Cinderella was my favorite childhood movie, the qualities you mentioned are great. We grow up in a culture that tells us not to associate with others because of their certain sins. By never getting down on her life even after the Wicked Stepmother banishes her to the attic. ', The third is 'don't let the bad things ruin your heart.' He finds her later and marries her, saving her from the cruel home she grew up in. Create your account. I was so glad that they kept the heart of the story. And then, through an incredible teacher, I was introduced to you. Songs About Being 17Grey's Anatomy QuotesVine Quotes4 Leaf CloverSelf Respect, 1. WebI think the moral of Rumpelstiltskin is don't pretend you are something your not and if you do it will come at a price. Cinderellas struggle with identity and bullying Cinderella treats abuse and trauma in interesting ways. Jesus stayed at his home, and all who witnessed it were so surprised that Jesus would associate with a sinner such as Zacchaeus. How? Temple Grandin shows us that no matter what obstacles or hardships we face in life, we can still achieve both greatness and happiness through perseverance and dedication. God does not see our sins as buildings from the perspective of being on the ground; this would mean He sees sins as bigger or smaller than other sins. And I know I just so love that it wasnt all about looks either! But yes, I do very much agree that woman (my girls included) dont need a man by any means to complete themselves by any means. The stepmother and her two daughters treat her like a servant and make her do all the household chores. Why? The moral lesson of Cinderella is that good intentions always win. WebCinderella - Fairy Tale by the Brothers Grimm. Gingi, thank you and I know I am not sure why people have such an issue with Disney fairy tales. [rebelmouse-proxy-image crop_info="%7B%22image%22%3A%20%22https%3A//" expand=1]. . What was Cinderella real name? Cinderellas real name is Ella (Mary Beth Ella Gertrude) via the Disney version of the tale. However, in other versions she had many other names. The Grimm brothers (they wrote the original) version is Cinderella (Aschenputtel). I've gotten to see you at your highest and lowest and I love you so much at times I wonder how I could have gotten so lucky to call you my friend. Who doesnt love that? Despite this heartbreak, Meitner still proves to the world that women can be and are exceptional scientists, whether or not they are given the due credit. The story was told as an oral folktale with versions in several cultures for centuries before Perrault's version was published (and his was not the first published version, either). When they come to Cinderellas house, the two step-sisters too try on the slipper, but it doesnt fit. We love Cinderella for the beauty thats INSIDE of her. This is also evidenced during her memorable first meeting with the prince. So win-win here! This big trend right now is to hate on Disney fairy tales and demonize the concept of happily ever after that makes little girls swoon.. its like, COME ON. She eventually moved to Paris and became a French citizen. But Cinderella is not allowed to go; neither does she have fine clothes or jewels to wear to the ball. moral arguments. Because of her self worth, she not only proposes to the prince. Remember that who you are is even better than the dress and make-up. Thank you so much for sharing it at the #SmallVictoriesSundayLinkup! Although Eve is still too young to watch it, I do look forward to seeing it with her one day! . This current movie definitely did the love story angle justice. In the Grimm Brothers version of Sleeping Beauty, the king and queen neglect to invite one of the fairies to the feast honoring their baby girl. And hope you get to see Cinderella soon with your kids, too . Cinderella lived with a wicked step-mother and two step-sisters. In Perrault's own morals, which he spelled out at the end of the story, he says that kindness is more important than beauty in attracting a husband. He thought it was a nice contrast to how dark American cinema has become. Despite the challenges that may come along the way, people with good intentions usually emerge victorious. She also runs her own graphic design company at J9 Designs. Abadeha, Filipina Cinderella. I get upset when people talk about how Disney princess movies send the message to girls that they need a man. I mean, can it get any better than this? Jesus was in the temple when He saw others selling and bargaining inside. Ive heard nothing but great reviews. I can literally remember it like it were yesterday: I was terrified and clutching my red folder like it was my lifesaver in a room where I was drowning. Kristen, I seriously couldnt agree more and truly hope more will indeed praise this movie for all the positive messages it does send to our young girls . She has been an advocate and fighter for womans rights from a very young age, despite the adversity she has been confronted with. I was listening to them talk about the movie on NPR yesterday and heard mixed reviews, but it does like this version of Cindarella is a very positive role model for young girls. Still she can seethe good/positive that exists in the world around her. . I totally love Cinderella until now!! However, Perrault's version added three iconic elements to the story: glass slippers, a pumpkin carriage, and a fairy godmother. As a mother, celebrity, philanthropist, survivor and a lady, she teaches us women can in fact have it all. She constantly had her step-family breathing down her neck and harassing her, but she refused to let it get to her. Happy Monday once again , Those are all really great life lessons. Finally, its Cinderellas turn the slipper fits her feet perfectly, and the prince recognizes her. . See you soon. Instead of being thankful after the biggest event in town, she is selfish and self-centered. Want this question answered? She leaves one glass slipper behind, though, so the prince uses the shoe to track down Cinderella (and it doesn't shatter, like in the 1950 Disney film version). And so noble of the prince to let himself be saved as wellI am shocked people hated this move because the lead was skinny! Aladdin taught us the importance of friendship both good and bad. The reason is that they do not have enough dinnerware to invite another guest. While I wouldnt mind her being a princess, I personally wont want her going through what Cinderella went through before she became one. Since then, Malala has continued to fight for womens rights and childrens education. LOL, Shopping might have taken precedence here too, but still so glad I got to see it and hope you do soon, too Rabia . , Youve got good points here. Even though the stepsisters' selfish behavior was not rewarded like Cinderella's kindness was, Perrault's ending teaches that we should forgive those who have wronged us in the past, rather than trying to seek revenge and continue a negative relationship. [rebelmouse-proxy-image crop_info="%7B%22image%22%3A%20%22https%3A//" expand=1]. Happy to share, Jill and I know it is nice to see and find the good in stories like Cinderella, Cindarelly- cindarelly- all I hear is Cindarelly These are great characteristics for our daughters to try to emulate. The moral of Cinderella is that people should always fight for what they want with a good heart and hard work. (moral lessons, life lessons etc.). Even though the story presents marriage as the way toward happiness for women, it also clarifies that a woman's role should not be centered around physical beauty. You won't be happy by wishing you had someone else's life. Beauty in a woman is a rare treasure that will always be admired. Beautiful, Confessions of A Mommyaholic! No matter how much she was worn down or belittled, Cinderella showed kindness towards all. A moral or a lesson is a key concept in fairy tales. Thank you, Catherine and seriously hope you get to see Cinderella very soon now . As your best friend. Cinderella is left to do work as the stepsisters enjoy going out and socializing. Honestly, with a six year old son, I hadnt thought about going to see the movie. Furthermore, Frida challenged typical beauty standards through her art. We had the same, stupid sense of humor and bonded over Spongebob jokes. Cinderella lost everything as a young girl, which is reason enough to lose hope and ambition. I hope that our girls will also grow up strong, compassionate, and proud of who they are. copyright 2003-2023 Hasa has a BA degree in English, French and Translation studies. I've watched you experience family struggles, heartbreak and personal struggle, but I've also watched you experience success, happiness and love. Cinderella is rewarded for her kindness with a happy ending, but, because she is a woman, this happiness consists only of marriage to a man. I saw a couple folks post about that right after seeing a premiere, and thought, Really? Those of you who know me probably know that I am obsessed with dogs. Instead of giving up on her hopes and dreams, she went about her life never forgetting them. If Cinderella knew anything, it was the value of good work ethic. In Luke 19, Jesus called Zacchaeus, a chief tax collector, down from a tree. WebThe Story of Tm and Cm. Glad your girls liked it, Janine! Wiki User. Cinderella, being kind, forgives her stepsisters when they apologize, and says she hopes they will always love her. Zacchaeus became a changed man because of that time with Jesus. It also instructs young girls to see the world not as The moment we give ourselves permission to love ourselves, we relinquish the power anyone else may hold over us. . It teaches us that "little white lies" are okay, but homosexuality is condemned. One day, the young ladies receive invitations to a royal ball held with the intention of selecting a wife for the prince. Another theme we see in Sleeping Beauty reinforces the life lessons of: Honesty; o Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather keep Aurora in the dark about her true identity, and the curse that was placed on her as a baby. But, below is a list of seven unexpectedly inspirational women who have certainly made their mark on the world and have helped make HIStory HERstory. To juxtapose goodness in the story, Cinderella's stepsisters didn't recognize her at the ball and after the event her sister Charlotte said, 'Lend my clothes to such a dirty Cinderwench as you are! We are all sinners, every single one of us. And we did. Meitner was on the verge of a breakthrough, but was forced to flee the country because of the anti-Jewish Nazi regime. Sharon, I totally agree with all my heart on this, too! The Generic Structures In the orientation, you tell the listeners or readers the characters, the place, the time (if possible) and other things to make your readers understand the story. However, the fairy godmother miraculously appears to help Cinderella, because Cinderella is a good person and deserves happiness more than her wicked stepsisters. You brought up some great princess qualitiesI love them! Society tells us that it is more acceptable to be drunk every weekend than cheat on spouses. When I have my own house, I plan to own as many dogs as my home will allow me to fit. Cinderella is the story of jealousy, virtues and sufferings of Cinderella and hostility of her older sisters. The fairytale about Cinderella has won many generations and everyone who believes that a humiliated being will rise and win and also that beauty and virtue not only have to be rewarded but also recognized. Theyre very simple yet true and after all, those are exactly just what the world needs to be happier! And I am not a huge fan of the animated version so that says a lot. She is scared of everything. As a member, you'll also get unlimited access to over 88,000 So much better than aspiring to be Miley Cyrus or Iggy Azalea. Plus even asks him the question Will you take me as I am?. Her areas of interests include literature, language, linguistics and also food. Her stepmother may have forced her into doing all of the work, but she did it with a smile and a hum. Great reminders that this is way more than just a find your prince fairytale!! After all, if we aren't taking care of ourselves, how can we fully serve others?, 12 Life Lessons We Can All Learn From Cinderella, The Best Celebrities That Share Your Zodiac Sign, Why Wonder Woman is the Hero We Need Today, Recalling the Captivating Opening of Oscar-Winner "Whiplash". However, this is not because women did not have a profound effect on history or the world. Her eyes started flowing with tears, but she did not give up and began to weed the fields with her own hands. But within the family things get complicated. The movie furthermorehas its fair share of laughs. We can only hope that all girls be this secure and proud of themselves at all times, just as Cinderella was. But also admits honestly and openly that she has no parents, no dowery and is just an honest country girl who loves him. Radhi, SUNY Stony Brook3. She turned the fashion world on its head by liberating women from the hated corset in favor of a more comfortable yet still elegant style. An error occurred trying to load this video. In this time, I've grown plenty, but I've watched you grow as well. The theme of luck being able to change your life at any moment is present throughout Cinderella. It teaches kids if they have patience and believe that one day things will change and then work hard, good things will happen. These laughs include Helena Bonham Carter as the quirky fairy godmother, who had all chuckling with her description of the glass slippers, as extremely comfortable (who knew?). Conversely, Cinderella treats others with kindness. We think of the church as the place we go, or don't go, on Sunday mornings. Likewise, the prince falls in love with Cinderella and takes her away from her heartless stepmother and stepsisters, because she is kind. Selena Gomez! Hehehaving a name like Cyndi, Cindarella is one of my many names, lol. To unlock this lesson you must be a Member. We even lived as roommates for two (and a quarter) years. I love these points youve highlighted. 2011-03-24 11:14:12. Abadeha asks for the help of Bathala (the creator God), her ancestors and her dead mother. Dogs just all have such different personalities, which might be what we love about them. Nicolette, I am truly with you on the part about wanting both my girls to know that they are self-reliant and dont need a man necessarily. My Homework Done offers the best writing help for students on any task. Despite the fact that Cinderella's other sisters wanted the Prince's attention, the cast- off is the person who garners it. Beauty on the outside is not as important as beauty on the inside. I knew from looking at you that you were the cool kid in the room, the one who knew what was happening and didn't care about any of it. Home Language English Language Literature What is the Moral of Cinderella. She was pleased, had a beautiful family, a house, and goods, and most importantly, much love. This lesson works in two harmful ways: it promotes the idea that happiness only comes from being in a relationship and that love will fix any problems faced in life. . Even against all odds, good triumphs against evil in fairy tales, often with the help of supernatural interventions such as the fairy godmother in "Cinderella." She, with tears in her eyes, started plowing the field. Because of Temples disability, she faced many unique difficulties growing up. That being said I do sometimes wish she was a bit more self reliant. We cant wait to see this Ive heard mixed reviews as far as what kids have thought but Im glad yours enjoyed it!! At the royal ball, everyone is entranced by Cinderella. . I love the life lessons toowhat parent wouldnt want those qualities for their daughters?! One day, there was a royal ball in their kingdom, the two step-sisters hurried off to the ball, leaving poor Cinderella alone. 275 lessons. After her chance to go to the ball, Cinderella's luck continues to hold. The stepsisters are always trying to advance their own agendas, and believe they will succeed at finding a rich and powerful husband because of how pushy and self-interested they (and their mother) are. Writing is saving my sanity. But now after reading your review, I cant wait to relive my childhood memories of wanting to go to the big ball. In the Grimm Brothers' version of the story, the sisters even get their eyes pecked out by birds for additional punishment. Never forget it. I took the kids to Cinderella this weekend and we loved it. Miley Cyrus! When she lost sight of them, she started to cry.' Additionally, she has become a major spokesperson for Autism and has served as an inspiration to thousands worldwide. Discover the theme and morals of ''Cinderella'' by Charles Perrault. Imagine the world "not how it is, but how it could be. In her haste to get away, she loses one of her glass slippers. Kahlos art was influenced and sometimes a direct reflection of the painful experiences in her life. Jennifer Kustanovich, SUNY Stony Brook5. If you ever need a few pearls of wisdom, you don't have to look far. I'm so proud that you share all of this with me and call me your friend, that you have invited me into your home and introduced me to your incredible boyfriend. From the idea of good prevailing over evil or the impact wealth has on life, the themes of this folktale are essential in both life and literature. Brittany Morgan, National Writer's Society2. The iconic Chanel logo however would not be possible without its even more iconic founder Coco Chanel. Although Cinderella is repeatedly described as beautiful during the scenes at the ball, Perrault included a moral at the end explaining that kindness is more important than beauty, and that Cinderella won the prince's affections because of her good spirit. Bev and I have four kids and I swear, I dont think well ever have grandkidsso Ill live vicariously through you and this wonderful blog. Its like a teacher waved a magic wand and did the work for me. If you think I'm wrong, then you're probably a Taurus (did I do that right?). Meredith, a true delight and couldnt wait to see it here. Cinderella didn't wish for a change, she accepted her lot in life. Having courage and believing in oneself even in times of adversity. It centers around many themes, or central ideas in a piece of writing. , Amanda, I am in agreement on what Cinderella did go through to get to her fairy tale happy ending, but just loved how she did persevere to get all the good and happiness she deserved in the end! However, the story suggests that perseverance alone is not enough to earn the reward of happiness. Kathy, I love your thought here and that would have been something indeed! This modern tale teaches us that we should stand up for ourselves and demand the respect we deserve. Even though Cinderella was seen as less than by others, she was good in her heart. Yes, we are to hold each other accountable, but by no means should we be viewing ourselves as any better than a fellow brother, sister, or even someone who has not come to Christ yet. Web790 Words | 4 Pages. [rebelmouse-proxy-image crop_info="%7B%22image%22%3A%20%22https%3A//" expand=1]. I was never a Cinderella or princess fan myself, not even as a little girl, but I do see how the lessons of the story go FAR beyond being beautiful, snagging a prince, etc. "Cinderella" has been the object of feminist criticism because it seems to equate happiness for women with heterosexual romance and marriage. I havent seen it almost makes me wish I had little ones again. Isn't that why we go out? Who wouldn't want to have something in common with her? WebArchetypes In Cinderella 801 Words | 4 Pages. Even though the stepsisters and her stepmother treated her poorly, Cinderella kept a full heart. Fairy tales will often include a moral message for the reader. Abadeha is a kind and hardworking young woman. I often hear/read people who slam Disney princesses and princess movies but I think there are some great things in them. What offends people the most? One of the significant lessons or morals that you can learn from the story is that kindness is always rewarded in the end in one form or the other, and any kind of Will we be enough as we really are?. Love your post! Yes, we learn about some influential women, but most have been forgotten or buried in the margins of textbook. It's OK to do things for yourself. LOL, Writing is totally my sanity too here and love to see you two days in a row!! Cinderella was first considered to be a folktale because it was a story originating in popular culture, typically passed on by word of mouth. However, the magic will end at midnight (except the glass slippers), so she must leave by then. I cant wait to watch this movie with my girls. WebWhat is moral lesson in the story? From that moment, the girl begins to be a victim of abuse, mistreatment, and humiliations of her evil stepmother and her spoiled and jealous stepsisters. Even though Cinderella has no money and is controlled by her cruel stepmother and stepsisters, the fairy godmother appears to magically provide everything she lacks so that she can get the happiness she deserves. xxoo, Very much agreed, Aunt Gloria and am just so happy that Disney did this story justice. I remember how senior year, you told me you were applying to one of the same schools as me. See answer (1) Best Answer. The story of Abadeha is the Philippine version of Cinderella. Ad of course, courage and kindness. The moral of a story is supposed to teach you how to be a better person. The sultan learned the hard way that not all friends can be trusted such as with Jarfar. Temple Grandin is arguably one of the most inspirational human beings to date. Oh, I just adored it too! In Charles Perraults version of Cinderella written in 1697, Perrault describes the moral of the story as the value of graciousness. . We sat at the same lunch table for four years. The Samaritan woman at the well (John 4), Peter and his constant doubting and slip-ups, and the sinner hanging on the cross next to Jesus (Luke 23:40-43.) All good ones that I would be more than happy my children practiced in their own lives. They called her names like 'Cinderwench' and 'nasty. Iam writing about it Wednesdaysuch an empowering movie for kids! In this time, the punishment for adultery was to be stoned to death; however, Jesus came to this woman's defense. Our mindset of the church has been split into different denominations, different ways of going about things. She is not only a renowned animal behavioral specialist, but is also on the Autism spectrum. Adele! You know I love this post! I really want to go see this movie with my two girls! what a great post, janine. That and I need a reprieve from my own life right now: the house is on the market and Im finishing up my job and gearing up to start the new one. Cinderella, treated cruelly by her stepmother and stepsisters, ended up ruling It was her godmother, a good old Fairy. This runs the risk of suggesting that the best adventure available to women is heterosexual romance, and that they should not strive for anything else in life. She also pioneered her famous Chanel suit thus empowering working women. Lauren, the theatre was full of kids of all ages and my 4 year old did great. The story is based on a folktale present in a number of cultures throughout the world. The prince searches the kingdom for the woman whose foot would fit inside the slipper (it is very small, so no one else fits). The moral of the Cinderella story is one of perseverance and the importance of inner beauty. In the face of terror and hatred, Malala acts with grace and courage. I loved Cinderella too!! , Yay and if you do would love to hear what you thought of it!! Fairy tales are a way of using a big metaphor to teach children and society in general about the morals in life. WebShe becomes the vision that entrances the Prince. A 19th-century illustration of Cinderella trying on the slipper, proving to the prince that she is the woman he loves, because the shoe (luckily) only fits her. Although Perrault's tale is not the original version of "Cinderella," he added some key details to the story, including the glass slippers, the pumpkin carriage, and the fairy godmother. Web- to give moral lesson/ moral value. I probably wont see the new movie since my boys could care less but I love the lessons learned from Cinderella all good and something we should all live by. Determination in Cinderella Cinderella, the original fairytale, is found in a collection of stories created by the Grimm brothers. You could find the . WebOne day Cinderellas father goes into town and asks the girls if they pursue anything special from town, the two step sisters say they want dresses and jewelry and Cinderella says What is the Difference Between Italian Sonnet and What is the Difference Between Novel and Drama, What is the Difference Between Anti Hero and Villain. Havent seen the movie, but the story is and always will be one of my favorites. The story of Cinderella is also one of my favorite movie s ever. , Im going to take the girls this coming Sunday, with a friend and her daughters! The first is 'kindness towards all matters.' Thank you for pointing out some of the good points to classic princess stories, such as Cinderella. Rather, its moral and teachable life lessons helping to make Cinderella into a modern day role model for all girls, is it. I have two boys and a girl and I think they will all enjoy it.
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