In a serious way? Look, the funny thing about Storm Front is that Mick Jones produced it and Billy said he wanted to emulate Sledgehammer. Who dont you call? This guy George Travis, a wonderful guy, used to put the tours together for Ringo and Billy. She played it all the time with him. Recording Studios to listen to tracks for Billy's CD 'Turnstiles.'. All three horns are on that song. If you had told me after Storm Front and a certain amount of time had passed that wed be doing what were doing now, Id say, Man, whatever you are smoking has got to be really good.. I liked it. In the fall of 2013, saxophonist Mark Rivera found himself in a very tight spot. Richie's CD Showcase get a taste of Richie's Live performance of his first single Keep it in the Pocket! It was great. Ginger Baker guested at some shows, so two thirds of Cream were on the stage with you. I think they were parked at Madison Square Garden since we had a show the night before or the night after. That was a thrill. He has returned to perform with Billy on many occasions including performing on "Billy Joel Live on Long Island", a 1983 HBO TV Special, taped at the Nassau Coliseum on the previous New Year's Eve, the 12 Billy Joel concert performances at NYCs' Madison Square Garden in 2006 and for "The Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame 25th Aniiversary" (2009) also at Madison Square Garden. Ive seen videos of that 1995 tour. I saw Hendrix four times. So now fast-forward to 1986 and Im back home after the Foreigner tour. They went, Thats it! Then we get to that song Im Your Captain by Grand Funk Railroad. I was six or seven when I started singing in glee club. I was committed to Billy. Theyve both said that this was a difficult period where they werent always seeing eye to eye. Im wondering if you could come down to Electric Lady?. March 5, 1948) in NYC, is an acclaimed musician who is also a successful record producer. Everyone goes, You must love New York State of Mind. He said, I want you to learn Only the Good Die Young, Just the Way You Are, and one other song that I cant remember for the life of me. It was the third-to-last song before Ringos last tune, which is often Photograph.. Richie Cannata is on Facebook. Its amazing, thinking back, that Im the only person still standing from that group. Toland I Still Believe (feat. Its attitude, aptitude and gratitude. Its that simple. The 1993 River of Dreams tour saw the addition of David Rosenthal, formerly of Rainbow, on keyboards. It was two-faced. He loves you. Thats why they didnt call me. at Amazon, Click here to enter Richie's Official Website: Richie Cannata made a slight slip in his acceptance speech for his induction into the Long Island Music Hall of Fame Friday morning. * His duality is Passive and opposite sun sign is Virgo. Theres not even a saxophone on it. My three favorite Billy songs are This Is the Time, So It Goes and All About Soul. They are just great songs. Again, you have one powerful, powerful force in Daryl. He was angry. Ill do it. I have sung vocal parts for every incarnation of this band. So I sang it, played on Only the Good Die Young and we got to Just the Way You Are and I played the solo [sings solo]. With Paul and Artie its unfair to say anything less than Artie has a beautiful voice, but he was in the shadow of Pauls brilliance as a songwriter. We had a 101102 fever for two weeks. My mother used to say, Treat the people who are famous like theyre not. I brought a keyboard into my room and shedded that for about five hours. Tell me about working with Sam and Dave. of Mind.' My second band, in 1997, was possibly my favorite band that Ive ever been in. Thats how much it means to everyone. I get out. He went from being a tape operator to producing seminal records for Bruce Springsteen and John Lennon. [6] David Clark of the Joel tribute band Songs in the Attic[7] plays piano and provides lead vocals, Malcolm Gold plays bass, Ken Cino plays guitar, and Doug Kistner plays keyboards in the group.[8][9]. Well run through a couple of songs. I stand behind him 100 percent. I called my saxophone-keyboard-guitar tech because I didnt have a single horn. Here are some interesting facts about Richie Cannata: * His Star sign is Pisces and zodiac sign element is Water. The three of us sang all those insane background parts. Everyone will say the same thing. Its something that is embedded in everyones DNA. We all got to hang out and John decided he wanted to do this tribute to Sir Lew Grade. Turns out Bruce decided in 1995 to get the E Street Band back together. At one point, at the end of whatever he was talking about, hed chuckle. Seeing Zeppelin then must have been amazing. My uncle Vinnie, my godfather, played the saxophone, in a wedding-type band. Again, I played that with cover bands. They work very well together. Joe Walsh called me up and said, Hey, Mark. Joel's original touring band, formed in 1971 to support the Cold Spring Harbor album, comprised Rhys Clark on drums, Al Hertzberg on guitar, and Larry Russell on bass. Its funny. He earned the money being a professional Musician. Its bizarre. All Rights reserved. Joel wound up bringing in saxophonist Andy Snitzer to sub in for the overseas shows, marking one of the only occasions where Rivera has missed a show since joining the band in 1982 for the Nylon Curtain tour, replacing Richie Cannata. Are you confident that youll be back onstage with Billy in 2021? I dont want you reaching and soaring. Sam [Moore] to this day is a friend and a true gentleman. I went out and I rented a bari sax that day. Saxophonist Mark Rivera on His Years With Billy Joel, Ringo Starr, Foreigner, and More, Neil Young Sets Release Date for Vintage Seventies Bootlegs, Kiley Dean Began As Britney Spears Backup Singer. He goes, Oh, right, I forgot that part. In August 1995, Joel's long-time bassist Doug Stegmeyer, who had been let go from the band prior to the recording of 1989's Storm Front album, committed suicide in his Long Island home. It was just a groove. CD Billy is the guy. Why were you guys wearing masks on the stage? About a year later, he said I was better than him. I believe, and I know in my heart of hearts, that people are so, so starved for escapism and entertainment. I was a big fan of Moby Grape. He was fortunate enough to be able to use the best musicians in the New York area including Bernie Williams as a featured guitar soloist, as well as Julio Fernandez, Chris Clark, Joel Rosenblatt, Gene Perez, Don Harris, and Tom Schuman. I play all the time. With the help of these extremely talented musicians and this timeless song, Richie is extremely proud of his new version of 'New York State of Mind. He does Bruce, Madonna Just an amazing amount of stuff, not unlike our [production manager] Boomer Thrasher. It was very bizarre, but that was her thing. Sure. I know other situations where guys have played with certain bands for years and they made three-year commitments and the rug has been pulled out from under them. He founded Glen Coves Cove City Sound Studios, which is a favorite for major headliner names to record their upcoming music. At rehearsals or onstage, Paul was always happy-go-lucky and really chill. At the time, I was out with Hall and Oates. It turned out those two young musicians were great sax player Richie Cannata and his friend, a Long Island kid, who would become world-wide legend Billy Joel. Songs, photos, tour dates, news, contact info, As a member of "The Billy Joel Band" from 1975-81, he contributed immensely to such landmark albums as "The Stranger", "52nd Street" and "Glass Houses". Toland What You Started (feat. When you got up, the first thing you thought was that you needed a nap. One time, after I joined Billys band, myself, Mick Jones, and Lou Gramm are walking down Broadway. Richie Cannata (b. Liberty played drums on every Billy Joel album from. That first band I played in was like Billy holding the wheel on a big eight-cylinder Buick, says Rivera. How did you wind up on Foreigner 4? Richie Cannata is an American actor, comedian, and writer. Richie has a net worth of $3 million dollars. But when I heard of what he did to people he had worked with since they were teenagers, people who were left out in the cold, I just thought it was heartless.". Im a firm believer in that. Copyright 2023 Penske Business Media, LLC. I was a huge Genesis fan and an even bigger Peter Gabriel fan. Its still crazy to think about. Richie Cannata) - Single 2021 Attention (feat. How were they as bandleaders? | Just call him and hell understand. Im like, Aw shit., My father used to say, Follow the bad road quickly. I did not wait. What drew you to the saxophone? He was like, Hey, Mark. He also added the percussionist and multi-instrumentalist Crystal Taliefero who would become a permanent fixture in his band while Stegmeyer was replaced by Schuyler Deale and Javors was replaced by Joey Hunting on the album and Tommy Byrnes for its accompanying tour. One of the pleasantries of spring training is to see the Yankee legends like Goose Gossage, Reggie Jackson and Ron Guidry. By May, we were already rehearsing. And when I bent down with the bari sax, which weighed about half my weight, the trumpet player was swinging the trumpet over my head. Theres nothing on the track besides Tony Levins bass, Manu [Katch]s drums, a little bit of weird keyboard stuff, and the guitar player [David Rhodes]. You got the sense that was the case. At this point, the only remaining long-standing member of Joel's touring band was DeVitto. at 4 am in the morning, Billy called Richie down to the In 1950s his family moved to Garden City South where Cannata blossomed as a musician. He also had a road case that was about six feet tall and four feet wide and four feet deep. It includes the following musicians: Billy Joel Band in 2007. I have my own band. Ill play the bass and you sing it and Ill sort it out. Im singing Birthday with Paul on bass, my favorite bass player, and Im tripping. I go, Sweetheart, thats the song I left to record on. She gave me a kiss. Do you know Paul? Nobody knows their names. I call this our Covid paradise, obviously very sarcastically. We were hellbent on Jack Douglas producing our album. About a year and a half later, I got to play it. On Storm Front and River of Dreams, he used different musicians. Everyone I speak to on the crew and the band feels the same way. It was very chill and they were an absolute joy. He says, By the way, I havent played this in about eight years. Without casting aspersions, can you sing one melody off the last three Elton John records? I said, Bruce, I have a conflict. If you took their photos and put them in a lineup, people would probably pick the wrong people. I saw them at the New York State Pavilion [in August 1969]. Im excited. Every night, the entire set would run though and Id play all these great songs with Peter and Simon, who would do [Frees] All Right Now. But the third song from the end Id be like, Learn that part. The Fab Four had George Harrison, known as the quiet Beatle. If you show gratitude when all is said and done, whoever the boss is, whoever the bandleader is, whoever is making the decisions, they will recognize you for that special talent. Yeah. Its just chugga-chugga-chugga [like a train]. It was seven guys in a station wagon, with a U-Haul behind us with all our gear. Want to hear a story? Dom Scott & Richie Cannata) - Single 2019 Richie Cannata 2011 Finesse (feat. [2] The Lords of 52nd Street is a band formed by the original band members that previously played with Joel. Everyone would laugh, but nobody heard a friggin word. Remember the movie As Good As It Gets when Helen Hunt is trying to tell Jack Nicholson how much she appreciates him? You finally found a duo that work well together. Which is fine. The other part was that I had to learn the steps. [12] Stegmeyer had played on every one of Joel's albums from Turnstiles (1976) through to the live album, (1987). On this Wikipedia the language links are at the top of the page across from the article title. Michael DelGuidice will sing a few songs and well work on background harmonies. Its unbelievable. Youre up there with a Beatle and members of the Who and Cream and youre playing songs by Grand Funk Railroad. Dude, you werent really paying attention. Not just marginal hits, but massive hits like Sunshine of Your Love, White Room, A Whiter Shade of Pale., You played the organ on that one. Hes looking at her like, Please stop with your words.. So now Im meeting up with [producer] Daniel Lanois and Im really taken back, but Im trying to be cool. I would have had to miss three Billy Joel shows. Anyway, I come along, play the part, I sang all the background parts. The band began with the recording of his first album as a solo artist in 1971; it stabilized around 1975 and underwent several lineup changes in the late 1980s and early 1990s. I was touring with Foreigner on the Agent Provocateur tour when I got the call, so my saxophones were in a road case way the hell back in a semi. Id never shot craps in my life. Couldnt smell, couldnt eat. To be completely serious: a heartfelt thanks to him for taking care of this group of people. Is something like that hard on your ego? From 1991 until 1998, Cannata toured with The Beach Boys, playing saxophone, woodwinds and synthesizers. I swear, on my eyes, the first thing I played was [imitates the Sledgehammer horn part]. There was a mutual understanding that was going to happen. This band now? I know they werent very close offstage. They didnt want me to just start playing it, so Id open up the hope chest and stare at it while my parents were out and put it back in right with all the doilies and stuff. I cant even name a title. An example of data being processed may be a unique identifier stored in a cookie. People ask me, Do you guys rehearse for a Billy Joel show? I say, No. Whatever gift you have as a player or a writer, thats one thing. Who would have thought a kid from Brooklyn would be doing all that stuff? We had a group and wed back anybody. Onstage, you wouldnt know there was any animosity. Estimated Net Worth in 2020. By the late 1970s, the touring and studio lineup of Joel's band stabilized and consisted, mostly, of the following musicians: This was the basic lineup for some of Joel's classic albums of the 1970s and 1980s including Turnstiles, The Stranger, 52nd Street, Glass Houses, and Songs in the Attic. I dont know how to tell Ringo what is going on. He says, Marky, dont worry about it. The first day, I wanted to go over A Whiter Shade of Pale. Its a beautiful song and I know it would be one of the last ones since I always write the set list.
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