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Disney Masterpiece VHS Complete with Bonus Rarities Condition: Good "in great condition considering the age of the set" Price: US $499.00 $45.03 for 12 months with PayPal Credit* Buy It Now Add to cart Best Offer: Make offer Add to Watchlist Ships from United States Shipping: FREEExpedited Shipping | See details The collection consists of a total of 20 movies, these movies bear the label as part of the Walt Disney classic series until it was canceled in March 1994 with the Fox and the Hound. The film is a story of Tod and Copper who become the best of friends, living an adventurous life, and having a fun time together. 1981 - Disney deem 15 animated classics including Snow White, Pinocchio and Bambi as the untouchables. While not every copy of these tapes is worth a ton of money, a few just might have you rummaging through your dusty VHS collection for a quick cash turnaround. We only link to products or services we have used or experienced ourselves. There should be a logo in the shape of a black diamond that signals it is part of the company, as demonstrated in the image below. A vast amount of the tapes were produced over three decades ago (the 1980s), which could mean it would be a real task to get an actual tape thats still functional. Here is the scoop on how to sell your collections of Disney VHS tapes! Beauty and the Beast 7. The fairy felt offended at the idea of being left out of a celebration to which the whole kingdom was invited. Take the Masterpiece Collection Snow White VHS Below. Hover to zoom. In a good condition, The Black Diamond edition of Fantasia has a value of up to $100. The VHS had clearly won the video format wars. At least it's enough to buy a mid-shelf bottle of your favorite adult juice. Currently, the average asking price for the Little Mermaid original case is $900. Lady is a cocker spaniel that belongs to a happy couple. The original (and more valuable) 1984 version has a black arrow piercing through the red Robin Hood font. Most of us might have grown up on Disney, but not all of us will have one of these valuable Disney collectibles lying around. The series was followed by the Walt Disney Limited Issues DVDs in 1999, and then the Walt Disney Gold Classic Collection VHS & DVDs in 2000. In a good condition, the Black Diamond edition of Cinderella has a value of $100. The Vault lives on through Disney+. The nostalgia hits differently whenever it comes to old Disney movies and animated features, especially if its on VHS tape. Another instance is when a person acquires the tape and keeps it aside for the sole purpose of reselling it at a higher price in the future. Another tape that attracts more value because of its rarity is The 101 Dalmatian, the oldest copy that could still be found (still in good condition) sells for a whopping $149 on Etsy and around $1000 on eBay. Even by the 1990s, many people hadn't seen the film save for the catchy song "Zippa-Dee-Do-Da" on Disney sing-a-long videos. However, you don't have to pass over every Masterpiece Collection tape you find, and a few of these titles speak to certain collector's sentimentality - and bank accounts. If you have some rare (or not!) Vaulted 26 Classic Disney VHS Video Tapes Dumbo Aladdin Bambi Snow White. If your tapes were stored away close to a magnet, be warned that their footage could be irreparably impaired! this is a ebay lookup of titles sold for over $50, sold not just listed. For the complete Master collection you need to go to the Black Diamond Collection. & Masterpiece Collection VHS Tapes. 1995 Disney The Lion King Masterpiece Collection 1st Time On VHS 2977 New Sealed FleaMarketFavorites (181) $325.00 FACTORY SEALED Disney The Lion King Masterpiece Collection Clamshell VHS #2977 BooksShop (1,853) $5,512.00 FREE shipping The Lion King - Masterpiece Edition - VHS (1995) - Disney TheDeadLifeShop (113) $7,000.00 FREE shipping Just because your tape is valuable doesnt mean you will automatically sell it for hundreds of dollars. Pinocchios price was slashed to $29.95 with buyers being made aware that no more copies would be sold after January 1986. You also wouldnt have to pay for shipping, like you would for eBay or Amazon. Although it does have the special Disney brand of racist background characters that movies from this period always had, laughing with friends over the "Elephants on Parade" scene while utterly sloshed makes it worth having an early VHS tape of it. Some tapes from 1997-1999 were THX certified. Regardless of the price attached to the tapes, the fact is that they have a certain amount of value. If you own a copy of the Little Mermaid with the original cover art that was later banned, you have a very rare tape on your hands that a lot of peopleparticularly overeager eBay userswould pay just about too much money to have. Walt Disney Masterpiece Collection VHS Tape Lot - Lion King, Cinderella 10 Total. Some factors will increase the collectibility and therefore value of the VHS. Just like how people have niche favorite Disney movies, so too are their niche VHS tapes you can find littering online auctions. VHS tapes have been in existence since the 1950s but ultimately reached their peak usage in the 1980s and 1990s. When it comes to Disney VHS, you can't beat Beauty and the Beast. If its been used, the chance it can sell for more than $30 goes down significantly. Even then, take eBay Sold prices with a pinch of salt. Make that extra cash! If youre collecting Disney VHS tapes, youll want to ensure you keep your collection in as mint condition as possible. 2001 - Disney plan the launch of their Platinum Editions. Dreams are just as important as reality, this is what Disney teaches us. And Walt Disney Platinum Edition? It was a tale that started with the evil-stepmother troupe. Its a story of snow-white. She had a tiger for a pet, and she never shied away from danger. Download. VHS versions are released alongside each one although they lack the ability to provide bonus material. Streaming platforms have arguably most of the old Disney movies and animated features on VHS tapes available on their website, but the feeling could never be compared to when its been viewed on the original tapes. The Walt Disney Classics was a series of VHS releases of Disney animated features that spanned from 1984, with its very first release being Robin Hood, to 1994, with The Fox and the Hound; VCDs of this series were released from 1998 to 2003. You might not have loved Pez dispensers for the candy, but you can love them for these insanely high values. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Rare FANTASIA Walt Disney VHS Original Masterpiece Collection #1132. The untouchables were never to be released on home video, with theatrical re-releases only. Theres a massive difference between what some sellers are asking for and confirmed sold prices. Only 8 of the 13 made it to VHS with Little Mermaid becoming the last Platinum VHS in 2007. Continue with Recommended Cookies. The Disney Gold Classic Collection featured a wave of films released in quick succession from 2000 to 2001. Interestingly, this series focused on less-acclaimed titles from the mid-century, which explains why that '90s nostalgia for the Disney Renaissance that's driving so much of the market's resurgence hasn't made these older films big-ticket items at online auctions. The idea of the Disney vault was born. . Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937) Approved | 83 min | Animation, Adventure, Family 7.6 Rate 96 Metascore Another rare VHS tape that sells for a high price on eBay listings is the Black Diamond version of 101 Dalmatians. Popular titles would be released in theaters, followed by the cassette tape release by Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment. Collectors love a first edition, and Black Diamond VHS's are as close as anyone'll get to 1980s and '90s gold. By rewinding the tape, youre keeping it tight, avoiding sagging and reducing your chance of tape degradation. Check your tackle box because these rare fishing lures could help you reel in a fortune. A history, notable series, value, eBay purchasing, a collectors list, storage and the rarer collectibles. The Disney vault collection: the Disney Vault is the illustrative place in which Disney VHS tapes that were released initially were hidden from the public eye after only being available to be bought for a limited time. @Travis, https://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_fsrp=1&rt=nc&_nkw=disney+classic+black+diamond+vhs&_sacat=0&LH_Complete=1&LH_Sold=1&_udlo=50 As cumbersome to store them as it may be, VHS tapes come with cherished childhood memories, and sometimes those memories are simply too important to give up. Thrift stores, a farmers market, and the flea market are just some of the locations you could use to make some cash! Disney Masterpiece Collection Mary Poppins VHS Band - Julie Andrews neu VERSIEGELT | Movies & TV, VHS Tapes | eBay! Click to enlarge. Ask For More Pictures Before Buying - Dont be afraid to ask a seller for more pictures before you buy and be wary of sellers that only show a small number of images. How do you spot a Disney Gold Classic VHS? Teilen. With a B.S. The content copyright year should be visible next to the Disney logo. VHS Copyright Year - The year this VHS was released but not necessarily manufactured. If you have both the black diamond and the Classics logo, your VHS could be worth a pretty penny. Serious money. Disney's The Little Mermaid Masterpiece Collection, Special Edition - Sold for $999. The more detail they give you, the more confident you can be. Unfortunately, the fun and games end when the villain Cruella shows up. Pass on your well-loved tapes to kids with a passion for the past, or if you've got the limited edition Masterpiece copy, list at an auction and you, too, might find a buyer who's willing to pay $700 for it. These come in the very colorfully illustrated soft plastic Disney cases and are in excellent condition. If you're finished enjoying that rediscovered Masterpiece copy of Dumbo, you can list it on eBay and try to get about $50 for it. Gold Collection Disney movie videotape very rare collectible. Sealed tapes are worth the most but they can be difficult to find. Milton Bradley Board Games: History Throughout the Years, Among the large catalog of Milton Bradley board games are beloved favorites like Twister and The Game of Life. 1980 - Disney create the subsidiary company Walt Disney Home Video. Learn how your comment data is processed. They sell for $20 to $40 if they are in good condition, the state in which they are in could value them. This collection was the first to release shows like Snow White videotapes! Light, heat and moisture can all degrade VHS tapes and affect the image and colour quality. Those dusty cassette tapes in your closet could be making you a small fortune. These are collections of tapes that were released between 1984 and 1994 and include animated features like Dumbo, The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, and more. In simpler times, there was nothing better than pouring through your collection of Disney VHS tapes to choose one to watch for the night. Are you sure you want to delete your score and checked items on this list? Many Disney animated features made their home video debuts through this series. 4,380 views made by The Movie Man avg. Vintage Walt Disney Black Diamond Classic Beauty and the Beast 1992. View source. The animated feature went on to become the highest-grossing film of that time by 1939. His father is The Great Prince of the Forest who teaches Bambi about the dangers of the open grassland where hunters can openly spot animals. 5 Walt Disney's Classic Movie Collection VHS Masterpiece Sealed 1 goodtimes | Movies & TV, VHS Tapes | eBay! For around $10, you can stream the movie on Disney+, but you can't beat the authenticity of watching it on your old VHS tapes. web pages VHS Tape. With light and dark fairies, kings and queens, dashing princes, and a dragon, what more could you ask for? Since enough time has past to turn these once common forms of entertainment into something novel, there are some of these early Disney titles you'll want to hunt down in the old electronics section of your local thrift store because of their secret high $$$ value. The film also turns the damsel-in-distress stereotype on its head, making out the beast as the one in distress and need of rescue. Of those 7,300 transactions, 250 of them sold for over. They are: Babe, Miracle Dogs, Cinderella, Mary Poppins, Aladdin and the King of Thieves, The Lion King and Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. This includes the VHS tapes you probably learned your first Disney musical numbers from. Though these cassettes may not sell for as much as the Disney Black Diamond edition, some sold listings have ranged from $100 to even $500. score: 13 of 34 (38%) Logge dich ein oder registriere dich um eine ffentliche Frage zu stellen. The masterpiece collection: they are the next most valuable in the rankings of most valuable VHS tapes. Has this article reignited your passion for cassette tapes? But, one of these that Disney caught was the noticeably phallic shape of the castle on The Little Mermaid's VHS case cover. Peter Pan (45th Anniversary Limited Edition) [VHS] 4.7 out of 5 stars 7,634. Without touching the tape, use a microfibre lint-free cloth to clean the outside of your VHS and the inside of your tape case. Though largely defunct in our streaming age, since practically every Disney film is at your fingertips when you open up Disney+, some people long for the physical touchstones of their childhood, and that includes the often un-rewound VHS tapes of their favorite Disney films. Phineas and Ferb the Movie: Candace Against the Universe, High School Musical: The Musical: The Series, The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh: The Story Behind the Masterpiece, Once Upon a Dream: The Making of Sleeping Beauty, The Jungle Book: The Making of a Musical Masterpiece, Pooh's Grand Adventure: The Search for Christopher Robin, Tinker Bell and the Legend of the NeverBeast, 101 Dalmatians II: Patch's London Adventure, Beauty and the Beast: Belle's Magical World, Beauty and the Beast: The Enchanted Christmas, Mickey, Donald, Goofy: The Three Musketeers, Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day, The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales, Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl, The Story of Robin Hood and His Merrie Men, The Crimson Wing: Mystery of the Flamingos, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck Cartoon Collections, Walt Disney Animation Collection: Classic Short Films, The Suite Life of Zack and Cody/The Suite Life on Deck. If you're going for retro Disney, you can't get much more vintage than 1937's Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. The Black Diamond edition refers to the diamond-shaped 'The Classics' logo on the upper spine of each Disney VHS clamshell case. This is a tale about a boy who grows up in the jungle with some friendly (and some not-so-friendly) animals. 15. I have many Disney vhs tapes 5 black diamond. However, before you get too excited, there are several important details that go into your video tapes worth that we will be exploring below. To view the purposes they believe they have legitimate interest for, or to object to this data processing use the vendor list link below. If youre like us, you cherished those moments so deeply that you couldnt bear to separate from your old VHS tapes (or you forgot about them in the depths of your storage closet). Thank you for your review mattmeine2013. In an a fourth floor attic not sure if they're still any count! Manage Settings However, I do not have these movies since most of the collections are more or less the same videos but in different resolutions. Mulan (1999 Masterpiece Collection VHS) (Version #2): Brian Cummings: "After the movie play exciting games and go on new adventures with Mulan at www.DisneyVideos.go.com, part of the Go Network." The Faculty: "After the feature, be sure to catch the hot new music video, 'Another Brick in the Wall - Part 2' performed by Class of 99." Below are summaries of most of the well-known (and some lesser-known) Disney VHS collections. As for the VHS players, in todays tech times it is getting more and more difficult to find such outmoded devices. You might be looking for the print date/time, VHS copyright year or content copyright year of a Disney VHS. Sleeping Beauty 12. Robin Hood was the 1st black diamond Classic. Cinderella 11. Walt Disney movies made most of our childhood memories evergreen, albeit with their movies or animated series. The film was only released on VHS internationally, making it a more valuable find. List of Walt Disney Masterpiece Collection Vhs. If you obtain value from our blog, please consider booking or buying with one of our affiliate partners at no extra cost to you. These tapes are totally obsolete now, but some Millennial parents want to give their kids a 'proper' Disney education. Disney Masterpiece Collection VHS Tapes With High Values The Masterpiece Collection was really similar to the Black Diamond series and included a plethora of Disney's greatest hits from the 1930s-1990s. At the very least, if you happen to come across a copy of this in an attic somewhere, you can take the $100-$200 dollars you make off of it on eBay and donate it as a further kick in the rear to Disney for letting this one get made. Released from 1994 to 1999, the Disney Masterpiece Collection was somewhat similar to the preceding Classics line. 1994 - The Fox and The Hound ends the black diamond Classics line. from United States We have the ambitious goal of providing you with the most honest, fair and comprehensive travel guides and reviews on the internet. You can view movies and shows in one place and filter by streaming provider, genre, release year, runtime, and rating (Rotten Tomatoes, Imdb, and/or Metacritic). She is dedicated to preserving history and shares her knowledge through LoveToKnow's antiques channel. Check to see the date when you purchased it. In a good condition, the Black Edition of Beauty and the Beast has a value of $550. Although we're loathe to include a horribly racist film in this list, because it's been returned to the Disney vault never to be seen again on streaming or any other entertainment platform, the European VHS copies of Song of the South are worth a fair amount of money. These compilation videos traveled from one hit song to the next, showing you a snippet of the scene from the movie and teaching you all about pace and lyrics using a bouncing ball across subtitles. A specific version of the original VHS release of 1978's "Halloween" with a special cover appeared to be one of the rarest VHS tapes on this list. on the Internet. Model Behavior - Sold for $29.99. Your old Disney VHS tapes could be worth a fortune or they could be worth less than $1. 1.) Thank you for your time. Such tapes were advertised as "Fully Restored Limited Edition" on either their VHS covers and/or their VHS trailers beforehand. The Jungle Book 5. One of the first things to consider is the type of Disney tapes you own. We suggest ditching the media outlets and buying yourself an old VHS player, snuggling up with your own prince charming, and revisiting those memories with your favorite tape. Free shipping for many products! Read seller reviews and try to gauge legitimacy. Pre-Owned. The Little Mermaid ended the run of Platinum VHS tapes in 2007. Don't cheat yourself out of the possible big win by throwing away these mostly defunct tapes.