From a roughly scientific perspective, it doesn't look like a meaningful test. That is, until I saw their nifty conversion kit (around $500) for the 20. You have to choose the suitable one for you depending on your purpose of using a pistol. 50GI 9 Round Conversion Magazine for Glock Pistols, Guncrafter Industries .50GI Drop-In Conversion for Glock Pistols, Guncrafter Industries .50 GI Complete Pistol, 50GI Magazine Extended Base Pad for Glock Units, Threaded Barrel 5/8-24 TPI, RH, 5.3" for 50 GI conversion units, 50 GI Complete Pistol w/ Glock Frame, Gen.4, True Blue, Metallic Finish, 50 GI Complete Pistol w/ Glock Frame, Gen.4, Cayman Green Finish, 50 GI Complete Pistol w/ Glock Frame, Gen.4, Sky Blue Metallic Finish. This cartridge was and is still popular for its powerful performance and strength. I'm a hardcore 10mm fan but DAYUM that .50 looks amazing! We're on the cover of American Handgunner! The accuracy of this pistol is just amazing. Understandably, both of them will offer you power shooting experience, and you do not necessarily need to choose between the two. Along with the .400 Cor-Bon, as envisioned by it's creator Peter Pi. Also, the chamber of the pistols for the .10mm Auto Ammo was too large for individuals with small hands. The penetration of the .50 GI Ammo is very different from the .45 ACP Ammo since the .50 GI Ammo is one of the examples of the largest legally allowed caliber bullet. I obliged them, because the TSA guy doing the inspection didn't seem to be the kind of person that would respond to common sense or reason. Still you can always say you have a 10mm and pretend to take yourself seriously. Guncrafter Industries Glock 50 GI. TSA, whatever their wisdom is or was at that moment, made me separate them. Price: $649.99; Cal: .50GI; Barrel length: 4.6 inch; Weight: 2lb; . Typical output is 1150 fps and 450 ft lbs of energy with lighter-weight loadings to around 990 fps and 400 ft . Location: Roseville area, or wherever they pay my confiscatory rates for things only I know how to do (lol). lol What I wanted to know. But, the downside of the .50 GI cartridge is that it creates low energy while lighting a shot. I have loaded a 180gr JHP as low as 950fps, and as high as 1380fps, both from a 6" barrel. I packed the gun and ammo in the same case. Unit Length: 3 m. Size: 50 x 8mm x 3mm, 10mm x 3mm, 10mm x 5mm, 10mm x 6mm, 13mm x 3mm, 13mm x 6mm, 16mm x 3mm, 16mm x 5mm.,, Manufacturer Neither Guncrafter Industries, nor this site are affiliated in any manner with, or endorsed by, GLOCK, Ins. This match grade barrel for our 50 GI conversions units will fitOUR50 GI slides with little to no fitting. I hope now you know about 50 GI Vs. 10 MM. The heavier grains produce less muzzle velocity, which is perfectly understandable. Among other things, they make custom 1911 pistols chambered for the .50 GI (Guncrafter Industries) cartridge, also designed by Zimmerman. Check out the latest issue of American Handgunner! We're on the cover of American Handgunner! It does show its not a good idea to tick off a talented Canadian. As I watch the large, brass casing fly through the air I hear the loud PONG! of the 300-grain .50 caliber bullet slamming into the target 75 yards away what, did he just say .50 caliber? In the case of a number of ammo makers their regular loads are barely warmer than 40 S&W. The assembly slides neatly onto your existing Glock 21 lower, and behaves exactly like the original. The full-power 10mm Norma load overlaps the .41 magnum at the bottom-end of it's power spectrum. Again, the .50 GI cartridge can produce a muzzle velocity of 1000 feet per second while pushing an SCHP 230-grain round and creates energy up to 510 foot-pounds in the process. Absolutely fantastic workmanship and well worth the wait. You are right, the 10mm does NOT fall between the .41 and .44 mags. After studying the ballistics of a cartridge, we can understand how powerful the cartridge is. October 8, 2009 in General Discussion - Any topic is welcome here!!! Surprising how close the 460 Rowland is to the 10mm Double Tap info above. The .50 GI Ammo operates at pressure levels that can be compared with the .45 ACP Ammo. Fast Forward: I was offered a great deal on a 50 GI upper for my Glock 20 along with some brass and a couple mag . Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. This powerful pistol cartridge was introduced by US Marine Jeff Cooper back in 1983. They can cut a .400 Cor-Bon chamber into a .40-cal barrel on . if my understanding is correct only the .44mag and the .50 caliber would surpass the 10mm. The .50 GI Ammo has been used for hunting hogs, bison, deer, and even wildebeests thanks to the excellent power and penetration of the cartridges. Upto 20 to 30 HP 8 Swg. Will fit standard holsters for yourGlock model. Review, with pictures. I love this thing! The Glock 21 can also be converted to .50 GI, .400 Corbon, 10mm, .40 Super, .45 Super, and the .460 Rowland which is definitively the most powerful big-bore semi-automatic cartridge that can be used for regular-sized, compact and subcompact semi-auto production handguns (we are aware of the existence of other rather obscure handgun calibers . Maximum Order One Cartridge per customer on this item. of the loaded cores: Factor: 5: 0,75: 7: 0,65: 10: 0,55: 14: 0,50: 19: 0,45: 24: 0,40: 40: 0,35: 61 : 0,30: Current-carrying capacity of cables for diviating ambient temperatures for . Since prices on kits are coming down, I have given serious thought to picking up a conversion. The Bullet Diameter is .400 inches which are 10.17 in mm. As a result, the American Tactical recently announced the company will offer two new bolt-action rifle systems from Black Creek Labs. Upload or insert images from URL. It may not display this or other websites correctly. I would have thought there would be more of a difference. It is interesting how each different bullet reacted. NickE10mm, your right. Sits closer to the head To be honest, I have a habit of overthinking things and this could be such an example. Hunting, defense, and tactical purposes. This bullet has rebated rim that has the same diameter as the .45 ACP Ammo. I had them (Alaska Airline) send my other bags touring around the country but they made sure the one with the gun made the right connections somehow. Yeah, thats a tall order. I will be a Returned Customer. But, the .50 GI cartridge is more suitable to carry in the wilderness for the heavier-grain rounds. Again, the 10 mm auto cartridge can produce a muzzle velocity of 1300 feet per second while pushing a Federal FMJ 180-grain round and creates energy up to 708 foot-pounds in the process. For 10mm with max penetration and expansion hornady 200gr xtp's should be used. Brand: Jetcotech. The adjustable rear has two white dots, and the . $24.95 . The .50 GI (12.723mmRB) pistol cartridge was developed by Alex Zimmermann of Guncrafter Industries. No. ), the European equivalent of SAAMI . How To Finish Plywood Walls [Total Procedure], Can PEX Be Buried In Concrete Details Explained, How To Mirror Polish A Knife by Hand 7 Pro Tips For Beginners, How To Sharpen A Peeler Easy Guideline, How to Sharpen a Potato Peeler Best Ways to Sharpen your Potato Peeler. For genuine GLOCK, Inc. and GLOCK Ges.m.b.H products and parts visit, HIGH QUALITY PRODUCT. But one thing is to consider here is that the limited pistols which can chamber the .50 GI cartridge are very costly. I know it shows all the bullistics on their site. I think we all are assuming you mean the .500 S&W Magnum. 10mm is my "go to" caliber. The .50 GI is a larger and heavier cartridge than the one we discussed above. The design of the M1 is such that recoil is controllable even with the more powerful round. Perfectly turned from a solid piece of copper, Our 255gr L-SWC rounds are our most economical and lightest recoiling rounds that we sell. The shooting sports world is full of clichs and cute little retorts regarding caliber. 10mm in a GOOD full size pistol is GREAT>. No.8" 0.1155 No.6" 0.1668 No.4" 0.243 No. Location: Sactown, Sacramento, Sac, Etc. Well, I guess I'm doomed if I'm ever attacked by soapy wet phonebooks. 50 GI. Order Online or Call Toll-Free: 1-800-601-8273 . The .460 Rowland also comes to mind as another load (wildcat), that is seldom mentioned, in power-comparisons to the 10mm. I am not a fan of Glocks, I had a G17 for about 6 months and traded it for another gun. Like the P320-XTEN, the M&P 2.0 10mm is a newer entry in the world of 10mm pistols. 1911's instill fairy dust in the bullets, making them more deadly. 10mm is a substantially more powerful cartridge than .45 ACP. Ok I am starting to think as far a regular loads the 10mm is the king. They are big-sized cartridges that produce powerful muzzle velocity with blasting energy. but too many variables to discern a logical theory from. FMJ Ammo. I believe on POW a 10mm or 357 with 180gr bullets above 1,000fps are just fine if you shoot it well. 10mm vs 45ACP The 10mm is a powerful cartridge that is often compared to the .45 ACP. So I stepped up to about the 7-yard line, which is about the length of some of the rooms and stairways in my home. The 10mm has a faster velocity and energy than the .45ACP. Gotta make a hell of a thump though. True but because the .50 is a wider bullet in diameter the .45 will not expand as wide if you use the same exact bulletAlso the 454 casull which is the same exact size as a .45acp.. i shot it using a similar bullet type which is the Barnes X copper HP bullet and it expanded .65" at a depth of 15" which is still very i said before this is just a comparison test not a better weapon nor bullet testI let everyone be the judge for themselves. But you are not going to get to 1400 fps, and certainly not the 1470 fps that some older Alliant data says is possible with Blue Dot. AR15.COM is the world's largest firearm community and is a gathering place for firearm enthusiasts of all types. Seemingly novel, Guncrafter Industries' 50GI Model No. SIG Sauer MCX-SPEAR: Civilian Version of XM7 Rifle Arrives! The .50 GI (12.7x23mm Rebated Rim) pistol cartridge was developed by Vic Tibbets and Alex Zimmermann of Guncrafter Industries. It's refreshing to to hear someone on the other end of the phone that actually cares about their customers and Dru personifies that attitude. I think we all agree that the aggressive, but careful handloader can get to the favorable side of 1200 fps with the 10mm in most guns, especially in a 6" barrel. Sign up for the ARFCOM weekly newsletter and be entered to win a free ARFCOM membership. The low velocity and heavy weight of the .45 and the high velocity, low weight of the 10mm both make for powerful shots. The biggest downside of these two cartridges is their strong recoil that affects the accuracy and efficiency of the cartridges. Our Threaded 50 G.I. For example, the 10 mm auto cartridge can push a Federal FMJ 180-grain round to a muzzle velocity of 1300 feet per second. Its a very strong, thick-walled cartridge which when loaded is approximately the same overall length as a standard .45ACP round. It is a pistol cartridge designed by Alex Zimmermann and produced by Guncrafter Industries back in 2004. .380 Auto (9mm Browning Short) vs 10mm Auto. *Gen. 4 / Stainless Steel Finish - Complete Pistols are IN STOCK and ready to ship* All Rights Reserved. $299.99 . Uses #63 04-14-2011, 8:07 AM Justintoxicated. The 10 mm auto was originally developed and used with the Bren Ten pistol. The .50 GI is not an extensively used cartridge among regular shooters because its availability is limited, and no law enforcement organization uses it. Recoil, I must tell you, was not as expected. cuz I know a 22lr or even a .25 caliber delivered in the right place will be lethal almost 100% of the time, so I apologize I chose and used a naive word. If you think a 10 mm is not up to the task, keep reading. Essentially, Guncrafter found something that was already out there and made it unique and reliable. Guncrafter is a progressive company sought to stand out in the already busy crowd of custom 1911 variants by introducing the Model 1 as a dedicated .50 caliber weapons platform. I received a call sunday from a shooting buddy, inviting me out to his range to shoot his new 50 GI conversion he bought for his Glock 21. Ballistic Test with pictures (50GI vs 10mm vs .45acp vs 454 casull) California handguns Home: My iTrader: Join the NRA: Donate to CGSSA: Sponsors: CGN Google Search: CA Semiauto Ban(AW)ID Flowchart . That pretty much sums it up. On top of that, the guns are also limited to chamber the .50 GI cartridge. Looks like fun. I remember reading about the 50 GI and thinking this was the next greatest thing. The Bullet Diameter is .500 inches (100 inches more than the 10 mm) which are 12.70 in mm. FUN TO SHOT, Posted by Courtland Bassett on Dec 28th 2021, Hadnt shot it yet but Im sure Ill enjoy, Posted by Kevin Hulshoff on Dec 11th 2021. The more powerful the cartridge, the more energy and travel it would get. Above 50 HP 25x3 mm Flat. The heavy bull barrel and full-length guide rod improve the pistol's long-term durability. The GI has developed this cartridge to shoot heavy grain rounds from pistol handguns and produce power like a magnum revolver. I should be getting out to the range fairly soon and should prove to be a good experience. $29.95 . Later, it was adopted by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) for its powerful performance in 1989. *adding Cerakote or RMR will create a 4-6 week extended lead time. Guncrafter has cornered the market in 1911-style .50s. 6. First of all, if you think a stock Glock G20 10 mm is enough for black bear protection, say so. I was impressed that someone could actually take a weapon that I find to be perfect and actually improve upon it. The 10 mm auto cartridge uses a large pistol primer. voonman, They are available in stainless, melonite, and cerakote. The Guncrafter Industries 50 GI Conversion Kit will fit Glock models 20, 21, 40, and 41, Generations 1-4, without any hand fitting. $419.95 .22 LR Conversion Kit for Glocks. Guncrafter claims a muzzle velocity of 1200fps and 591ft/lb of energy. Some big news for trigger pullers recently from the Civilian Marksmanship Program. After that, the 10 mm auto gained popularity all across the United States of America. Really nice pics too. Would probably be pretty cool in a 1911 platform. The 10 mm auto cartridge can push an Underwood XTP-JHP 155-grain round to a muzzle velocity of 1500 feet per second, creating energy up to 775 foot-pounds. Off topic a little..I just returned from a several flight trip to the lower 48 on AK Airlines. Its the Glock platform that is the standard by which all other pistols are judged. Pretty impressive. 10mm a solution without a problem. The Guncrafter Industries slide stop is machined from either stainless or carbon bar stock steel for superior performance and durability. The .50 GI Glock Conversion Unit will fit any Generation 1-4 Glock 20/21/40/41 frame. The .50 GI is well-known for its huge size and powerful ballistics. My testing tends to be as real world as I can make it. However, .50 caliber could also refer to the .50 GI, which is not as powerful as the 10mm Auto. No wonder why this cartridge produces so much recoil and is a favorite one for the FBIs Hostage Rescue Team.
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