry about that). Definitely not police issue. Original owners manual and all 1979 Chrysler emissions documentation, and repair slips. Turns out it could not even be certified for the road without spending a ton of $$$. Didnt know they retracted, since they were clear to begin with. Free shipping on many items | Browse your favorite brands | affordable prices. Rwcar4 Police Car Photos Classic Police Cars. Dont know if Ive previously mentioned that like others, Ive seen rather few of these going all the way back to when they first came out. Cool Project Series: Full Boost Is Turbocharging A 351-Cleveland Powered 1976 Ford F-350 Ramp Truck. Not only is it essentially uselesswow its ugly. The St. Regis trademark. The next up was the Dodge Aspen. Just like this restored 80 model now residing in Edmonton. It could work. So, old perceptions die hard especially when large sums of money are involved. The longest fresh water beach in the world couldnt hide a beater imperial. The Chevrolet Malibu was a mid-size model which replaced the ever-popular Nova. The Plymouth Gran Fury was initially built using Chryslers larger R-body platform until its switch to the mid-size M-body in 1982, something a lot of ongoing larger Chrysler nameplates did. This was 1979 and Chrysler still had dial radio with pushbutton Cadillac had digital soundsytems on all models back then. 1979 Dodge Mangum XE. He couldnt believe when he bought the car that someone put points in it. . C $14.42. Not sure if I even drove it around the block, or just in the parking lot. There is a small piece of trim missing near the drivers door, unnoticed until close to car. Funny the Aspen was actually better. Details. 1979 Dodge St Regis TV Hooker replica photographed Oct 2014: 1932 Ford Coupe Hot Rod Troy MI Police photographed Aug 2015: 1932 Ford Coupe Hot Rod Troy MI Police Surprising there wasnt a leather option seeing that the mid-sized Cordoba and LeBaron had leather available. I recall reading a quote from a Chrysler engineer once saying that the transverse torsion bar suspension was mandated for marketing reasons and there really was no way to model what it was doing in the computer or elsewhere. The highly boosted steering had no feel and our particular car had very little sense of straight ahead. Air Resources Board) to modify the exhaust for patrol duty. Its hard to say. 1979 Dodge Omni. 1978 Dodge Magnum Color Chart. Today's Rare Ride is for sale in Pennsylvania. You would think the full-sized cars would offer leather. They could have expanded the line and made several available models, having a base, mid and Brougham. $26,900. All Rights Reserved. You Be The Judge. The St. Regis is a motor car from Dodge, with rear wheel drive, a front positioned engine and a 4 door saloon (sedan) body style. The Impala was phased out in 1986 when the Caprice 9C1 police pack replaced it, but would come back in the future. My BIL had one of these, an 80 model he bought in fall of 1991. I still cant get past the way Dodge partially wrapped chrome bumpers with plastic, leaving exposed plastic edges. There is a St Regis hotel on Grand Boulevard rather close to the headquarter of Chrysler at that time. No St. Regis, but the Sask Highway Traffic used them, the guys who enforce truck& commercial vehicle stuff, weigh scales etc.The cars were a kind of dark brass color, 1979 Chrysler Newport & Dodge St Regis Police Cars Press Photo & Release 0081 Opens in a new window or tab. The main problem with the LeBaron for us was that it just would not run right. Your email address will not be published. It has buckets from a 1985 Omni that were a direct bolt on to the original seat tracks. That car is long gone and sold away, but I originally coveted a St. Regis because my favorite show at the time was Sledge Hammer. I did this to my St. Regis and ran a early 1990s AM/FM cassette and it blended right in. In Canada, we only got the Medallion version, the top trim. The Horizon had stick shift and no air conditioning, so he traded it on the LeBaron. . I guess the heavy chemically-treated leather of that time had its benefits. I just read a piece on John Francis Regis. And the 318 is not my favorite Mopar engine. He never even got it on the road, as he didnt even had a drivers license yet! The automotive landscape and world at-large is shifting away from petrol cars and towards electrification and political correctness. Mr_Brown99 writes: Bad on gas. The Gran Fury was purpose-designed as a cheaper version of the Chrysler Newport and was aimed at taxi, police and other fleet operators, with police cars utilising the 5.2-litre and 5.9-litre V8s. On Diplomat SE, the heavier steering improves the handling much, with smaller steering wheel. These cars are a great deal for St Regis shoppers. In the winter of 1993, I was hunting for a replacement for my ruined 67 Sport Fury and looked at a couple of Magnums, both with actual leather. They should change the breather sticker to Lean Burn of Death. The Dodge St. Regis introduced in 1979 was a re-skinned dinosaur based on the old large Chrysler B-body platform which underpinned the classic 1960s Dodge Charger muscle car. For Sale: 1997 Subaru WRX P2 WRC rally car raced by Colin McRae, Video: Hoonigan releases update, tribute to celebrate the life of Ken Block, 2023 Summernats 35: Highlights and mega gallery. The extra $500 must for being in rust belt. 1980 Dodge St Regis police car. Something had to be done, and for 1978, something was done. 2018 Ford Escape SEL. The reason I know this is because Ive got a 79 St. Regis. 1977 Dodge Royal Monaco Chicago IL Police photographed Aug 2007: 1973 Plymouth Fury I Delaware State Police . 360 4 Barrel 999 trans. It looks pretty good for 36 years and 100,000 miles. FREE LIVE DRAG RACING: The $25,000 64 Car Shootout At The K&N Southwest Showdown Has Been Reschedule For Friday Due To SNOW! Goodyear GT+4 tires were installed at 58,500 miles. 1979 Dodge Car Lineup. Get the best deals on Parts & Accessories for Dodge St. Regis when you shop the largest online selection at eBay.com. The Lynn Townsend era had seen many, many screwups in managementthe Sales Banks, the 1974 C-bodies that couldnt have come at a worse time, a strict no small Chrysler policy that blew up in their faces when the Cordoba (yes, it was a small Chrysler compared to a New Yorker) proved to be a sales blowout that the company had desperately needed, and of course the problematic quality control gripes had eroded Chryslers reputation. It was a strong rival to Chrysler and Ford models thanks to its then-new aerodynamic design, weight efficiency and resulting good fuel economy. The St. Regis was created during some desperate times for Chrysler. Learn how your comment data is processed. ( but I dont think many people thought of searching for St Regis in cars anyway ) and I regret for not saving the photos one year ago, but it popped up again few days earlier. Up to 1958, the California Highway Patrol would purchase vehicles 2 times a year, and many times it would be a different make. ( I came across a excellent looking Fox Continental in a Ford-Lincoln dealership in North Michigan last month, and it reveals the problem when I opened the door ). The young guy he bought it from drove it home for him, then bummed $5 for a cab home! It was the replacement for the Maverick which in turn was the replacement for the Falcon. 1979 Dodge St. Regis 89000 miles, Special order car intended for SD Highway Patrol Comissioner but never delivered. This just looks like the car company ran out of good ideas and let the car get junky. 1968 Chevrolet Biscayne Chicago Police Car, California Highway Patrol 1973 Dodge Polara, Italys Carabinieri 505HP Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio, 1966 Ford Country Sedan Wagon Fire Chief Car, Ford Police Interceptor Utility (Explorer). 1978 Dodge Diplomat 4,804 mi $ 16,500 or $272/mo Gateway Classic Cars of Tulsa is proud to present this slick 1978 Dodge Diplomat Coupe. T.J. Hooker s vehicle of choice after season 2. Do you remember who you sold the car to? After the departure of my St. Regis, I made the mistake of purchasing a 95 VW Jetta GLI (my first new car) which spent more time at my VW dealer for repairs than it did in my driveway. But.this..Chrysler pioneered breakerless ignition, to convert a Chrysler product to points, thats like peeing on Walter Ps Chryslers Grave! Alternatively (and preferably for my 17 year old self) you could just gun it enough to delay the upshift. [citation needed] For 1979, Chrysler withdrew Plymouth entirely from the full-size segment (making the Volare the largest Plymouth that year); for 1980, a R-body Gran Fury was reinstated, nearly exclusively for fleet sales. Curtis Redgap: The R bodies weren't that bad! I think they should put it back in limited service, maybe nice summer days, and mess with some peoples minds. The R-body replaced both the C-body and old B-body cars, killing two birds with one stone; unfortunately, Chrysler's dire financial situation turned worse, leading to Chrysler filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy and chairman Ricardo resigning in February 1979 (he would be replaced by Lee Iaccoca, who was recently let go by Ford; Iaccoca would later CHP Police Car Site. A rebranded version of the Eagle Premier (adapted from the Renault 25), the 1990 Monaco was the first version produced with front-wheel drive, slotted above the Dodge Dynasty in size.
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