I picked them up at the dock again and stayed on Minocqua. fishing report I am fishing 3/8 oz. Three August 30th, I had the pleasure of fishing with 3 ladies from Texas. For up-to-date information, look up the fishing report for the water of your choice. With over 70 miles of state protected, undeveloped shoreline and numerous islands, youll find yourself surrounded in a true wilderness setting. I canceled my trip. Fishing Reports Copyright 2020 FISHMINOCQUA.COM - All Rights Reserved. Problem is on this lake they have to be 18" to keep. Boulder Junction Once again it was catch & release, the guys boated 5 Pike, 1 Perch. Willow Flowage . After a new prop and with a chunk out of the skag and I am up and running. But only one lone 25 pound yellowtail took our offerings. Road maps. It's all good. At the end of the morning they had 1 19" Walleye and 9 nice Pike. Last week, two days before I was scheduled to leave for my Canada trip with my son, I had a burger with Bobbi Ulrich who was riding up with me. Bob and I had fished numerous lakes in the area but he had never fished on the Minocqua Chain so that is where we spent the 2 mornings. This Fishing Guide Fishing Tips for the Willow Reservoir. Jigs tipped with live bait are always productive by presentation. Willow Flowage Scenic Waters Area brochure and map; Lower Tomahawk River campsites map [PDF] Lake survey map, 1983 [PDF] Willow Flowage campsites and boat landings GPS coordinates [PDF] Interactive map; Master Plan. 9/24/22 Hi from the shores of "Kennedy Bay" on Lake Minocqua. In summer, largemouth bass and northern pike can be caught using spinnerbaits along the weed edge. Clear Lake (MW Chain) Bessemer Thanks guys it was a good day. We headed back out to LDF. A good morning. St. Germain It was a good morning. Jeff We had a difficult day missing a lot of bites releasing a few small fish but only boxing 4 Pike. Fish include Musky, Panfish, Largemouth Bass, Smallmouth Bass, Northern Pike and Walleye. Tomahawk We Unlock Wisconsin Fishing Hot Spots & More! For these couple of days, I chose to fish a lake with rock humps. Get Exclusive Access to the Outdoor News Fishing Reports, Lake Profiles, Tips, and more! We're ready. Stone Lake (MW Chain) ** About Boating Ordinances: Before boating on an unfamiliar Wisconsin waterways check for a sign at the public boat landing to determine if there are local regulations (more restrictive than state law) which may apply on that waterbody. While using a jig-and minnow on 6# test line, Jeff Winters of Boulder Junction caught this huge 42 -inch, 20 lb. Air Temperature 21F High: 33F Low: 18F Wind 9 MPH Gust: 24 mph Bearing: N Water Temperature 39 F Weather Details Average Wind 7 mph Woodruff Guided Musky Trip 10/16/22 Hi from the shores of "Kennedy Bay" on Lake Minocqua. It was with a lot of disappointment that I sent emails to the 5 anglers that were booked for that week telling them what happened to me and tried to find them guides to fish with. Upper Gresham To all of our lovely ladies back on land who are so gracious to let us go fishing for days and days on end. Its a huge, sprawling impoundment loaded with walleye, crappie and many other types of favored gamefish. All rights reserved. After 2 hours the guys had boxed our 3 angler limit of 9 Walleyes, also releasing some small fish and 2 dandy Walleyes in the slot. Wednesday September 7th, I fished with Tim Ward and his buddy Gregg. muskie news We had decent action, a good morning with everybody catching fish. FISHMINOCQUA .com DAVE LANG FISHING GUIDE Copyright 2016-2017 BOTEK CORPORATION All Rights Reserved. interview Willow Flowage. Isle Minocqua, Ferry The water level has been about 6 feet below full, I am seeing stumps, boulders and some small islands that I don't remember ever seeing . Spider Lake (MW Chain) 8/7/22. What a surprise when I saw that mine had just expired days before on August 14th. It's going to be her first time actually throwing baits for muskie. Manitowish Waters Willow Flowage Oneida County, 4217 Acres Overview Map Facts & Figures More * About Invasive Species: Disclaimer: Aquatic invasive species (AIS) records are assigned statuses of "verified", "observed", or "no longer observed" based on AIS Status Guidance. Lake They had a good time but pretty disappointing to me. I am hooking the minnows in the mouth, then out the gill then through the back halfway down the back. Over 70 miles of state protected, undeveloped shoreline and numerous islands create a Canadian-like wilderness setting. The Supreme Team. Wisconsin I'm thankful to say that we have set sail on our first voyage of the 2012 season with Billy Stephen's and his crew of merry lads - young and old alike. The minimum length limit is 50" and the daily bag limit is 1. Willow Flowage, Oneida County - Outdoor News Fishing Reports Willow Flowage, Oneida County April 28, 2022 Share This Post You Must Be Logged In to View This Content Get Exclusive Access to the Outdoor News Fishing Reports, Lake Profiles, Tips, and more! Friday I fished with Greg Armuth and his son Jake. Hi from the shores of "Kennedy Bay" on Lake Minocqua. St Louis River Action was slow, we would boat the occasional fish but they really were working at it. Willow Flowage Fishing and Island Camping 4,990 views Jun 26, 2018 The Willow Flowage is an amazing place to get away from it all. How are all of you this fine evening? September 2nd & 3rd, I fished with John Mlnarik. St Germain Lake Make sure we are releasing some of the large ones to keep our high quality of fish for the future!!! Minocqua fishing website or Willow Lake Fishing Reports Recently shared catches and fishing spots. St. Germain Backwoods lakes, Rainbow Flowage, This site uses cookies to provide you with the best onsite experience. Winds are out of the N at 9mph, with wind gusts of 24mph. Boulder I got the campsite GPS coordinates and my Hot Spots map marked up with campsite numbers by Tom Shockley (tom.shockley@dnr.state.wi.us) the Willow Flowage DNR Property Manager. September 2nd & 3rd, I fished with John Mlnarik. This subscription auto-renews, but you can cancel anytime by going to your profile page and choosing cancel. With the action that slow we pulled the boat and went back to Minocqua and launched there. No portion of this website can be used or distributed without prior written consent of Lake-Link, Inc. Team Supreme. Lac du Flambeau & North Lakeland If fish are located while trolling crankbaits, stop and work the area with jigs tipped with live bait. Therefore, the only way to know for sure if a water body has an ordinance in effect is to look for a sign posted at a public boat landing. wis. Quick question as I have never ice fished the willow before. Rhinelander View their profiles to see photos, guide reviews, fishing reports and more. J.J. Gerritsen, Hello everyone, No minimum length limit and the daily bag limit is 5. Wednesday I fished with Scott Granick and his son Bobby we headed out to LDF putting together a nice mixed bag of Perch, Smallmouth, and Pike including a dandy 30 inch Pike that Bobby caught. The fishing for panfish and walleyes has been decent lately. Allequash Lake Jeff's Dewey Catchem and How website or Germain Lake The daily bag limit is 0, one may be killed and possessed for transport to a wdnr office. VILAS COUNTY Michigan Area rod bending. These are eater size fish, not wall hangers but the best eating you can find. Big Wisconsin Fishing Lake KEEP YOUR LINE TIGHT AND A BEND IN YOUR ROD. If you can identify it, I will be happy to return it. Willow Flowage is a 4217 acre lake located in Oneida County. The lake is flood type stage with lot's of current around the channel. Land Fish came just up out of the river channel in 12 fow over wood. Everybody has a day like that once in a while but we all hate them. Every guide has something to teach; a new fishing technique, a better knot to use, a new fishing spot, a new lure to use and many other things. Natural communities (stream and lake . If you do not find the body of water you are looking for you can start a new Fishing Report Thread. Lake Minocqua remains catch and release only for Walleyes so we released the 8 Walleyes we caught along with some Pike, some larger Bass, and a couple Perch. Followers 543 Had nine bites kept 3 keeper walleye didn't keep any crappies. Please contact Sea Landing for more info or to sign up at (805) 963-3564. This is only the second time in twenty years this has happened, what makes it even stranger is that I had fished with Robert in June of this year and talked to him the afternoon before. While some areas are 5 to 7 inches, other areas can be thinner than . muskie fishing We pulled the boat and went to my lake number 2 from Wednesday. We missed a couple of Walleyes and boated a couple of Dogfish. jiggs. Tour The St Croix Rod Factory MORE Lake Info Boat Launches Fishing Guides Get Bait & Tackle The water temps are down in the 40s, and these fish were 45 to 47 feet deep. Fishing looks to be not very active with peak fishing times around 10-11 AM. Flambeau We had a decent morning getting enough for a fish fry ,not great but decent. Just when I think there can't be any more surprises I was off the water for the day and just not feeling up to par so after some encouragement from my wife I took a home covid test and of course it was positive. muskie information Don't kid yourself, Willow has been a great lake over 30 years for this fisherman. DuBay The really strange thing was we never boated a Pike, that is the first time that has ever happened to me on the Willow. That's it forthis time around, have fun when you get out and always pay attention to local weather and be careful. The only down time was when Kelly had a beautiful Smallmouth up to the boat and it got off just before I could get it in the net. Look for bigger perch to still be deep on most lakes. I can't help but laugh at myself when I think back when I used to give my friend and mentor, Tommy Zinda a hard time about not getting fishing reports published. Fishing in USA. Panfish (bluegill, pumpkinseed, sunfish, crappie and yellow perch). I had a few days off then fished yesterday and today With Dell Schledewitz and his son Marcus. the August started off just like July with decent weather and good action from the fish. Turtle Flambeau Flowage At the end of the day, they had 12 Walleyes in the box as well as releasing 3 fish too big to keep and a couple of small fish. The reports are compiled by an outside contractor who receives the The rock bar on Little Arbor Vitae has been getting quite a bit of fishing action from local anglers. We get in new live bait each week. SEE MORE sunset today 3:46PM sunrise tomorrow 4:37AM moon phase Waxing Gibbous FISHERIES SURVEY REPORTS Fishing Wisconsin Each survey report listed here is a summary document that outlines significant findings and observations obtained during a survey conducted by staff of the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) and subsequent analysis of the data by DNR staff. It was a cool morning when we got on the lake at 7:15 but it was the last nice morning we've had. Turtle Flambeau Flowage Little Star (MW Chain) I will be isolated another week then start fishing again for the month of Oct. That's it for now folks . Lake Mike landed our first fish a nice 17 1/2 inch Walleye. We did not hit the great numbers we wanted but we did manage to scrape up some nice Wahoo and as well as some nice Tuna, Yellowtail, and Grouper. 1 Largemouth, 3 Smallmouth, and a Rock Bass. Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources|101 S. Webster Street . We also released a couple of small Walleyes and a nice 16 incher that was in the slot so it was released. Take plenty of jig poles and tip downs when you hit the ice And plenty of food. Well it seem like the bluefin tuna decided to sleep in this morning. Fawn Lake (MW Chain) Jigging spoons and Jigging Raps can also be effective on deep mud flats. Superior Big Eau We'll be up at 0530 and when the sun finally sets at around 2030 hours (summer days seem to never quit), we'll report back to you on our scores and accomplishments and hopefully, they are as bountiful and endless as our fantastic traveling weather that we enjoyed today. The Rainbow Flowage is worth consideration as well. Reports by Lake Ive been driving a Tahoe to Indian bay all week, looking for a report on the ice/traveling conditions for the upcoming week.I'm planning to do some fishing friday early morning .Wondering if truck travel is possible to indian bay? The guys are from Wisconsin and had good cold weather clothing including hats and gloves. Hayward Lakes Guide Fishing Reports . Being a flowage one may need to search a bit to find them but when you do fishing can be outstanding on the Willow. River So we are tied up until Tuesday. It has been an interesting week beginning Saturday when my client did not show up. I'm guiding ice fishing till the end of February for anyone wants to get out. With the poor action there I moved to fishing a couple of deep hole Walleye Lakes. From the pristine wilderness of the Turtle Flambeau Flowage and Willow Flowage to more the popular resort waters throughout the Boulder Junction, Minocqua, Mercer and St. Germain Areas of Wisconsin. For panfish try fishing wood and fish cribs with jigs, soft plastics, and live bait. Get the latest business insights from Dun & Bradstreet. Willow Flowage and Turtle Flambeau Flowage. Monday and Tuesday I fished with Bob Garbutt. Lake Gogebic DAVE LANG. After a lot of talk and thinking about what could happen when I tried to reenter the U.S. Marcus caught a Pike on the first cast, then we fished under the curse of the first cast fish for a while. Thanks Dan it was fun Found keys on post at campground on north end near the bog. Spider Lake (MW Chain) I've been using larger fat heads for walleye as well. Presque Thanks. Being a couple of weeks behind in getting a report published, I am going to change this from being so specific to being more of an overview of what I have been doing. Assuming maybe walleye and crappie might move through there. GREATER MARATHON COUNTY Water Level Reports | Wisconsin Valley Improvement Company Home Public Safety & Announcements Reservoirs Hydroplants Recreation Data & Reports Water Level Reports Instructions Please select a reservoir and date range to view the reservoirs's historical data. 8/19/22 Hi from the shores of "Kennedy Bay" on Lake Minocqua. A great morning. Big Eau We have a good selection of ice jigs and fresh live bait. We stayed on Minocqua and had a great morning ending up with 5 Bass and a dandy Pike. musky fishing musky news ONEIDA COUNTY We decided we wanted to do a fish fry Monday night so we opted out to stay on Lake Minocqua , planning on small Bass for our catch. No minimum length limit and the daily bag limit is 10. Hi friends. Trusted fishing tips from local experts offering seasonal approaches, presentations and lures proven to be successful. Reports, Minnesota Area Fishing P.S. We were on the water Saturday morning at 7:00. We finished out Saturday and Sunday with 9 Walleyes each morning. Also be sure to review the document Wisconsin Boating Regulations to learn about statewide regulations. Well, the day finally arrived and instead of "to-do" lists and parts lists and repair and restoration work, we have our eyes solely focused on stars, a peaceful ocean and visions of tomorrow that has some unable to sleep properly. Everyone is excited to see what tomorrow brings as we will be targeting Bluefin and Yellowfin tuna and any other offshore foe that wishes to test our hunting skills. At the end of our day we kept 8 Bass and 2 Perch for our dinner DELICIOUS. We spent a day fishing Walleyes last year and thought we should do the same yesterday. All campsites are accessible by watercraft and are clearly marked along the water's edge. Please stop by the Musky Shop as it would be our pleasure to serve you. We wont be able to travel far with the kids and one friend who recently had surgery, so I am hoping we can throw some tip ups out near the river channel where is comes close to the shore on that point. Eau Claire Chain of Lakes All of these waters are producing the best results with 1/16 oz. Big Location: Green Bay, Titletown, WI. Island Lake (MW Chain) The property includes 73 miles of shoreline (95% of which is undeveloped), 106 islands and seven boat landings. I pulled up on our first hump and before we were completely set up, Lawson put the first Walleye in the box. We released a number of small fish, and we also lost a number of fish. I never received an answer to my 2 calls or a text that I sent that morning strange is strange. thanks. at pm to fish Friday May 2nd. Just a quick note to let you know about an upcoming open trip we have. Bobbi mentioned that he had checked his PassPort and it was still current, I couldn't remember the last time I checked mine. John & his son fished on day one, they were staying at the Beacons so I picked them up at the Beacons dock and fished Minocqua. We had a fun couple days and look forward to fishing together next year. musky Shop tv Except for the one day fishing humps for Walleyes, which we did vertical jigging Large Fathead minnows, we fished Red Tail Chubs on 1/16 oz. It has a maximum depth of 30 feet. information from bait shops, marinas and fishing guides. Completed plans database. We fished hard hitting a lot of spots, at the end of our trip we caught and released 3 beautiful Smallmouth Bass a 16, a 19 , and a 20 incher a great morning. It has a maximum depth of 30 feet. Vitae Walleye, bluegill, perch and crappie can be caught in Indian Bay during summer and winter. The Willow Flowage Dam was constructed by the Wisconsin Valley Improvement Company in 1926, creating the lake. Fish include Musky, Panfish, Largemouth Bass, Smallmouth Bass, Northern Pike and Walleye. When it comes to fishing, youll be hard pressed to find a better destination. Features Boat Landings (4) Fish Panfish (Abundant) Northern Pike (Common) Walleye (Common) This website may contain affiliate links, meaning when you click the links and make a purchase, we may receive a small commission. Some visitors lovingly refer to the Willow Flowage as almost Canada. Switch to timber if the weeds are not productive. Manitowish Lake (MW Chain) We're back. bait maker Little With 24 years as a licensed fishing and hunting guide and thirty-five years . We head out to the willow flowage for a second. That's it for now folks good luck fishin' and remember, KEEP YOUR LINE TIGHT AND A BEND IN YOUR ROD DAVE LANG. Phelps It was supposed to be 4 guys but due to weather conditions the group shrunk to just Jim and Ken. Sunday we headed back out to the reservation, Craig started the day off with a couple of nice Pike th. A great day. muskie talk Rest Lake (MW Chain) 20 fish day on tip-downs on the willow flowage. Smaller golden shiners and suckers this time of the year for walleye. Now, to all the mothers; the kids are all tucked away in bed and to say they are pumped is an understatement. Hooked 10, but they are mean and like to destroy your gear. My best Walleye day of the season. The point you are staying at is mostly sandy bottom and then drops off deep. Arbor Willow Flowage is a 4217 acre lake located in Oneida County. Fishing was slow for us with lots of blue bird skys. O' Lakes The best Willow Flowage Lake fishing guides tend to specialize and master in something specific. We fished hard the entire morning hitting a half dozen plus humps. Sayner It has a maximum depth of 30 feet. This lake also produced mixed bags of Pike, Perch, Largemouth & Smallmouth Bass, and Walleyes. We landed one 13 inch Walleye and missed the next bite after about 45 minutes with my tail between my legs. Friday Tim Grittinger, his son Cole and father Chip drove through near white outs to get to Minocqua to go fishing. The blood is pumping and after a hearty feast of prime rib, we're sending everybody down to the rooms to rest up for a long day tomorrow. Superior, PRICE COUNTY Catch More Fish. Mercer Big St 73 Yellowtail, and 19 Bonito. We went out early Friday morning again hoping to be the first on the water. Minnesota Area Fishing With limited development and access, the Willow Flowage Scenic Waters Area is a large, island-studded reservoir with a truly wild flavor. Gile Flowage Having trouble keeping up with the perch bite for a while. General. Publishing, a division of BOTEK Today was another tough day. Wisconsin Visitors have access to the lake from public boat landings. Watersmeet Good, we miss you too. WILLOW FLOWAGE. Eagle Trying to decide how much gear I really need to bring. Was out with Rich and Bubba for some crappies. willow flowage Fishing Reports For up-to-date information, look up the fishing report for the water of your choice. If youre looking for a true Up North experience, look no further than the Willow Flowage in Oneida County. Barry Drews - Lake Day two it was John, his wife and daughter. Rest Lake (MW Chain) We did catch and release a few small Walleyes, but the big problem was we continued to lose most of our bites. Park The Willow is a great fishery. FISHMINOCQUA .com DAVE LANG FISHING GUIDE . Winchester I have a trip booked for next Wednesday, and then my son David and grandson Lawson are coming up for the weekend. Motor Trolling is allowed with 1 hook, bait, or lure per angler, and 3 hooks, baits, or lures maximum per boat. Turtle Flambeau Flowage, ASHLAND/BAYFIELD COUNTY news was talking about the overall size of the gills shrinking due to keeping the larger gills 8"+ and the smaller ones left to fertilize the eggs. It has a maximum depth of 30 feet. TripoliIRON COUNTY Musky talk Copyright 2023Outdoor News Fishing Reports. Lake Wausau site and all pages herein have been designed by and are hosted by Manitowish Waters by Nathan F on October 11th. Hi from the shores of "Kennedy Bay" on Lake Minocqua. I was put on Paxlovid that day and by day 3 the fever and most symptoms were gone. Rock humps, deep-water mud flats and deep submerged wood will all hold fall walleye. We were the first boat at the landing so I sighed a breath of relief but when I got to the spot, there were already two boats set up there. Thank you. It has been a stretch of morning temps at freezing and only getting up to low 40s by noon along with wind and rain and wintery mix "yuk". Posts: 173. That will most likely bring my year to an end. Lake Phelps Isle Musky Shop Guide Service Our goal was to catch enough fish for dinner that night and it wasn't looking good. muskie blog As I'm sure most of you know the game fish season in northern WI is closed. For crappies fish higher in the water column about 6-8 ft down with rosies. We stayed on Minocqua and had a great morning ending up with 5 Bass and a dandy Pike. Once again I find myself playing catch up since my last report. The guys kept me busy netting fish. Call 1-888-936-7463 (TTY Access via relay - 711) from 7 a.m. - 10 p.m. I spent a number of mornings on the Minocqua Chain including Lakes Tomahawk, Minocqua and Kawaguesaga. There are 37 rustic campsites scattered along the flowage shoreline and islands and 4 rustic campsites along the Lower Tomahawk River. My son and grandson were here for the weekend and the weather couldn't have been better. Another excellent November day for the guys. Wisconsin Fishing Reports. Clear Lake (MW Chain) Over 27,000 marked Fishing Hot Spots Proven fishing spots include GPS coordinates, identifying high percentage areas to target a variety of species. I hate fishing in tight with other boats, especially when I am pulling in on the other guys that were there first. No minimum length limit and the daily bag limit is 25. Wild Rice (MW Chain), Western U.P. Fishing Regulations for Willow Flowage General Waterbody Restrictions Catch and release fishing for largemouth and smallmouth bass is open year round unless otherwise noted. 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Winter seems to want to stick around longer than we all want but since that is the case one might as well still take advantage of some late season ice fishing. After three hours the guy's caught their 9th Walleye making their 9 Walleye limit so with freezing hands and ears they said it was time to quit an hour early.
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