#ProudlyWilliamstown. Whilst no records can be found of any games in 1870, the Club must have been in existence due to the reference in the 1875 edition of 'The Footballer' to the 'new edition of Williamstown, which was formed in 1870.' Home Ground Williamstown Cricket Ground. A total of 7 goals were kicked for the year, of which P. Conroy scored 5 and R. Dalton jnr and J. Rees kicked one each, while 15 goals were scored by opponents. In the return match at Williamstown on July 13, St Kilda sent a telegram saying they had only 11 players at the railway station and the match was abandoned. Williamstown Chronicle, May 15, 1875 - at a meeting held at the Mechanics' Institute in Electra Street on Monday, May 10, 1875, it was resolved to adopt a 'knickerbocker uniform of blue and white.'. Minnesota school moves into first place past Hinsdale Central (Ill.), Jesuit (Ore.). footballers, whole-length, almost full face, man on right chin curtain beard and moustache, both in blue and white uniforms of long sleeved pullovers, pants with striped socks and caps, both standing, man on right with hands on hips, image dated 1879'. By Paddy Farley The VFL side will take on the Northern Bullants at Highgate Recreation Reserve this Saturday at 10:45am. document.getElementById('cloak411e8c6229cee0e943110ba503223fef').innerHTML = ''; Moss was appointed captain for the forthcoming season with J. Monteith vice-captain. Buchanan captained the team for one game in September 1872 against South Yarra Seconds when the regular skipper, Horace Norman, was unavailable. People who participate in a great football club, form deep and lasting relationships that nurture and shape who they become as human beings. One of these matches was on August 1 where it was reported in The Argus two days later that the 'Williamstown Club sent a team to Hawthorn to play the local club, but the game was brought to an abrupt conclusion in consequence of the Williamstown men declining to play any longer with the umpire, who they considered was not impartial.' Williamstown's stats have been entered for the 52-20 win @ James Monroe on 12/3/2022 . The Williamstown Chronicle also reported on 30 June, 1860, (see below) that the football club was to play a 'friendly' scratch match on Market Reserve that day at 10.30 am. 'Town finished 7th out of a competition of 15 teams. Harrison took over as captain of Melbourne. The Cup itself was long-lost until discovered in 1995 in the Australian Gallery of Sport and Olympic Museum (now the Australian Sports Museum) at the MCG by James Grzonek, son of Club historian, Ray Grzonek, during a casual visit to the museum. var prefix = 'ma' + 'il' + 'to'; Wills was the first captain of Melbourne in 1859 and Harrison was a teammate. Captain and back pocket player in the 1907 premiership win over West Melbourne. Mark Pennings in his book, 'Origins of Australian Football: Victoria's Early History' writes that 'Booroondara, Collingwood, Williamstown and University were other clubs that emerged' (in 1860). Tom Monteith received a 'handsome silver-mounted emu egg .. for the best all-round player during the season 1877'. The Captain, Bob Waycott, and vice-captain, John Charles Frederick Ulbrick, who were both re-appointed at the meeting for the 1878 season, instituted a fine of one shilling for players who failed to turn up for games without a valid excuse. James Mark 'Jerry' Bryant (left) and Tom Wills in 1859 when teammates in the Victorian cricket team. Richmond appeared on the scene in 1860 but originated out of the cricket club and was not related to the current AFL team and Tom Wills and Henry Harrison both moved across from Melbourne to play with them, with Wills becoming captain of his third club. Payne (1870), Horace Norman (1871-73) and D. McCallum (1874-75). Groups. 1887 . A total of 17 goals were scored by the Seconds with only 9 kicked against them. Another local club, North Williamstown, emerged in 1879 and, although destined to be no more than a junior club, it nevertheless made its mark on local football history by fielding three teams and producing a number of senior players for Williamstown and other clubs. Power was also the editor of The Footballer publication during its short life from 1875-82. Clubs also began to appear in regional areas, with Sandhurst forming in 1861 (captained by James Thompson, who was one of the MCC committee who drew up the 1859 Melbourne rules) and a Ballarat side in 1862, together with Bendigo, Kangaroo Flat and Maryborough. The player welfare and development scene has completely changed over the past decade in Australian Rules Football and Williamstown is taking the steps to ensure the best for their players in and outside the four walls of DSV Stadium. Battery United's colours were blue and white, and it may have been at this stage that Williamstown, whose original colours were dark blue knickerbockers, guernsey and hose with a blue cap with a white stripe down the centre, adopted black and yellow in 1884 when Williamstown entered the VFA due to Geelong already having a dark blue and white uniform. T-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, sweat pants, hats, mugs and more. The May 17, 1859, 'Melbourne Rules', later renamed 'Victorian Rules' following the meeting in May, 1860. Thomas McKinley: Played 107 games and kicked 27 goals between 1897 and 1908. J.K. Ogilvie Smith and R. Murray both kicked 3 goals. Max Munday Games: 120 Goals: 6 Team of the Century Position: Full back Honours: Premiership player - 1954, 55, 56. Clark and McLeod held those posts for two seasons until replaced by John Alexander Springhall snr (president) and Charles Piper (secretary) for the 1872 season before Clark and McLeod resumed their roles in 1873. This club is a great organisation like many football clubs it has a great reservoir of committed people who are here only to see the club succeed. As Cricket Club secretary in 1888, Thompson was responsible for drawing up the agreement under which the Football Club agreed to use the cricket ground for home games following the merger with South Williamstown. Another brother, Jack, played in 1880. There were no further alterations before the formation of the VFA in 1877. This video is the recollections and thoughts of the players who have formed and been moulded by the Williamstown Football Club.Williamstown Football Club celebrates and honours the teams and players of the 1970s. Amazingly, 21 goals were kicked during the season with just one major scored against the Villagers. Sprint Hall: Played 105 games and kicked 8 goals between 1897 and 1906. A. Fowler was elected captain of the Second Twenty with three vice-captains in Litchfield, Percy and Jamieson. The article went on to state that 'the first match of the season was appointed to take place on the Queen's Birthday', which was a scratch match. Stanbridge also won the VFA Medal the same year, as did Neville Huggins in 1937, Arthur Cutting in 1938 and Des Fothergill in 1941. Williamstown Football Club (WFC) has a history dating back to 1864 and is one of the oldest Australian Rules Clubs. Played back pocket in the 1921 premiership win over Footscray at the Brunswick Street Oval in Fitzroy. Woodlands Wellington Football Club is an inactive professional football club which played in the S.League, the top division of football in Singapore.They are based in Woodlands at the 4,300 seater Woodlands Stadium, where they have played since their establishment.. Woodlands Wellington FC's honours include winning the inaugural Singapore League Cup in 2007, defeating Sengkang Punggol FC 4-0 . *The award was then known as The Recorder Cup. This year also saw the demise of South Yarra, which finally disbanded after several mediocre seasons. An important change was made in the rules just before the 1869 season began. The 'Rules of Football' as drawn up at the meeting at the Argus Hotel on May 28, 1860, where a Williamstown delegate was present. Posts. This email address is being protected from spambots. var addy_textbb0b214de571d490efda32391d5e6ef9 = 'admin' + '@' + 'williamstownfc' + '.' + 'com' + '.' + 'au';document.getElementById('cloakbb0b214de571d490efda32391d5e6ef9').innerHTML += ''+addy_textbb0b214de571d490efda32391d5e6ef9+'<\/a>'; 2015 Williamstown Footbal Club - Site design by AdTorque Edge. Williamstown Chronicle, August 5, 1871 - a report of the game against Wesley College on July 29 which resulting in the Villagers' first recorded victory, 3 goals to NIL. Geelong won their first of seven VFA premierships in this season, ending the dominance of Melbourne and Carlton over Victorian football. Also, following the annual meeting of club delegates/secretaries at Nissen's Cafe in Bourke Street on May 12, a new rule was introduced that players could only represent one club during the year. Mark Fotheringham (Australian footballer), Dick Harris (Australian rules footballer), Ben Kennedy (Australian rules footballer), https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Category:Williamstown_Football_Club_players&oldid=867053321, This page was last edited on 3 November 2018, at 09:17. Trevor Monti wrote the first official summary of the Kelly trial which was published in 1981 and he has maintained an intense interest in the bushranger ever since. The Melbourne Football Club was re-formed on May 14, 1859, at the Parade Hotel, East Melbourne, (later named the MCG Hotel) after a scratch match against South Yarra on Richmond Paddock (now known as Yarra Park). R. Murray was leading goalscorer with a total of 7, with J.Rees, Will Outen and P. Conroy kicking 2 goals each and H. Haslam, John Kilgour and J.K. Ogilvie Smith each scoring one major. 300 copies of the Victorian Rules were printed and distributed amongst the various clubs. The defeats were at the hands of North Melbourne (twice), Studley Park and Hawthorn. Geelong Football Club came into existence on July 18, 1859, at a meeting in the Victoria Hotel on the corner of Moorabool and Malop Streets in Geelong, where Wills amalgamated several small clubs to achieve this and also became its first captain. Affiliation (Current) Victorian Football League (VFL) 1996-2023. var addy_text411e8c6229cee0e943110ba503223fef = 'admin' + '@' + 'williamstownfc' + '.' + 'com' + '.' + 'au';document.getElementById('cloak411e8c6229cee0e943110ba503223fef').innerHTML += ''+addy_text411e8c6229cee0e943110ba503223fef+'<\/a>'; 2015 Williamstown Footbal Club - Site design by AdTorque Edge. We are reaching out to the families or next of kin to contact the club as soon as possible. To see more of Trevor Monti's views on Ned Kelly, click on the following link to a clip from Channel 31's Local Footy Show. The only other win for the season was over Hotham United. He was also the tide officer at Customs and lived and worked in Williamstown in 1853. The team finished eighth on a ladder of 14 teams. A time period was set for matches instead of the team scoring the first two goals being declared the winner. Appealing to the central umpire was useless, that responsible functionary filling his post so unsatisfactorily that is was compulsory to relieve him of his duties, but his successor did not in the slightest degree remedy matters. The result was decided in the last game of the season against South Melbourne at Albert Park which resulted in a 2-0 win to Williamstown. The language of these unwelcome visitors was anything but select at times.'. addybb0b214de571d490efda32391d5e6ef9 = addybb0b214de571d490efda32391d5e6ef9 + 'williamstownfc' + '.' + 'com' + '.' + 'au'; We are hosting our first Golf Day in Feb 2023 at Sanctuary Lakes Golf Club. One of the draws was with a strong junior team from Hotham, while they defeated East Melbourne Seconds (twice), South Yarra Seconds and Southern. The Argus of April 6, 1872, reported that, at the annual meeting held in respect of the 1871 season, that 'the colours of the club were also settled, light blue with a white stripe'. By Paddy Farley. 1970'sGreat football clubs are more than successful on and off the field; they are more than a place to play and enjoy the game of Aussie Rules. A Fitzroy team also appeared in 1864 but was a different club to that which joined the Victorian Football Association (VFA)in 1884. Membership totalled 64 in this season. Captain, John Wigmore, Hunter and Sutton were best for 'Town, while future president of Williamstown, the local MLA for 17 years and founder of the Williamstown Advertiser, Alfred Thomas Clark, represented the Customs team. What's new. In 1874, the Club played 12 matches, six of which were won, three were lost and three drawn. What we now call Australian Rules football was played in Victoria and the other colonies from the 1840's, but in 1858 it came into greater prominence when some cricketers, football enthusiasts and schoolboys played a number of scratch matches on the Richmond Paddock in Melbourne. It was also reported in the Williamstown Chronicle of August 12 (refer report below) 'the match, which lasted about two hours, was a well-contested one. A half back flanker and regular VFL representative. The 'J. The rules are seen as one of the most significant documents in the history of the Australian game. By way of example, St Kilda's proposed visit to Pt Gellibrand on July 13 was cancelled due to the Saints only having 11 players available while East Melbourne cancelled its scheduled game with Williamstown because the East players preferred to watch the Carlton v. Melbourne game. Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. document.getElementById('cloakbb0b214de571d490efda32391d5e6ef9').innerHTML = ''; var prefix = 'ma' + 'il' + 'to'; He was the lead engineer on the project. Williamstown played a number of other junior teams in 1865, including games against H.M. Customs, captained by Henry Harrison, on August 5 (result unknown) and a team from the Richmond district called Union, but its first recorded match took place against Carlton at Royal Park on July 15 which resulted in a 2-0 loss (only goals were recorded and the best of three goals decided the winner). Shop for your Williamstown High School Superior Cotton Twill Low Profile Style Caps spirit wear here! One of the new 'junior' clubs that emerged was Cecil, which would soon become South Melbourne and would go on to win five VFA premierships, an effort only surpassed by Geelong during the pre-VFL era. This state of affairs were not uncommon around the 1870's and, even if Williamstown played only one or two scratch matches, or none at all, it is entitled to claim a continuity of existence from a much earlier point as there were no other clubs playing in Williamstown at that time. It has been argued by some that an indigenous form of football called marn-grook influenced Tom Wills, who incorporated its elements into the 'Melbourne' rules. North would rapidly achieve 'senior' status by 1874. Since 1886 our Club has enjoyed senior success winning 15 premierships. Williamstown Chronicle, May 31, 1879 - Williamstown's highest score and greatest winning margin to date was achieved in a game at Heidelberg on May 24, 1879. As a clerical officer at the Customs Department, Harrison was well-equipped for this task and his rules, freely drawn from all codes including rugby and its Gaelic offspring, were adopted unanimously by his colleagues at a subsequent meeting. The Argus of June 23 1873 stated that 'the Williamstown ground, which is .. one of the worst that could be selected for football purposes, as independent of being almost a quagmire, it is covered in different places with large pieces of bluestone which makes it very dangerous to play upon.' The other game against a senior team was a one-nil loss at St Kilda on May 25 when the Saints started off with just nine players but picked up enough substitutes to eventually muster sixteen men. Captain and back pocket player in the 1907 premiership win over West Melbourne. QUICK CONTACT INFO. It also enhanced recruitment. The famous Carlton club was formed in July 1864 but did not play a game until 1865, while Emerald Hill became a formalised club in 1864 and later became Albert Park.
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