Now I know I am not crazy, they really did exist. Now that I have my own home I would love to have them back. Pleeeeeeaaaaasssse, bring these cookies back. The Best cookie EVER! At the end of their email form, they give a phone number. Sorry Mother and Daddy, you couldn't stop us!!! An Ideal Bar was better than a Snickers or any candy bar, and it was a cookie!!! Hi, it;s me again. I can't help but wonder if Hershey paid Nabisco to discontinue Ideal bars. What can we do to have Nabisco make these cookies again? I also LOVED Ideal Cookie bars. A current Facebook thread on the topic is full of tales about quests for the item. and spent my little savings on another package. I thought I was the only person who could remember these cookies! I've contacted Nabisco. Bring them back, who cares what the price is. With so many people wanting them I can't believe Nabisco doesn't bring them back--I'd be first in line for a box. Little Debbies just don't work for me. If this cookie comes back with the same quailty as before, I'll will always buy this cookie! Keebler makes a Pretzel bite that is as close as it gets, but still not Ideal!!!!!! It sounds like lots of other people would too! Nabisco kept the other fruit-flavored Newtons (raspberry, strawberry). Follow us on social media to add even more wonder to your day. Here's the link everyone, tell them about it! If I have to bake them myself in order to enjoy them again, I DON'T MIND, because it would be worth the time in the kitchen making them from scratch, by hand!!!!! We just blogged the question to the Internet and are so surprised to find a support group. I actually contacted them and they said if they heard from enough people they might consider bringing them back. I don't ever remember having them but it sounds like they were very tasty. Pretty close! I don't know what is stopping them. I loved IDEAL bars!! I used to ask for them in my Easter basket and in my Christmas stocking! The combination of all the ingredients was GENIUS!!! I used to love Ideal Bars: there was a certain salty sweet inside "crunch", and the way the outside chocolate used to melt, so you had to eat it faster, especially in the summer! It is now Nov 2016 and still NO IDEAL cookies on the shelf..why can't Nabisco sell their Recipe for the Ideal Cookie to like a Wegmans?? Dark chocolate over crunchy peanut butter, I can almost taste them. There will always be room in this world for more chocolate and peanut butter. My god we are all correct best damn cookie ever made. I immediatly thought about Ideal cookies for the first time in many years, looked on Google and found this site. I cant believe what i have found. Since Vintage and Retro (i.e. I miss you Ideal cookies. It just so happened to be a day when Dad took an Ideal bar headcount. I've written Nabisco, and now the parent company Kraft, several times and I usually receive a form email back. Those of you from the Philadelphia area may remember that the Ideal Bars were originally made by Acme Markets and were packaged as an Acme product until Nabisco bought the recipe from Acme. One of my all time favorite cookies in the whole world!!!!! Come on Nabisco, no one can compare to your recipe. Little Debbie,PB Twix etc. Bring back, Bring back, Bring back that cookie to us, to us (Sung to the tune of, Oh, you'll get it:) If Anyone has a Recipe, Please Publish It! Anyways, not as good as Ideal, I'd like to see them come back. There are no substitutes and I have LOOKED. At family gatherings we still all long for these fabulous cookies. I continue to hopefully search. These cookies were the best - my favorite childhood cookie. Shopping with 5 children apparently wasn't easy, so she would bribe us with Ideal bars. If you are determined to continue to refuse to bring these superior products back into production, then at least make the recipes for them available to the people who love them and grew up on them, people like me. Funny thing, as it was, the woman I spoke with said that those were her favorite cookies also. We lived in Florida and they tended to melt otherwise. My sister and I wear talking about these cookies and I had to google them. I'm so glad that there are others out there.I still can taste them in my dreams! it worked for betty white on snl, maybe it would work for ideal bars! That really sucks, Nabisco really had something there. Please bring them back!!!! They were his favorite. I called it and REALLY let a customer service rep know what they need to do. Surely we can get a comeback?? I miss Lemon Coolers and My Dad Harold Hourihan more! And that was the keythe slightly salty peanut butter. I have been craving them for years. Ya Gotta bring EM back they are the true IDEAL snack of all time!!! The taste brought back a memory from 30+ years ago. The Streett Family. my Dad's Uncle ran a country store just across the road and we could run over there and grab a package when needed. Are there any other theories out there? google_ad_width = 120; How can we all start a united front to get the cookies back on store shelves? Mom would hide them in the refrigerator, but I always found them. Does anyone think they will ever bring them back???? My father and I used to sneak the whole package the moment my mother brought them home from the grocery. Stay tuned for Chapter Two: The First Bite. I am now 58 years old and have never found a cookie that comes close to the ideal peanut butter log. Every year for Christmas my parents would buy me a lot of them for my stocking. Best cookie EVAH! Nabisco has been making Teddy Grahams since 1988, according to The Retro Network.Almost immediately after debuting, the sweet treats became staples in kids' lunch boxes and a favorite after-school snack. Maybe I will try making them myselfhaaha.might take a few thousand tries. Wouldn't you think Nabisco would want make some bucks and satisfy the public by bringing this cookie back to market? soooooooo are they coming back, i'm still needing them!!!!!! They patiently look them up and laugh. I think the last Ideal Bar I bought was in the early 90's in California. Sometimes Mom hid them - they lasted about a day, cost a little more than most other cookies and were worth every dime. Nothing like some Nutter Butters with a view. 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The quality of the ideal bar was high and I am sure it would be a challenge to reproduce today. There's nothing left. I hope someone takes the challenge on! Write to this addy Kraft Foods Global, Inc. Consumer Relations Group 1 Kraft Court Glenview, IL 60025. I don't understand why a company would stop making a product that is so popular. They were best after being in the fridge. - Touche, old man! I would base my weekly calorie intake around these cookies! The chocolate had hardened by the time I ate mine. I have searched over the years to see if they were ever going to come back. I too have longed for these Ideal cookie bars. Follow us on Twitter to get the latest on the world's hidden wonders. The tough part comes when we have to share the news that the product you're trying to find has been discontinued. Intended to imply hydrogen and oxygenthe two chemicals that make up waterthe result has a more clinical, less roll-off-the-tongue convention to it, and instead evokes hydrogen peroxide, a chemical you probably dont want to drink. You have to keep them refrigerated because the chocolate will melt. She spread smooth peanut butter between two ritz crackers. I actually had someone get mad at me for introducing them to those addictive cookies. Please, Please bring them back. The problem, you mightve guessed, is its name. Great site, was looking for Caravelle candy bars and then searched for the Ideal bars. Every trip down the cookie isle, I scan every shelf looking for them. Why they ever stopped making them I will never know. They were a very high quality cookie. getting the chocolate on your fingers was part of the funlicking it off after you were done with the cookie. I can still taste them. I do all the shopping! Finally I returned home with the Ideal cookies after eating my final bite so that the perfect amout was found by my Mom. I recall that from late 60's to late 70's my mom would buy the cheap "kiddie" cookies for us, and Ideal Peanut Butter Bars for herself, which she would keep in the fridge. All rights reserved. I would love to have them again. I looked up the # myself to be sure I was calling the right place. google_color_border = "E7F0EB"; I hope nabisco reads these comments and realizes the disappointment to many famalies with the loss of a simple cookie. I have NEVER tasted another cookie that was anywhere near as great as Ideals. Growing up in the 60s/70s there were often two packages in the house: One for my two sisters & me, and one for Dad! I still remember them and I'm going to write to Nabisco/Kraft asking them to bring them back! Nabisco-PLEASE make them again. Have missed my favorite cookie for years. I'm on a mission now!!! Please - make them again Ana Isco. They were so good. After reading all your comments and listening to my husband, I want one NOW! Still to this day every time I am in the grocery store cookie isle I look for Ideal Bars. These were the best cookies out!!!! Considering how many gourmet cookies are sold now, it's hard to imagine there wouldn't be a market for these at a higher price. Best cookie ever !! The Ideal Bars by Nabisco was the best cookies that one could buy from the store. Everyone that leaveas a comment on this page should go to and tell Nabisco that you want those cookies back!!! Those packages sure did go fast! Nabisco. Where did they go and why did they stop making them? . Bring them back! I can't believe the post starts in 2007 and the last one was 4 days ago. I would start with me first and the pass them down to the next generations! Please Nabisco bring back these cookies. I miss those doggone ideal bars!!!! google_ad_channel = "9301152533"; I loved them so much that I actually got them as a gift on my birthday. These were absolutely the best.I don't remember when they stopped making these, but I DO recall not finding them at the stores and, after a while, forgetting about them, until recently.yes, they only came out in the fall because the delicate chocolate coating would melt in the heat of summer, so they weren't shipped then. My mom had to hide them because I would sit and eat almost all of them in one sitting. I havent had an Ideal cookie in about 45 years but they are still my favorite cookie- bar none. I loved eating those cookies - Let's bring them back Nabisco! I will buy them out!!! OK Nabisco, you have had your fun - BRING THE COOKING BACK!!!! The company started as a bakery in Massachusetts in 1792, baking and selling biscuits called "pilot bread" for sailors on sea voyages. Alas, everything Good in life either disappears or changes. I miss Ideal cookies and they were my favorite store bought cookie in the seventies. These fan-favorite s'mores crackers featured a chocolate, marshmallow-flavored filling sandwiched between its classic buttery crackers. evenings watching TV and eating a package of them with Daddy & cold white milk. I don't care which aisle it's in just bring it back. OMG !!! PLEASE BRING THESE BACK, NABISCO!!! There is a Facebook page called Bring Back The Ideal Bar! So many people would buy them just for the memories. Ideal chocolate Peanut Bars were the best cookie product ever produced. Ideal bars were the best store-bought cookies ever made. It wasn't my fault, I bought them all the time. The more they get the more of a chance it will happen! I too loved these wonderful cookies. Even though I feel cookies made from scratch using the finest ingredients can't be beat. Our family loved these cookies..I still look for them when I shop.I hope Nabisco brings them back. Too bad for me. They were and still are the best cookie I have ever had. ;-) THANKS. That is absurd in a world where Reese's Peanut Butter Cups are one of Hershey's #1 sale items. Down a pint of ale where the Bishop of Ely's servants slept in 1546. They might look up that stats every year and laugh but did they stop to think there is a new generation of peanut butter cookie lovers out there. They were the best. Anyway, these little growths were easy to bite off, and would lend a fairly pure chocolate experience, one that only hinted of the peanut butter explosion that loomed on the not-so-distant horizon. They used to not be in the stores during the summer months but come fall they would be back on the shelves in Texas and I LOVED them! Its an idea, and it might be similar. I can't stop checking. I MISS THEM TO THIS DAY!!! My mother bought the Ideal peanut butter bars for my father (I don't know why he was allowed to hog them). nostalgia) things are "In" right now. Price would not be a factor for sales of the greatest cookie ever. I still have dreams about these cookiesonce came home for lunch from school and mom had gone to a meeting. They were that good. But while Oreo ascended to become something of a cultural touchstone, Hydrox retained its partisans, in part also because the slightly-more-bitter cookie was also kosher. Kids can't grow up without tasting these! I've been to a large number of websites and forums where these are mentioned the most. wrote architecture critic Paul Golderberger, Sign up for our email, delivered twice a week. Please? But no kidding -Nothing can substitute for Ideals. Please bring them back! PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE! They were so wonderful!! It is more true than not, that if you gave Nabisco a goose that laid golden eggs, Nabisco would immediately slaughter that goose rather then pay to feed it. Best cookie ever made.Dad hid them from me and I hid them from him. Sent another email to cis@nabisco,com -- maybe, just maybe it might work this time. If anyone is lucky enough to live somewhere close to a Trader Joe's, then you need to go and buy their Chocolate Covered Peanut Butter Pretzels!! I will go on the newsdo commercials for you.whatever it takes! But when you see fancy cookies today packaged as 8 cookies for $4.00, there must be a market for the hi-price cookies! My sister used to buy them and hide them under her bed and i would steal them. I love these cookies. I Goggled this cookie to see if anyone else remembered this sweet treat and boy was I surprised!! Go to this page and leave them a request to BRING BACK IDEAL COOKIE BARS!!! I just got finished telling my kids about the best cookie I ever had-the Ideal bar- and wondered what happened to them. they really left an impression on me. One time my sister's boyfriend was over and things were a bit tense. These cookies were the source of numerous battles in my house. A lot of people would buy them. The taste is still on the tip of my tongue. I was looking for ideal bars. I was looking up pinwheel cookies and came across Ideal. These were definitely the best cookies. She says there like a cookie wafer hollow flat log dipped in a rich darkest chocolate with a light peanut butter layer in the middle.yum! Brand history. 1901 The name Nabisco is first used as part of a name for a sugar wafer. I have tried to find these cookies and can not find them any where. Adolphus Green is president. But I can't make that happen by myself. Our neighbors always had these in their fridge. Here is the Nabisco email for comments. I think what made these cookies so incredible was the crunchy cookie portion of it, the peanut butter filling which had finely chopped peanuts in it, and the EXCEPTIONAL quality of the chocolate that enrobed this cookie. I have wanted these cookies for decades. Probably a good idea they stopped making those. Please bring them back! I have missed these cookies and have tried with much disappointment to find a replacementPlease, Nabisco, bring them back! They were the best ever! Well it was about 9 AM and I knew I was busted but Mom wasn't due home till much later in the afternoon. I have been watching for those Ideal Bars for years and did not realize that Nabisco had quit making them. [ CNP00612 ] 100 Calorie Cheese Nips Crackers, 6 / Box; [ FVS00609 ] Ritz 100 Calorie Snack Mix, 6 / box; [ FVS00612 ] 100 Calorie Cheese Nips Crackers, 6 / Box. These were the BEST cookies EVER!! My dad used to ration them to me and my 3 siblings, otherwise we would eat them all in an hour! Signed, Hooked for life. The following are links about Ideal Cookies you may find interesting. I want one so much! I love these cookies! I have been trying to remember the name of this candy bar for yearsI was talking to my mother tonight ( 85 years old) and was reminiscing about the clark bar type of cookie I used to crave.the name Ideal name came to my mind..I googled it and Here I am !! I'd bite a little hole into each end, then suck milk up into it like it was a straw. I also had sent Nabisco a email to bring them back, but alas not yet. I miss them, I never knew what happened to them, and it's just like everything, something good and to perfection, and some (ok) engineer shut it downboo! LEMON COOLERS! I look for IDEAL cookies every time I am at the grocery store hoping to see that Nabisco has reintroduced them. They were not made in the summer because they would melt. "Today just being fat-free is not enough," he said. I call Nabisco every year and ask them when they are going to start making Ideal Cookie Bars again. We agree 100% that the Ideal cookie should be put back on the market, We loved this cookie growing up in the 60 's & 70's . Very similar to my memory of the Ideal Peanut Butter bars but not made as well. As the others have said I can't believe that we all have been craving Ideal Peanut Butter Logs. I wish I or someone could buy the reciepe and bring them back. Let us unite and show the company. I still crave them and will support any effort to making them available again. I want one now! Can't believe they're gone for good My sister and I were trying to explain this cookie to my youngest daughter today.
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