And it also made me realize that people are so desperate to have real conversations, like past how you doing, whats going on. In 2015, American model Joie Chavis was rumored to have had a fling with Kevin Durant. Wayne who worked as a police officer couldnt work out with the family, and the relationship ended after a divorce, leaving his wife and children on their own. Monica had her own side of the story, stating Kevin didnt want to become as religious as she was. Whats the next thing, instead of whats the big question that youre dealing with right now. Born on 15 July 1988, Monica Ashante Wright came from San Antonio, Texas. Genre: Drama/Biography Wanda herself is an independent woman serving as a strong leader, advocate, entrepreneur, and philanthropist. Pinterest is an online pinboard. In 2017 The Christian Post also wondered if Kevin would ask for Jasmines hand in marriage, but no announcements were made by the couple. Kevin Durant, the captain of one of the teams for the All-Star Game in. The future basketball star was just 9 months old at that time. Wedding, Kids & Girlfriends. Director: Nelson George. He later suffered injuries on his left knee and was diagnosed with a Sprained Medial Collateral. I didnt know what it was I wanted to be or do. Wanda Y Durant, 58. Although his dream team was the Toronto Raptors, as his favorite player, Vince Carter was there, however, he first played in several teams in Maryland, included in the Amateur Athletic Union (AAU). The couple separated in July 2014, and the next year was even harder for Monica, as she injured her knee while playing for the Seattle Storm. Likewise, she sometimes shares pictures capturing moments of joy with her kids and grandkids. As a single mom of two by the time she was 21-years-old, Wanda tirelessly worked to make ends meet and put a roof over the heads of her young sons. A successful businesswoman and champion of many causes, travel all over the country sharing her life experience with women of all ages, children and single mothers. video. The inspiring true story of NBA great Kevin Durant's mother Wanda and her dedication to raising one of the world's greatest basketball players. Kevin, real name Kevin Wayne Durant serves as a professional basketball player of the NBA for the Brooklyn Nets . You went to sleep hungry. Kevin Durant, the son of the basketball legend, has a net worth of around $200 million. So theres like months of work that I was doing until that. This is the second film Ive done that is like a biopic like this. However, the next year Kevin moved to Oklahoma, joining the Thunder, ending up with his first NBA All-Star Game in 2009. (LogOut/ Yes. Kevin Durant with the Oklahoma City Thunder (Source: Wikimedia Commons). Her heroics as a parent, with her own mother as a backup, were Herculean. We worked and worked so there wasnt a lot of time for celebration. It also inspired her to help many women like her and give a hand in activities that could be useful for them. At one point, he described their family moving around and then finally having their own place. When Durant was still a newborn, his father, Wayne Pratt, abandoned the family. It portrayed the inspiring story of Wanda as a single mother and her struggle while raising one of the greatest NBA players in history. Currently, she is an independent, strong woman. And Im like, Oh my God, that scenes in the movie! Her story is just the quintessential story of raising your kid on your own, or just trying to raise your kid with a job. She never misses the chance to see her son playing in the NBA. In this article, we will talk in detail about Wanda Durant. Being a single mother, she worked multiple jobs to support the family. Wanda Durant attend the 2017 NBA Awards live on TNT on June 26, 2017 in New York, New York. SheDurants mother, whois known to basketball fans as Mama Durant. Here aresome details from Wanda Pratts wiki. Story: Basketball great Kevin Durant of The Oklahoma City Thunder captured the hearts of the nation when he accepted the 2014 NBA Most Valuable Player Award with his emotional speech crediting all of his success to his mother, Wanda, naming her the real MVP.. I just love the story of an ambitious, working class woman who wanted to do right by her kids even though it was a challenge and it was a struggle. After the arrival of their first kid, the former couple then decided to tie the knot officially. And thats obviously the biggest thing that people will be surprised about. I wanted people who would help me carry out the plan and strategy that I had for my sons. Wayne was two years older than Wanda at that time. The inspiring true story of NBA great Kevin Durants mother Wanda and her dedication to raise one of the greatest basketball players in the world. Next comes Rayvonne Pratt, whose information is not so much on media. She is now an established motivational speaker, philanthropist, and entrepreneur. Wanda and Wayne had been in a relationship since they were teenagers and the couple decided to marry each other after the birth of their first child. However, the Knowles family simply abandoned both singers and excluded them from the band, replacing them with Farrah Franklin and Michelle Williams. Hunter Strickland Wiki: Wife, Salary, Net Worth, Bryce Harper Fight & Facts to, Meet Former Basketball Player Chandler Parsons Wife, Haylee Parsons. Crime Junkie Host Ashley Flowers Announces She Is Pregnant. Durant: There was always the possibility of being more prideful than one should be. His mother toldhim to be patient, and that he had to put his energy into auseful ormeaningful activity. Durant has won four scoring titles and was named the league MVP in 2014. But before jumping into the details, let us look at some quick facts about Wanda. It wasnt just me. Family and friends are welcome to send flowers or leave their condolences on this memorial page and share them with the family. Her passion is to inspire underserved children, single mothers and communities to move beyond their immediate circumstances and to aim for higher heights in life. Because parenting teenagers is humbling and shouldnt be tackled alone. She is an inspirational speaker and is a supporter of The Kevin Durant Foundation, Foundation, The Tony Durant Reach Higher Foundation and Single Parents Network among many. And you know what else? I am really proud of both of them. The Real MVP: The Wanda Durant Story is the inspiring true story about the mother of NBA Superstar Kevin Durant. For an optimal experience visit our site on another browser. Durant, whose drafted team of All-Stars will face the one selected by fellow captain LeBron James, has been sidelined with a knee injury since mid-January. Meanwhile, 21-year-old Wanda Durant struggled to support her children, receiving help and support from her mother and best friend, who are also portrayed in the Lifetime movie. She did! Remember Michelle Obama referred to herself as a single mother? While dating Durant, LeToya portrayed Alison Myers in the TV series Treme, yet her working schedule was one of the reasons for their quick break up. After releasing two albums, Destinys Child and The Writings on the Wall, LaToya and her band mate LaTavia Roberson asked for their own managers to represent their interests beside Beyoncs father, Mathew Knowles, claiming that they felt insecure due to lack of communication between them. Durant: While Kevin was getting attention in the basketball world, both he and Tony played basketball. You kept us off the street. She was born in an African-American family in Maryland, U.S. Kevin Durant will not attend Sundays NBA All-Star Game, including halftime festivities honoring the leagues 75th anniversary team, due to the death of his grandmother. Kevin was regarded as the second-best high school player of 2006. During college, he played for the Texas Longhorns for a season before going for the NBA draft. Men and women were polled and at the end of the poll it showed that women were still doing more work than men were at home. They appeared together in public in September 2014, letting the rumors of their affair go around. Likewise, she supports various other foundations such as Baller Moms, Positive Tomorrows, The Boys & Girls Club of America, etc. ?#sayit #mamadurant #dontbetalkinboutherbaby, A post shared by ?????? wanda durant best friend. Words can not describe how our family feels doing this time. She is lately in the news for speaking up for her son after ESPNs First Take panelist Stephen A Smith called him an arrogant. We was just hanging out, chilling. Her hard work paid off as Tony earned basketball scholarships while Kevin headed to the NBA. I want to reboot the Ally McBeal show but instead of a White girl leading it, its me. Sometimes children internalize things in a very peculiar way. With the support of her mother Barbara and of her best friend, Wanda focused all her energy on keeping her boys out of trouble and on the basketball court, selflessly putting aside her own dreams and desires to make sure their goals could be achieved. And really, almost everyday, when I left the set, I was nauseous. Olivia studied journalism at Cardiff University, graduating in 2010. I just thought this is something good to put out in the world. By: Naveen Rao - Published: June 10, 2017 at 6:10 am, Photo: Brett Deering / Stringer / Getty Images. Change). ? Durant: Initially the foundation of my parenting style started from my mom and my grandparents and the women in my family. Nets veteran gearing up for 'massive' push as team searche NHL, players union failing in this important area, MLB's rule changes will only bring needless new degree of confusion, Yankees may get solution to to glut of infielders after NL teams' misfortune, The Marchand and Ourand Sports Media Podcast, The Show with Joel Sherman and Jon Heyman, Amazin' But True: A NY Mets Baseball Podcast, Gangs All Here: A NY Jets Football Podcast, Ariana Madix, Tom Sandoval have awkward moment amid cheating scandal, Canadian teacher with size-Z prosthetic breasts placed on paid leave. RELATED: NBCBLK28: Rosalyn Gold-Onwude: Sideline Reporter Holds Court. About growing up in PG county as footage of Washinton DC plays. You the real MVP.. Shes such a regular, normal, humble, gracious person. Monicas coach Cheryl Reeves shared that she noticed Kevins interest in womens basketball, as Durant attended many games, and even stated that he wanted to draw some attention to female players, as they deserved some credit. Kevin Durant's girlfriend Jasmine Shine. And she told me about her struggle raising those kids. While attending college, he was successful enough to win numerous titles in his name. When you didnt eat, you made sure we ate. The lowest moment in the movie is when she tries to commit suicide. Because I love that show and its a dramedy. Mama Durant is the mother of two sons: businessman, Anthony (Tony) [] Wanda herself is an independent woman serving as a strong leader, advocate, entrepreneur, and philanthropist. Prior to his friendship with Monnie [Monica Wright], I think KD is known as somebody who is extremely supportive of women playing basketball, Reeve said in her interview with Fox Sports, but hardly could he imagine Kevins interest was also based on Wright personally. That was always at the forefront with regards to him playing basketball. (LogOut/ Durant remembers when she first started and said, After Kevin had charity game during the NBA lockout, he had made a substantial donation to the Single Parent network. PJ Tucker: "I love you!" Kevin Durant's mom Wanda: "I love you too." Born on September 7, 1967 in Cleverly, Maryland, Wanda Pratt's age 49, but she hardly looks it! I dont know how many stories are told like this. And its good for women to see that real women deal with this and they can come out it too. Posted by Kevin Durant onSaturday, April 10, 2021. Durant has also developed a close friendship with Houston Rockets guard James Harden. Born on 14 June 1990, Rachel Annamarie DeMita comes from Barberton, Ohio USA. Wanda has an Instagram account that goes by the name therealmamadurant and has over 70k followers. However, their marriage didnt last long, and in August 2017 LeToya announced her new engagement to Tommicus Walker, an entrepreneur in the sphere of entertainment. Also,Boys & Girls Clubs of America had a significant impact on my sons lives. She is out of social media and doesnt share any details of their romance, so Kevins fans still wonder if their affair is taking them somewhere, such as engagement and marriage. Wanda Durant is the mother of Kevin Durant . Since 2018, Monica has worked as an assistant coach for Liberty University, and Virginia Cavaliers. With the support of her mother and her best friend, Wanda focused all her energy on keeping her boys out of trouble and on the basketball court, selflessly putting aside her own dreams and desires to make sure their goals could be achieved. I think this might be a good film! She also kept inspiring her kids to become a hardworking person along with keeping them busy in extracurricular activities which kept them off the streets. The former Houston Rockets had incredible duels. Why did you say this role was emotionally challenging? . . Girlfriends List, Dating History. IE 11 is not supported. When we were together for that day [the first day they met] it was like we were old friends like I was her older cousin or her auntie. View more. Dec 15, 2022 It's a privilege and an honor to serve this donation to @BowieState At the age of 21, she was already a single parent who had to raise two boys. So Kevin and LeToya split after 10 months of dating, in October 2012. He is also serving as the head coach of the Baltimore Thrill basketball team. Wanda has made an impact on charity work through multiple foundations. You know tv movies can be either hit or miss so what let you know that this was going to be done the right way? As she is a very successful entrepreneur and businesswoman, it is not surprising that she is rich. wanda durant best friend. What he's saying is that no kid should have to do what he did: put his life on hold for 20 . She was drfted by the Minnesota Lynx in 2010, but in the off-seasons she went to play for Lotos Gdynia in Poland, then Bota SK in Turkey, later moving to the Dandenong Rangers in Australia. But it makes sense. DestinationCollege 2023: 8-Week Series Guiding Parents Through the College Admissions Process, Billie Eilishs MomMaggie BairdDiscusses Parenting a Teen Celebrity, Mary Connelly and Julie Silver: Raising Kids As Same Sex Parents, Fowl Language Comic: Interview with Creator Brian Gordon, Chris Potter Interview: The Star Of Heartland And The Good Witch. Professionally, everyone knows he has won the NBA most valuable award, NBA Rookie of the year award, and many more. 27111_003 And so, as an actor to have to explore and deep dive into my own personal pain and my own personal imagination to get into that pain and to do that for a monthAnd the funny thing is, even though we worked on this for a month, I was cast in this is December but we didnt even shoot the first scene until February 1. It was then that he met his first publicly known girlfriend, LeToya Luckett. And I felt the energy. Moreover, She also has a Facebook page named Mama Durant, with around 1.8k followers. Michelle Muscatello Leaving WPRI: Where Is the Rhode Island Meteorologist Going? Likewise, there is no information about her siblings as well. Get Your Teen Weekly Newsletter in your inbox! Learn how your comment data is processed. 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