5EAT Remanufactured Transmission 5EAT Retail Installers & Wholesale Resellers Need a 5EAT transmission for sale or installed? In all reviews, XRT is praised for this. After 120-150 thousand kilometers, it is necessary to check for the presence of metal grit in the pan. Intermediate gear (41 teeth, diameter 125.35 mm) of the differential drive 5EAT 806240060 31457AA060 31457AA110 complete with bearings and parking gear (18 teeth, diameter 119 mm) 05-up. After all the complaints about CVTs, I like it and have no complaints about its performance - although the extra 50k miles of warranty is reassuring. A: XRT does not distinguish the difference between Etuning & local tuning as others do. Most TransGo automatic transmission reprogramming kits can be tuned for HD (Heavy Duty) use by following the recommendations in the kits. Enhance SI-Modes once available Less ping/knocking due to the transmission wanting to be in 4th to 5th gear all the time. The entire transmission, including rear (final) drive (shaft), tcu, shift box, and transmission mounts would be needed. Use commas to separate multiple addresses. INTERNATIONAL Customer Options, Summit Racing Equipment SpeedCard With the torque converter rebuild, within the last week, I replaced the front suspension (LCA balljoint, outer tierod, endlinks) and having replaced all the rotors and pads last July, the brakes developed a substantial vibration - that I now have to diagnose and try to repair. The upgrade adds 2 clutches and 2 steel plates for greatly improved torque capacity. For example, there is a band for the front drum in the RE5405A, which I have never seen in LGT 5eat blowouts. XRT does not adhere to todays trend in tuning that is growing worldwide where attaining the customer money is key and providing great service takes second place. XRT believes in full customised tuning, even to be there online through the process by the use of remote software like Teamviewer for Live Tuning. I've been in love w/ the car since I got it in 06, but at the same time HATING the drive by wire lag and soft, lame shifts, once its warmed up. Image is a representation of this item. What is better than right foot fun. I would guesstimate without counting that 90% of the parts inside the Nissan case can swap right into the Subaru case. 2 of 2 people found the following review helpful. We can arrange to pick up your ride, custom build your transmission and have it ready in just 1-5 days. by west_minist Wed Apr 23, 2014 10:31 am, Post We not only carry a wide range of performance minded transmission parts for your car, but we also provide the best customer service; before and after the sale. XRT 5EAT Tuning Level 10 cant be beat for speed and quality of workmanship. | Town drivingThrottle response is still nice and strong-nothing changed there and that is good. Drum So, brief update on my slipping/slammy shift 5EAT.. Ed is a great guy, always quick to respond and continuously works with you and your queries the entire way through. See the 5eat rebuild kit section from Precision International here bottom of page 53 http://www.transmissionkits.com/catalogs/fknd.pdf, See the 5eat individual parts section on page 319 http://www.transmissionkits.com/catalogs/PI_Parts.pdf, IPT $830 + ship http://www.importperformancetrans.com/catalog/subaru-transmission-rebuild-kit/5eat-subaru-performance-transmission-rebuild-kit-1717.html, Alto (jump to PAGE 416) http://www.altousa.com/images/uploads/Alto_AutomotiveCatalog.pdf, For reference, the different Alto kit levels http://www.altousa.com/am/automotive, Makco http://www.makcotransmissionparts.com/5EAT.html, 5EAT manual from the 2006 Nissan 350Z: http://www.myzroadster.com/files/2006%20service%20manual/AT.pdf. This is our 4th Subaru. Its subtle, not a surge, but I thought Id point that out. 5-speed; Automatic Transmission; Subaru; Product map; Products; Filter results. Ratio-wise, the E-5AT represents a cruising gear on top of the E-4AT rations. I suspect, if your car doesn't have other physical, cluesthere would be no cause for anyone to suspect anyting. THIS PRICE IS CONTINGENT ON YOU SENDING US YOUR TRANSMISSION FOR UPGRADE. suck it. by west_minist Sat Sep 20, 2014 6:41 pm, Post Transit: 5. My 2013 5EAT has been flawless. | If you don't have a high quality digital caliper, get one. Thanks to some simple words from Rao and some timely motivation from Apex-GT, and of course the Factory Service Manual, I feel confident now that I can tear down and rebuild my 5eat, which suffers from a worn clutch packs= and perhaps some other issues that I believe are limited to wear parts. Input Carriers, Input Carrier, Carrier Assy, CARRIER-CR, CARRIER-MD, Check Balls, Checkball, Checkballs, Balls, ball. By comparing this. Regarding the 5EAT ATF, I do a simple drain-and-fill every 30,000 miles. Subaru Outback - Subaru Outback Forums - Reply to Topic. I was a having a few troubles getting the tuning working at first as I was not familiar at all with the Tactrix Cable and software used but Edward took all the time needed to ensure I was brought up to speed with how to use it and get it working. '05 3.0 Subaru Outback. I love the car but not so much the transmission. I tried manual shifting with the paddles and that didn't seem to help. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. MaiMai - Thank you for the information. The tune has really improved the car so far. Roger that Krystian. The main filter helps to keep the oil clean and reduces the wear of the friction components and aging of solenoids. [/I][/B][/CENTER]. I cannot recommend Edwards (XRT) tuning service highly enough. - E. Hubbard. Steel Kit This car shifts completely differently, it's way smoother, you can hardly tell it shifts in auto and about as fast as a manual in paddle mode. Actual item may vary. Good info. Less pedal moving to make the transmission shifting, Easy over-taking and maneuvering due to quicker acceleration due to the above points. By | That d*mn slushbox knowsexactly what I wantby my right foot. Precision makes Torque Converters for every vehicle ever made. 973 827 1000Give us a call and Feel the power! 5EAT Subaru 5EAT Automatic Transmission Rebuild Kit 2005-up 5 Speed AWD Overhaul Banner Box Set $557.85 Promotions, New Products and More. XRT 5EAT Tuning Reviews hey ed, did another driving log late tonight when no one was on the roadjust a driving log in sport sharpfelt great! Customers are welcome to even call. Subaru 5EAT Catalog - Free download as PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or read online for free. I Lots of power from the engine but when combined with the lag from the drive-by-wire throttle and the hard shifting trans (under load) it's been making me miss my stick shift. Every oil change, I clean and regrease because I also drain and fill the transmission oil at that time (it's easier for me to reach the tranny fill tube with the cover off). Estimated International Ship Date: I'm thinking about replacing just that one solenoid and buttoning it back up. That would be nice here Or you can swap to a PCS controller and just speed up the shifts and jack up the line pressure to 250psi at wot and hope it lasts (my plan). Finally worthy of the "R" designationpart 1. http://www.subaruoutback.org/forums/109 ost2117154, Appropriate Gear selection for less labouring or load on the engine. Yes, I just turned 60k miles with it. Can someone PM me if you know how to sell 1980s art at a decent price without too much trouble? You are also gonna need lots of room to lay everything out, Cant wait for a brief walkthrough or at least pics, fellow 5eat here, may do the same to if I need to in the future. The 5-speed RWD transmission 5EAT was designed in 2003 by Jatco on commission from Subaru for popular models Tribeca, Impreza, Outback, Legacy on a constructive basis of Jatco JR507E , reengineered for the engine room of Subaru. Being an electronic device, it can function quite well when fed the right signals though! What type of question would you like to submit? The full iwis program comprises precision and high-performance roller chains, conveyor chains, maintenance-free and corrosion-resistant chains, accumulation chains, special-purpose . No mods other than deleting the single muffler/resonator, adding louder twin mufflers out back (pun intended)! Washer, Washers, T/Washers, Thrust Washers, Selective Washers, Kit Washer, Drive Sprockets, Driven Sprockets, Drive Sprocket, Thrust Kit, Washer kit, Tool kits, Alignments, Alignment, Reamers, Reamer, Tool kit, Tool, Pressure Gauge, Clutch Aligning Tool, Clutch Removal Tool, Clutch Tool Supplement, Kit Installer, Air Test Plate, ADJUSTMENT TOOL, Thread Tap, Remover, Throttle Valve, Timing Valve, Operating, Relief Valve, Safety Valve, Control Valve, AFL Valve, Limit Valve, Actuator Feed Limit Valve, AFL Valve, VB plate, Valve body plates, Valve body plate, ValveBody, V/Body, valve-body, v body, v-body, v/b, Orifice, Hydraulic control unit, HCU, Overlap Control Valve Kit, Pressure Regulator Valve, Switch Valve Plug, Actuator Feed Limit, Oversized Valve, flow control, Oversized Safety, Oversized, Flow Control, Valve pump flow control, Pump flow control valve, Oversized Pump Flow Control, Factors that have impact on the transmission repair price, Top 5 typical symptoms of a failing automatic transmission, Top 5 reasons for automatic transmission problems, How not to be ripped off and avoid scams at transmission repair services. Add to Cart. | It locks up in 1st only sometimes to provide some engine braking. The real performance and durability is in the TCU tuning and, to a lesser extent, the quality of the clutch material. SUBARU 5EAT. From time to time, I do get questions referencing XRT. This is a new valve body, modified for better shifting and less lag. The TCU still have major control, but most of the general issues of lag and stuck in high gear is virtually gone. Bitches. I am up to version three of the tune on my stock ride and each new version saw great improvements after Ed makes the necessary adjustments. I've driven it the last 2 weeks in the normal mode and the shifts have been much better. Valentin Ivanov. Manuals were good for 172mph. Dont have the tools or the time, after thousands of upgrades. Call today to speak with a performance transmission specialist. The car feels better than ever! At 80k miles, its starting to tremble a little but unlike the 5eat, Subaru added another 50k miles to the extended drive train warranty (100k miles) on the CVT but no support whatsoever on the 5eat. Ask a Product Question. and this info on the 5EAT implementation in the 2006 Nissan 350Z: Alright, first post underwent major update. I'll probably end up with Alto or Precision International, but don't know yet. Reverse clutch. Bands are normally reserved for low power applications such as overdrive or reverse. Questions & Answers You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Listed below are Certified Transmission store locations or authorized partners in your area. Pressure Plate I just turned 70,000 on my 14 3.6. . 3rd gear pull Only 1 single instance (single cell) of ping (-1.5) right before peak boost. Granted, the vehicle is just approaching 56,000 miles now so my mileage is relatively low for a 7-year-old vehicle. by west_minist Sun Nov 23, 2014 4:35 am, Powered by phpBB Forum Software phpBB Limited, Important specifics in relation to XRT tuning, Subaru Tuning that affects 5EAT Operations & Performance by Xtreme Racing Tuning (XRT), So far The DBW is huge improvement and the torque through the first few gears is good. SUBARU 5 Speed, 5EAT. I'm in. They are great for strip cars or 4x4 rock crawlers needing to select low and not have it upshift. We have packages for the daily driver, the track champion and everywhere in between. Fresh ATF is always a good insurance policy for these transmissions. I have to drive it a bit more for it to relearn. Turn the car from slouchy to speedy, XRT Stage 2 (716) 893-2661 View Details 123119 - 5EAT FRICTION MODULE $ 72.75 View Details 123139 - 5EAT STEEL KIT $ 71.75 View Details 123510A - 5EAT USED PUMP $ 60.00 View Details 123552A - 5EAT USED DRUM WITH SHAFT $ 60.00 View Details VF52 turbo, mild porting of exhaust DW Fuel pump Can't fit a car in there though. Transgo Subaru 5EAT Reprogramming High Performance Shift Kit Automatic Transmission OPT Product Code: TRG-5EAT-HD2 $298.22 Sorry, Currently Out of Stock Write a Review No reviews yet. 204 companies 92 Products Product recommendations. Q: What makes your Transmission tuning different to others? Performance Upgrades are also Available! This is a custom order part. So we all know from the US forums that the 5EAT gearbox is not quite as strong as it should be, with boxes slipping on spool and resulting the transmission grabbing after peak engine torque occurs. Any mods done to your car void it. Oil change and first overhauls usually require order of the plastic filter with felt "accordion" connection.Specialists install the external main filter sequentially to metal coarse mesh filter. And I am not just talking about aggressive power. Now approaching 56,000 miles and my 5EAT continues to perform exactly as designed. So I have been working on Frank all daygetting ready for the last cruise of the yearuntil Spring. of weeks without breaking something in the lib: No. 5EAT Transmission Rebuild Parts | Raybestos Powertrain Header Body Footer | Where to Buy OEM AutomotivE Heavy Duty SAE #2 Test Components Capabilities & Services Analytical Test Equipment Design & CAD Support ThermoMechanical Modeling Computational Fluid Dynamics Engineering DYNoS Quality Awards Products Automatic Transmission Parts So let me take some time to answer them. . This could give us the opportunity to collectively pool all of the tech/repair info that's out there on the JATCO RE5R05A trans. | Automotive Torque Converters. Before the OBs (I had a '13 and now a '14) I had a 2002 Honda Accord 4cyl, and I had 364,000km on it, with 1 balljoint replaced and the timing belt replaced. I urge any Cobb tuned customer to consider XRT. It's definitely harder on the lock up, but so far I think it just makes things rougher rather than put more power down or anything useful. Same story for the High, Low & Reverse Clutch. I may screw it up altogether, but you never get to find out if you don't try. | I've checked this forum and re-read many threads on tuning options for our H6's, and now finally have some glimmer of hope! Shaft This is seen through tuning, customer feedback and REAL results based and posted all over the internet, including here on XRT. At that point I ease my foot off the pedal and watch the tach drop to 1,000rpm. Ecommerce Web Development: Phosphor Media. why should posting helpful information to save people thousands of dollars and heartache be a trade secret. 5EAT Upgraded Performance Transmission SKU: 4050 Price: $4795.00 Qty: - + - OR - Add To Wishlist Add To Registry | Write a review Overview Reviews Tell a Friend Legacy, Outback, Tribeca high performance transmission. More information on IPT Performance Subaru 5EAT Race version may cause additonal NVH. | I always drive in the 'Sport' mode. The hesitation coming off idle when coming out of a turn is still there if I press the pedal quickly but if I ease it down there is no hesitation. Q: Why does XRT costs a little more when compare to other ETunes? Support is fast and reliable. The power is great over hills, doesnt have to shift down to get power, the gear changes are smooth and the sound of the engine now is unreal. Copyright 2015-2020 Go4trans. "Genius may have its limitations, but stupidity is not thus handicapped." Finally some videos of the 3.6R showing the performance of the car, including the 5EAT shifting and working under tuning by Xtreme Racing Tuning. This bugger holds 3rd, 4th, 5th. This is a 7-bay trans shop in NJ, who get their rebuild kits from Precision International. Why all the sudden are you posting this? Logging Definition for RomRaider http://www.romraider.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=1642&start=1, ECUFLASH http://www.tactrix.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=category&layout=blog&id=36&Itemid=58, Innovate Wideband Air/Fuel Ratio Gauge Works with Romraider [CENTER][B][I] Subaru Tuning that affects the Torque Management Operations & Performance of the Engine by Xtreme Racing Tuning (XRT). Some sections are entirely identical, while other sections are different. Transmission Filter. More clutches = more surface clamping area. Shiftingunder load, nice and sharp and quick. So far Ed has done an amazing job!!! I don't have any videos so, I am posting here.
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