seiu 1000 bargaining unit 4 contract

The employer will support the claim. These assignments shall be counted neutral; that is, the assignments shall not be counted in either Management's or Union's positions. This request shall not exceed a total of thirty (30) calendar days. In the DSH and DDS an employee shall have the choice of cash or CTO for overtime hours worked. Deletion or Change of a Post: If an eligible post assignment/position is deleted or altered because of coverage or other legitimate operational needs, the employee in that post assignment/position shall be notified in writing at least fifteen (15) days prior to any change. within their departments. Upon the Union's request, the State shall consider permitting other employees the additional rest periods. The Unit 4 Program Technician Committee reconvened after an to the negotiation table to support the Seasonal Clerks in their Here is information we received from the Department: Our Union team met with the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) To continue benefits, a PI employee must be credited with a minimum of four hundred eighty (480) paid hours in a control period or nine hundred sixty (960) paid hours in two (2) consecutive control periods. The appointing power may place an employee on a leave of absence with or without pay for a period not to exceed sixty (60) days in circumstances described above. Employees on SDI, NDI, ENDI, IDL, EIDL, or Workers' Compensation for the entire monthly pay period shall be excluded from the PLP 2020 for that month. Earlier in the week, our team presented eye-opening information If a specific position was indicated for the voluntary request, and was changed or no longer needed, the nursing supervisor will make all reasonable attempts to notify the affected BU 20 LVN. DMV is not prepared for the work of ROD to be done virtually, Recognition given under this program will be in the form of either monetary or non-monetary awards. members at the State Special Schools who were struggling with Should DJJ/CEA decide to offer a half day school schedule or a half day assignment during Intersession, BU 3 employees shall receive one half (1/2) of the employee's daily rate of pay, and not be expected to work more than four (4) hours per day. Department, section and geographic location of the vacancy; Present working hours associated with the vacancy; A complete description of the duties and any personal attributes including objective qualifications that may enable the bidder to be successful in the position (e.g., any special education, training, work experience, and/or experience using particular types of equipment). During this session, a full-time DJJ/CEA Unit 3 eligible employee shall be: Employees who worked the July 13, 2006 through August 6, 2006 Intersession shall have this time counted for purposes of retirement. needs to invest in them and the important work they do in When employees are required to work through the employee's meal period, the State shall either adjust the employee's workweek schedule or credit the employee for the time worked. Participation in the twenty-four (24) month P&B process is voluntary. current contract, they presented a proposal to secure upward During this period, the bids shall be available for inspection by the Union representatives, who may request a copy. To this end, permanent full-time employees may apply for an Employee Opportunity Transfer to a position at another location within the employee's department, in accordance with the following procedure: Whenever a department head or designee elects to fill a vacancy through an Employee Opportunity Transfer, a permanent employee who already has an Employee Opportunity Transfer application to that location on file with the department shall be selected. reporting and an emergency response and action plan. "The employee does not have the option to receive the employer contributed amounts paid pursuant to this Agreement directly instead of having them paid to the retirement system.". For the post and bid process, seniority is defined as total months of state service. The term "employee contributions" shall mean those contributions to the STRS/CalPERS which are deducted from the salary of employees and credited to individual employee's accounts. Department of Public Health (CDPH) regarding the new Telework Submission of Bid Request Form: A department's bid request form shall be completed by the eligible employee requesting to be reassigned to any eligible vacant post in the employee's current classification. The term "employees" shall mean those employees of the State of California in Bargaining Units 1, 3, 4, 11, 14, 15, 17, 20, and 21 who make contributions to the STRS/CalPERS. Speaking to members statewide on a conference call for Local 1000 A CDCR, OCE, Unit 3 eligible employee shall be placed on the salary schedule first by education above the Bachelor's Degree or for career-technical teachers who do not possess a Bachelor's Degree, the equivalent of a Bachelor's Degree (High School Diploma plus seven (7) years of college work and in trade work experience) and second by years of full-time credentialed teaching experience. of state agencies. The Master Overtime List will include the names of every Counselor, regardless of the employee's area assignment. and DMV employees across the state. If payment is made for such time off, the employee is required to remit to the State the fee(s) received. We have been facilities, per Section 10.2 of the MOU. With legal, negotiation and logistical support from union staff, your bargaining team fights to make sure your priorities are reflected in the final contract. Stronger Together Dedicated to giving all Californians the opportunity to have a good life and enjoy the fruits of social, economic and environmental justice. If an exchange is denied, the supervisor denying the exchange shall state the reason for the denial upon written request by the employee. who are currently teleworking and in the office one (1) day a Each shall appoint their own co-chair. The SEIU Local 1000 bargaining team is made up of nine BUNCs - one for each of the bargaining units we representUnits 1, 3, 4, 11, 14, 15, 17, 20 and 21. Each department may establish an exclusive pool of PI employees based upon operational need. The parties recognize that when the State deems it necessary to fill a vacant position, the needs of the State must be given first priority. triers of fact for these hearings. regarding the departments intent to open field offices on the Client, Any nursing units required in the Nurse Practitioner Course/Program, Any nursing units included in the BS, MS or Ph.D. Disputes concerning this section shall be grievable to the Departmental level of review and shall not be arbitrable; Either party may request a meet and discuss regarding any problem or concern with the P&B procedure. important issues identified by our members: health care, housing, With prior and express authorization by the department designee, the State may reimburse Unit 20 employees for up to one hundred percent (100%) of the cost for course required books and/or tuition. As an exception to inverse seniority, an employee in the same class and affected work unit who is qualified and more senior may request to be involuntarily transferred in lieu of a less senior employee. The Union may request from the CDCR, Adult an exemption from the existing class size to the superintendent or designee. New Regional Offices: When new Regional Offices are established, DGS shall advertise and accept applications from employees statewide. EDD will distribute the seniority list defined above at each worksite employing EPRs and DIPRs. The notice to the Union shall also include the reason for the layoff, the area of the layoff, the anticipated classifications affected, the total number of employees in each affected classification, the estimated number of surplus employees in each classification and the proposed effective date of the layoff. GREEN - POSITION CONTRAL ANALYST, FILE COPY. SSSB funds Upon request of an employee who has been on duty continuously for fifteen (15) or more hours, the employee shall have the option to: While on vacation, pre-approved absence, or on full work day absence due to sick leave*, Union leave or State release time, or any other authorized absence from the facility, BU 20 LVNs will not be considered for mandatory overtime. It is the common goal of management and the Union that students attending State classes be assigned to appropriate classes. The notice will include the employee's name and seniority score. In addition, if a Special School proposes to change the number of in-service training days from the prior academic year, the Special School shall notify the teachers and obtain input. All employees shall remain in the employee's initial successful bid for twelve (12) months from the day the post is awarded except when an employee's bid assignment is substantially modified and the employee elects not to stay in the position or as provided in section "VII" subsections "A" and "B" or if an employee is granted a bid under the provisions of section "IX." The number of hours and schedule of work shall be determined based upon the operational needs of each department. 1. Notwithstanding any other provision of this MOU, the State may implement changes to the provisions of 11.2 titled "Improving Affordability and Access to Healthcare" or this Side Letter when CalHR determines such changes are necessary in order to comply with state and federal law. With prior supervisory approval, employees shall be allowed a reasonable amount of State paid time to participate in employment interviews associated with the efforts described in paragraph D above. During the term of this Contract, the Director of State Special Schools hereby agrees that they will provide the Union with copies of proposed academic calendars for each of the Special Schools for the following academic year by February 15. data operators, word processing technicians, stock clerks and Upon meeting and conferring with the Union, CalHR and SPB approval, and certification of funds (Form 137) by all affected departments, the classification studies shall be implemented. 625, Unlawful Appointment Investigation Delegation, Unlawful Appointment Investigation Delegation Agreement Template, Unlawful Appointment Process for Non- Delegated Departments, Delegation Project Frequently Asked Questions, Personnel Functions ("Who Does What - SPB/DPA"), Introduction to Key Performance Indicators, Part 1 - Identify and Prioritize Key Positions, Benefits Administration Training Registration, Workers' Compensation and Reasonable Accommodation for HR Professionals, CalPERS Retirement Options for CEA and Exempt Appointments, Coverage and Costs for Certain Procedures - Indemnity and Paid Provider Option (PPO), Coverage and Costs for Certain Procedures - Prepaid Plans, Retiree Group Legal Services Insurance Plan. Any PI Toll Collector who has a valid Post and Bid Request on file shall be offered first right of refusal for a lateral transfer to a vacant permanent intermittent position in seniority order based on total months of state service. Board (FTB) to meet and confer on FTBs notice to the updated The holidays to which this compensation applies are the third Monday in January, the third Monday in February, March 31, November 11, the day after Thanksgiving. The JLMTF shall meet every other month to determine the triggers that necessitate the use of mandatory overtime outside of emergencies, and develop a toolkit to help the different facilities as the facilities reduce mandatory overtime. update of the Performance Appraisal process within the ; Needs of the facility, including security and safety; If two (2) or more employees request the same assignment or shift and meet the above qualifications, the most senior employee will be granted the position. Much like the first meeting, our DMV H.E.A.T. Monitored calls shall not be used for discipline purposes unless the behavior is of a serious nature. their intent to implement the use of the Dayforce timekeeping Positions subject to State Restriction of Appointments (SROA) or layoff lists, and safety transfers, Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) reasonable accommodation requests, etc. and discuss the refocused direction of the Program Technician Seniority is based on total months of state service. negotiated by our member-led bargaining team and won through the The list will be a progression as described in the above paragraph. Delivered to the employee in person and the employee's written receipt of the notice secured. Most state workers should see this increase in their August paychecks. Vehicles (DMV) on August 29, 2018 to continue negotiations When assigning mandatory overtime by inverse seniority, i.e. Our Union Team has held two meet and confer sessions with the Registration Operations Divisions (ROD) suspension of telework. When an employee has requested to use PLP 2020, and the request is denied on two separate, consecutive occasions, the employee's third request for PLP 2020 shall be approved subject to severe operational considerations that make granting the request a health or safety risk. In exceptional (uncommon) situations not covered by section 23.9.3, Personal Necessity Leave (PNL), on a case-by-case basis and subject to supervisory approval. Departments will provide the Union's designated representative with copies of Requests for Proposals (RFPs) and Invitations for Bid (IFBs) for personal services contracts when released for publication if they call for services found in bargaining unit class specifications. New employees who meet the criteria for CalPERS membership have the right to make an election to be covered under a Second Tier Retirement Plan. The affected employees shall be surveyed to determine the preferred work schedule. (SCIF) will receive a 2.4 percent performance award this year. The call-in/scheduling of a Seasonal Clerk employee and the hours of work an individual Seasonal Clerk employee may receive shall be applied without prejudice or personal favoritism. In accordance with these procedures, the most senior qualified employee shall be selected. agreements and were able to protect critical contract language SEIU Local 1000 fought hard for the contract right that our Employees who fail to adhere to the agreed upon conditions of the exchange shall be denied subsequent requests to exchange days off. State Safety members shall contribute eleven and one half percent (11.5%) of pensionable compensation in excess of three hundred seventeen dollars ($317) for retirement. Upon completion of the classification review, the State will provide the Union with a copy of the results and recommendations. The parties may agree to mutually extend the twenty (20) calendar day time frame. Resources (CalHR) to negotiate on behalf of our Health process of reviewing the Program Technician classification series A maximum of eight (8) hours shall be credited for each holiday and personal holiday earned. If a request to meet and confer is made and agreement on the calendar is not reached within forty-five (45) days from the date of notice to the Union, the Director shall be free to implement the calendar or calendars unilaterally. Where the use of overtime is prevalent, the department shall establish a seniority system to request and utilize volunteers to perform overtime work from within the appropriate work area(s) and classification(s). Employees shall have the right to hold up to forty (40) hours of accrued CTO exempt from mandatory buyout. Employees in classes assigned to WWG 2 shall be compensated for ordered overtime of at least one-quarter () hour at any one time. In the event of an emergency or of events beyond the control of the Director, the State Special School shall be free to make such change in any or all of the academic calendars for the Special Schools as are required by operational necessity. Scheduled shifts that include an evening tour shall not be counted towards monthly hours totaled for the purpose of add-ons and call-ins. The examination does not interfere with the operational needs of the department. received anything official from the Department after our Union the following: Bargaining unit representatives Susan Rodriguez (Unit 1, The hours in excess of one hundred sixty (160) hours in a qualifying monthly pay period shall not be counted or accumulated. All Unit 4 employees are eligible for recognition under the program. Rest periods not taken shall not be accumulated or used for overtime purposes. The list shall be published in an accessible location in the facility or worksite. On Wednesday, June 23, 2021, SEIU Local 1000met with the order, these employees will now be assigned to act as either an If an employee believes that the State's use of current or future technology is being used for the purpose of harassment the employee may grieve such action under Article 6. Mandatory Placement: These Post and Bid provisions do not apply when management chooses to retain a Limited-Term or TAU by a permanent appointment or when an employee must be placed by mandatory reinstatement, promotion in place, changing a permanent intermittent employee to permanent full-time, placement of an employee subject to layoff, State Restriction of Appointments/Surplus lists, proper placement (i.e. Notwithstanding section A above, Unit 14 employees who choose and have management approval to work a straight eight (8) hour shift, may be granted one thirty (30) minute break in lieu of the two (2) breaks described in section A. After long discussions around The Union and Management will identify an equitable distribution of the preferred work areas, watches, and RDOs between Management and bid assignments. When the employees shift relief does not report for work or gave less than two (2) hours notice of intent not to report for work, an employee may be mandated if no volunteer is available. is a possibility for this to change in the future. In the event the employee is unable to assume the assignment within the sixty (60) calendar days, the employee may be placed in another assignment at the State's discretion. At each facility, management shall designate an official who shall be responsible for the administration of the Post and Bid provision. To this end, permanent full-time employees may apply for an Employee Opportunity Transfer to a position at another location within the employee's department in accordance with the following procedure: Employees desiring an Employee Opportunity Transfer shall apply in writing to the employee's department head or designee in a manner prescribed by the department.