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And 2) just by memorizing those cards, I made a huge jump (granted, some questions were similar to my first practice test but still). This is such a detailed, amazing post! I know it can be really overwhelming, but again, do the best you can with the time you have given. This is what kicking down that door to your success and chopping it into tiny pieces feels like. Let's go over some practice questions together!If you are taking the RMA or CMA exam, this content can also be helpful . This covers every post asking how to pass and what to study! Which of the following information should the medical assistant enter into the appointment calendar with scheduling a patient for skin rash? Which of the following instructions should a medical assistant provided to patient regarding transdermal patch use and care? The medical system is monitoring a patient during a stress test. Which of the following would the medical assistant find in the assessment section? Click card to see definition Have the patient repeat information Click again to see term 1/150 Previous Next Flip Space Which of the following material should the assistant use to remove and dispose of the liquid? A patient arrives at a clinic with a tick bite on his leg. The assistant should identify that which of the following legal torts has occurred? At Pocket Prep, weve got your back because all of our practice questions are written by industry pros, and based on the latest exam blueprints available and each question comes with detailed explanation. The questions on PPE are a little bizarre but it's on the test. (Source: 2020 Industry Outlook), Possess a high school diplomaor GED/high school equivalency, Completed a medical assistant training or education program within the last 5years, 1 year of supervised work experience in the medical assisting field within the last 3years, My NHA certification has helped me financially advance my career. A medical assistance repairing a patient for physical examination and is helping the patient into the dorsal recumbent position. Which of the following responses should the assistant make? In addition to that during all of COVID I lost my best friend to suicide. Vigorously dry the patient skin prior to electrode placement. Did you find the Dropbox link to be most helpful? Lewis's Medical-Surgical Nursing Diane Brown, Helen Edwards, Lesley Seaton, Thomas . About NHA NOTICE: Updates are coming to the Certified Clinical Medical Assistant (CCMA) exam and prep. it is very likely that your proctor will not know who you are and will need to verify your ID with the roster they have, and if you don't bring itthere's a chance they may not let you test), -***MAKE SURE YOU REMEMBER YOUR USERNAME AND PASSWORD*** (I was panicking at first because I could not remember my login info for my school's computer, and fortunately, I just tried a bunch of passwords and was able to get in. Congrats on passing . For each of the following atomic numbers, write the name and chemical symbol of the corresponding element. Do I have to memorize everything from the study guides/quizlets? When should he read the diastolic pressure? A medical assistant is explaining a venipuncture procedure to a patient. NHA- CCMA 2020 Flashcards | Quizlet According to the race acronym for emergency response, which of the following actions should the assistant take first? NHA Medical Assistant (CCMA) Learning Solutions Educate & Train Resources NOTICE: Updates are coming to the Certified Clinical Medical Assistant (CCMA) exam and prep. NHA CCMA - Pocket Prep Read Book Nha Ccma Study Guide Pdf For Free - users.skotos Pocket Prep, Inc. is neither affiliated with nor endorsed by any of the organizations listed. Encounter form also known as super bill it contains information about any and all services provided by Clinic staff including referrals a follow up appointments. I Passed the Nha Ccma Exam on The First Try! What Was on The Nha Ccma a mask, a face shield, and protective apparel? They can have a huge impact on patient experience and satisfaction. Try to start early so you have a good idea of what your weaknesses are. maintenance log or spreadsheet. If my clown self can somehow pass, then anyone can Please let me know if you have any further questions or if any of the links need to be updated, I'd be happy to help! You'll see a green line if you pass, and then you'll be able to view your score if you click the detailed report. Lower the horizontal bar gently so that it rests on top of the patient's head. Which of the following terms describes the body internal adoption and change to keep the body functions in balance? The practice test was a lifesaver, and I'm so glad that it helped you out . That being said, just try to memorize as much as possible and, at the very least, be familiar with the info. At what time of day will the patient's body temperature be at its lowest? The assistant should identify that this position is described by which of the following? -"Medicated lotions are used to treat disorders in the muscles and bones." -"Liniments. Study free Clinical Skills flashcards about NHA CCMA Exam created by 100000717108218 to improve your grades. The last one is contact precautions which requires touching anything. A medical assistance preparing to use a glucometer to measure a patient's blood glucose level. Saving this for when I prep for my test. the study guide on this post (the Dropbox one labeled with answers) is IT. Ask the patient to raise his hand when he no longer has any sound. Venipuncture- Does the patient need to make a fist and pump their hand once, twice, with no pumps? Here is the link: https://www.brainscape.com/p/4FSTO-LH-BWDTJ. Try to learn as much as possible from their guides!! The parent of a child who had pinworms is asking for a medical assistant for more information about his child's condition. "Let's see if there something we can do at our end. Capillary collection: how to collect from an infant? Clinical Skills. Everyone, if youre planning on taking the CCMA I strongly advise you to memorize and practice using the practice exam posted above (the drop box link). Those of us already working in the field this is a place to help us get through our work day's. Even if you have a temperature conversion questionjust remember that 98.6 F (37 C) is the normal temperature and try to get the answer using that baseline. Or meningitis, the thing says goggles. When performing diagnostic coding, how many characters are used to provide the highest level of specificity with an ICD-10-CM code? Irrigate that I starting at the inner canthus and following to the outer canthus. *The purchase of NHA exam preparation materials is not required to sit for any NCCA-accredited certification exam and use does not guarantee a passing score on an exam. The medical assistant is measuring the circumference of an infants head. A. Pass your upcoming exam with Pocket Prep or we will provide you with three additional months of access to Premium Prep for free. Online practice assessments can be accessed from any internet connected computer or tablet, offering you the flexibility to test anytime. On Tuesday night, I decided to take a practice exam after memorizing the cards.and I got a 86%. Betadine or Chlorohexadine for blood culture. PASSED MY NHA CCMA EXAM : r/MedicalAssistant Which of the following actions should the assistant take? NimblePrep and Union Test Prep: I started off by studying with these programs, and they are great, but I just ran out of time and couldn't finish them. Pt has hyperglycemia. Document the patient's response to the teaching. A medical assistant is reviewing the providers instructions as the patient is preparing to leave the office. Create an account to follow your favorite communities and start taking part in conversations. "Be sure to call your provider if you have a fever over 100F". Which of the following routes of administration should an MA use when performing a tuberculin skin test? Which of the following techniques should the assistant yours to increase circulation at the collection site? Order additional laboratory test to confirm the patient's condition. upon inspection of the eye the assistant sees debris on the surface of the sclera which of the following actions should the assistant take? I suggest making a note of your login credentials on your phone, and it would be helpful to try logging in the night before or the morning of to make sure everything works). which of the following supply should the medical assistant use to remove the medication from the jar? Aww, congratulations on passing!! New CCMA Exam Test Plan (launching summer 2023) , Certified Clinical Medical Assistant (CCMA), 89% of employers require or encourage certification for medical assistants. On the left anterior axillary line, horizontal to V4. A medical assistant at a facility receives a call from a patient who is requesting the total cost of a surgical procedure. Purchase order, invoice, or packing slip? The only other resource I used was a Qbank on the Medical Pocket Prep application. We should the following supplies to the medical system and have available during the examination? Which of the following statements by the patient indicates an understanding of the teaching? A medical assistant is witnessing a patient signed informed consent form. Wish this post had been here before my exam! Chief Complaint - the reason why the patient came to see the physician. Congratulations on passing your test!! This free study aide maps out key concepts you will see on the CCMA exam. Which of the following is the appropriate response by the medical assistant? NOTICE: Updates are coming to the Certified Clinical Medical Assistant (CCMA) exam and prep. A medical system is talking with an older adult patient who sustained a foot fracture in the fall. We have other quizzes matching your interest. Which of the following pieces of information is required on that form? Which of the following instruments should the assistant prepare for the examination? I only had 4 days to study for this exam and the study materials posted here SAVED ME! Create a free NHA account online, anytime, and submit your certified clinical medical assistant exam application through your account portal. They are different based on how long particles stay in the air. Make flashcards if that's what helps you, try Kahoot as a fun way to review it, etc. As the other comment said, this should be stickied! NHA Certification Renewal & Reinstatement - AscendBase To pass you need a 78% or so. Which of the following features of the assistant use? Thank you so much!! Her Quizlets were an absolute lifesaver! Certified Clinical Medical Assistant (CCMA): Offered by the National Healthcareer Association These four exams have many similarities and some differences. Which of the following actions should the medical assistant take first? A medical assistant is preparing a patient for physical examination when he notices that the patient's eyes are moving back-and-forth in a constant, involuntary manner. We all owe u/ichimuju a HUGE thank you because she luckily found the link on coursehero and I only uploaded it on here, haha. Spent a weekend studying but looked at this post 30 min before the exam and it was a night and day difference.Took the test in August 4th and passed with a 430, Best wishes and prayers that you continue to find success in all that you do. When unloading an autoclave machine, a medical assistant notices spots on the instruments. I know you're concerned about your test results. NHA - CCMA 2020 STUDY Flashcards Learn Write Spell Test PLAY Match Gravity A medical assistant is educating an older patient on wound care. What is the purpose of the assistant preparing an incident report? You had to wait for the proctors to give you access to take the exam, and for some reason, it was very slow. I know the flu is different from meningitis but it's how the test is. Which of the following actions should the assistant take? The new exam will launch late summer 2023 and updated study materials aligned to the new exam will be available spring 2023. Rescue all patients, visitors, employees, staff and volunteers from immediate danger. Hi everyone! Omg, thank you so much for this!! What bacteria causes thrush? A subreddit for medical assistants. Download the study guide/test and go over it. and this post was a big part of me succeeding. So thank you again so much! Which of the following pieces if you could make him a medical assistant sanitize and reuse without needing to disinfect or sterilize it? Im confused as to why some of the PPE is considered best. All organizational and test names are trademarks of their respective owners. You might need to study these sections more than I do but I promise you that its really not too bad! The Ultimate NHA Certification Exam Preparation Quiz! Those of us already working in the field this is a place to help us get through our work day's. 30. Which of the following actions should the assistant take? Which of the following actions should the assistant take? Certified Information Systems Security Professional, Certified Secure Software Lifecycle Professional, Certified Clinical Exercise Physiologist, Psychiatric-Mental Health Nurse Practitioner, Certified in Planning and Inventory Management, Examination for Professional Practice in Psychology, Certified Flight & Transport Registered Nurse, Certified Foundational Perioperative Nurse, Project Management of Software Development, Certified in Risk and Information Systems Control, National Clinical Mental Health Counseling Examination, Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant, National Council Licensure Examination for Practical Nurses, National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses, National League for Nursing Pre-Admission Examination, Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, Tactical Strength and Conditioning Facilitator, Certified Associate in Project Management, Certified Pediatric Nurse Practitioner Primary Care, Human Resources Management Certified Professional, National Healthcare Association: Certified Clinical Medical Assistant. I would only do this if you still have a few weeks or more. in a tablespoon? I have no idea. The CCMA NHA exam is one of them. A little about me: I am a certified EMT and I have a Biology degree. Drop the syringe, needle first, into a biohazardous sharps container. Students will also receive Focused Review, a powerful tool that gives personalized study recommendations derived from student's practice test results. Which of the following techniques for a medical assistant just to confirm a patient understanding of insulin administration? Thank you so much! I just read the last paragraph and Im so sorry for your loss. Medical Billing and Coding Certification | CBCS - AscendBase This special package includes robust interactive study materials and a medical assistant study guide, along with the clinical medical assistant practice test. You are so so amazing I studied all of the stuff you posted and I passed . Which of these contain the largest form of mitochondria? A provider request a medical assistant to initiate a referral for a patient to a mental health facility. Ask the patient to stay in spell her full name and provide their date of birth. Which of the following actions should the assistant take? I wanted to give an update, the calculator i used was on the computer. So I know it's very different for every state/school/test location, etc. The provider should review alternative procedures with the patient. A provider asked a medical assistant to administer oxygen to a patient who is experiencing respiratory distress. Press J to jump to the feed. But EKG tracing reveals ventricular fibrillation. I recently suffered a back injury and went through lots of hip surgery so I can no longer lift patients into the back of an ambulance, which ended my short life as a EMT. Which of the following techniques to the assistant use? Which of the following types of appointments systems allow flexibility to allow for the most consistent patient flow? Which of the following actions should the assistant take? The system should recognize that which of the following part is responsible for the payment of this bill? Certifications must be renewed every two years, If your certification has expired, you have 1 year to reinstate it. Did you find the Dropbox link to be most helpful? We are extremely grateful for my career! Adjust the patient's account to reflect no unpaid charges and write off the balance. Practice the Medical Assistant test for Free - Union Test Prep NHA CCMA Practice Test Questions and Answers - StuDocu Privacy Statement, Stuvia is not sponsored or endorsed by any college or university, Also available in package deal from $18.99, Pennsylvania State University - All Campuses, Rutgers University - New Brunswick/Piscataway, University Of Illinois - Urbana-Champaign, Essential Environment: The Science Behind the Stories, Everything's an Argument with 2016 MLA Update, Managerial Economics and Business Strategy, Primates of the World: An Illustrated Guide, The State of Texas: Government, Politics, and Policy, IELTS - International English Language Testing System, TOEFL - Test of English as a Foreign Language, USMLE - United States Medical Licensing Examination, CCMA NHA QUIZLET 180 QUESTIONS FOR CCMA EXAM PREP/ CERTIFIED CLINICAL MEDICAL ASSISTANT. You did a great go in on the exam and the fact that you posted your study guide is next level! The assistant should recognize that which of the following information about alcohol-based hand rubs is correct? Medical Assistant Certification | CCMA - AscendBase Which of the following actions should the medical assistant take to adhere to the chain of custody for the specimen? This package includes an interactive online study guide based on exam content, as well as an online practice test designed to simulate the actual exam. The medical system is preparing to perform a capillary collection from an older adult patient who has poor circulation in his hands. What disease is related to this?? In which of the following documents should the assistant locate information about provider referrals or follow up appointment request for the patient? Luckily I looked at it the night before my exam. 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