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We are quickly getting our Wahlburgers At Home beef offering into new grocery stores across the country! Ive followed up with their staff on issues with labeling, but they dont always get fixed. The chicken and the caramelized onions were absolutely delicious on the salad. Dairy-free does include milk-free, lactose-free, casein-free and whey-free, too! Its still pretty good though, and healthy too! They also offer some gluten-free buns, but theyre not vegan, so theres no point in ordering that. We will be back! The menu features burgers, sandwiches, salads, and other American comfort food favorites. I could tell the bun was GF because it fell apart pretty quickly but it tasted good. The creamy pepper sauce should not be served on that item, but make sure they do leave it off your order. Dairy-Free Popular Add-Ons: Avocado, Bacon, Diced Onions, Grilled Jalapenos, Grilled Onions, Lettuce, Jalapenos, Pickles, Tomato. 100% hit it on the head, too. made with government cheese 570 Cal.add bacon + 80 Cal. Our classic Wicked Red Sangria with the addition of Fireball Cinnamon Whiskey. Join our email club by signing up at Wahlclub.com for news on upcoming events and entry to applicable sweepstakes. Both are simply oil-based. Their Hot Apple & Lemon Pies used to be dairy-free, but weve been told the flavors in the dough now contain milk. My husband compared his burger to Burger King. crispy tots layered with Chef Paul's signature Wahl Sauce, pickled red onion, bacon, spicy cheese sauce, Parmesan cheese 1100 Cal. I do wish there wasnt chance for cross contamination but Ive never had an issue, having developed a milk allergy at 20 years old it was difficult trying to find places I could eat out with friends at and tried basically to change everything in my diet all at once but these information pages have been a life saver <3. For instance, if you choose to sit at a regular table you will dine in a more private atmosphere, while the bar is usually packed with clients. Wahlburgers is a peanut allergy friendly restaurant. The burger and side salad were both great as usual! You know us for our Premium burgers, but now you can top them with Chef Paul's Signature Sauces, Wahlburgers Dill Pickles, Wahlburgers Uncured Bacon and share the grill with Wahlburgers Beef Hot Dogs! Wahlburgers is a restaurant chain founded by Chef Paul Wahlberg and brothers Mark and Donnie. Weve gathered all of the most up-to-date and complete menus prices with the official websites. *All burgers are cooked to medium unless otherwise specified. A must fur anyone that comes across one. The menu features burgers, sandwiches, salads, and more, all made with fresh, local ingredients. 2,000 calories a day is used for general nutrition advice, but calorie needs vary. Nowadays, there are 50 Wahlburgers restaurants located in the United States of America, Canada, Australia, and Germany. Really glad we went. The Grilled Chicken Sandwich at Whataburger might still be a dairy-free option. Does Wahlburgers offer gluten free options? Before placing your order please This was our first experience and we wanted to love it but sadly wont be back. Heads Up! However this last time I went they used gluten free bread with our burgers instead. Wahlburgers Dining style Casual Dining Cuisines American Phone number (781) 749-2110 Website http://wahlburgers.com/ Dress code Business Casual 1/3 lbs. The Bun Oil, Liquid Margarine, and Special Seasoning used on Whataburger burgers are all made without milk. I didnt touch the margarita obviously, but my wife did who isnt allergic. Continue with Recommended Cookies. Edit business info. They will tell you they cant guarantee cross contamination (but what restaurant doesnt say that). beef burger with government cheese 500 Cal.Smahlburger is cooked well done. They have gluten free buns. The content and policies, including the privacy policy, on the site you are entering may differ from Wahlburgers viewpoints and policies. bold fried Buffalo chicken bites served with a tangy blue cheese sauce 590 Cal. The Grilled Chicken Filet at Whataburger might still be a dairy-free add-on option. with the technology to have face-to-face conversations with our guests.To find out This tends to be too long but depends on the location and the number of customers that are waiting in line. They have a traditional indulgent menu with several dairy-free burger, sandwich, and French fry options. Right off the bat, the ear-tingling, mouth-watering Impossible Burger isnt an exclusive from Wahlburgers, but Its a given name to the product itself and generally for some vegan burgers available from other restaurants. I didnt get sick from the burger and was thankful for an actual meal at the airport. If there happens to be a wait when you arrive, we have a system that will put you on our wait list. They offer vegan buns void of eggs and dairy allergens, and they will also generously rid the Wahl sauce and make sure that their plant-based cooking surface is thoroughly wiped down and clear of animal-based contaminants, otherwise theyd cook it in a separate station. No upcharge for GF options either! Powered by Hazel Analytics. The meal was for my celiac teenSeparate from the GF review, my fish sandwich tasted very fishy in a funky way. Food was amazing, very pleased and I did not get sick, I am extremely sensitive to even the slightest cross contamination. your selection to meet your needs. arrive, we have a system that will put you on our wait list. We take your name and phone number, and will text you when your table is ready. There are only three or four breaded menu items but without a dedicated gluten-free fryer, the fries/tots are a generous portion of inflammation reaction. SLIGHTLY MIGHTY IPA It tasted fine, but did not hold up well as a burger with all the toppings. His wealth is the result of his many careers (musician/rapper, model, actor, producer, entrepreneur, and investor), though he is best known today for his acting roles. I love all Wahlburgers! Will never go back. the country! Wahlburgers is not responsible for the opinions, policies, statements or practices of any other companies, such as those that may be expressed in the web site you are entering. My daughter and I both have Celiac, and we did not feel sick after eating here. Can you let me know the franchisee process? Your email address will not be published. Who would I contact regarding Wahlburgers online merchandise orders. The Impossible Burger available in Wahlburgers is the talk of the show for vegetarians and vegans alike whore wanting to grab a bite from the famous restaurant. The GF fries and burger were excellent. Menus, ingredients, kitchen procedures, management, food sourcing, and restaurant protocols are subject to change at any time. It may not be explicitly stated, but you can get a traditional Whopper without the buns if you ask for it. 150-620 Cal. Burger, wahl sauce pickles & onions. Good fries from a dedicated fryer as well. Opportunity Request. Ingredients include sriracha, ketchup, mayonnaise, and ketchup with sauted onions and parsley. This plant-based meat patty is the main event with the Impossible Burger products that youd find in Wahlburgers and other restaurants that offer vegan burgers, and it is invented and produced by Impossible Foods company which is an organization dedicated to creating the healthiest, non-animal-based food and ingredients out there. Fries were cold, Cobb salad was not good. The most unpleasant thing about Wahlburgers is the wait time. Otherwise, great experience for a gluten free family with celiac kids. Reported NOT to have a gluten-free menu, but gluten-free options are available. This way they can modify your selection to meet your needs. Wahlburgers signature dishes include Moms Sloppy Joe, seared chicken, crispy haddock, tater tots, thin crispy onion rings, floats, and thick creamy frappes. Manage Settings We went to the restaurant for one day after tirelessly looking for something gluten free and safe to eat (vegas is terrible) and they have gluten free burgers and apparently a dedicated fryer for fries. Youve already gone over the full Wahlburgers Menu Prices 2023, in which we discussed the most up-to-date menu and pricing. Large menu with a lot of options. 2023 Menus With Price. I got a double decker burger with fries! I REPEAT, YOU CAN HAVE THE FRIES AND TOTS! 30 photos. Knowledgeable and helpful. We all had burgers with fries and tots. We would have preferred a booth but he never asked and kinda tossed the menus on the table and ran off literally as we were trying to get his attention. Listed on 2023-03-03. The Impossible Burger is their first product but its only one of their many others. Gluten-free items are marked on the main menu. Wahlburgers is a restaurant chain that was founded by the Wahlberg brothers. Moreover, in 2017 Wahlburgers made a partnership with the Cachet Hospitality Group and Farooq Arjomand businessman in order to open 100 more locations in China. We were treated like Kings and Queens rather than an inconvenience. If cross-contamination is an issue for you, always speak with the manager to ensure that your meal can be safely prepared. The only thing we make that contains peanut products is our Fluffanutta sandwich which is 190-270 Cal. marinated seared chicken breast, caramelized onion, crispy onion, roasted tomatoes, diced avocado & mixed greens served with housemade honey-garlic dressing 660 Cal. We had to ask for water multiple times before it got refilled. TRULY HARD SELTZER How do I get invited to a VIP party or event? MODELO ESPECIAL RED DIAMOND MERLOT announcements or join our Email Club for the inside scoop on all things Wahlburgers by COPYRIGHT 2020.COASIA CORP. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. on upcoming events and entry to applicable sweepstakes. We also have a support team at wahlburgersathome@wahlburgerscorp.com that will address questions related to our Wahlburgers At Home beef offering. 150-620 Cal. They make sure to change their gloves and have a dedicated gluten-free fryer for French fries. Absolutely Amazing!! Buns and bread available. He did say the bbq sauce is NOT gluten free. if(typeof ez_ad_units!='undefined'){ez_ad_units.push([[300,250],'thepricer_org-medrectangle-4','ezslot_1',155,'0','0'])};__ez_fad_position('div-gpt-ad-thepricer_org-medrectangle-4-0'); The first Wahlburgers restaurant was opened in 2011, in Hingham, Massachusetts by Paul Wahlberg and his two actor brothers Donnie and Mark. Whether you are in the mood for a simple burger or something a little more hearty, Wahlburgers has something for everyone. 130-560 Cal. . However, it depends on location, and it is recommended to check the schedule of the location you are interested in on their official website. We look forward to serving you and your 150-620 Cal. Items marked on menu. On the burgers menu, they have BBQ bacon burger, The melt burger, Dad's basic burger, Double-decker burger, triple-decker burger, and many more. CHOCOLATE MILK I did not have any reaction. 13F, No.3-2, Park St.Nangang District, Taipei 115, Taiwan, R.O.C. We ordered and the chef came out personally to tell us how everything was cooked. Habit Burger Grill is really good too and very keen on your dietary restrictions. They have GF buns. I love eating here when Im craving a burger because they have the best GF bun but I kept getting mixed answers about separate fryers and Wahl sauce. All foods and products should be considered at risk for cross-contamination with milk and other allergens. All burger weights are prior to cooking. $7.95 2/3 lbs. 1/3 Ib. Weve noted which items contain egg in the list below. The last half of its name, cellulose, signifies that it comes to form the pulpy part of a plants cell walls, meaning to say that it is already 100% plant-based. As noted above from Whataburger corporate, the bun oil does not contain any dairy, and neither does their liquid margarine. I have found very few breads that are dairy free. RODNEY STRONG CHARDONNAY But the server was able to help me with the process. Health Score 98 out of 100. Wahlburgers is growing very quickly and we are looking at so many great places like yours. 0. Their Impossible Burger option is also called their Original Vegan burger served with sprout buns and organic garlic aioli. Meat Case Potatoes Ingredients and Allergen Information Meat Case Potatoes Nutritional Information. Our locations also sell The latest Wahlburgers merchandise are available at wahlgear.com. Not much of a GF menu though GF buns and a dedicated fryer for fries and tots. It doesnt give off any taste either and usually comes as a white powder after manufacturing. Wahlburgers is a peanut allergy friendly restaurant. Dont miss the Heads Up sections. I would suggest calling before to make sure they have the buns. Vanilla Ice Cream, Pinnacle Vanilla Vodka, Creme de Cocoa, Rainbow Sprinkles, Vanilla Frosting, Whipped Cream 1160 Cal. With the help of PETAs recent article on the best vegan burger places, heres the list that weve come up with: Bareburger offers one of the top-class vegan burgers menus in the market, with a variety of plant-based burgers to choose from, the privilege to customize your burger with vegan buns and sauces, and the plethora of delicious vegan options and beverages, this should easily top your list of favorite vegan restaurants. 0. Inquiring minds want to know: what is this? 11:00 AM - 8:00 PM. Gf bun is the type that falls apart. Gluten-free option for bun and they use a dedicated fryer to make sure their fries are gluten-free. We share dairy-free recipes, product reviews, news, recommendations and health guides to aide those with milk allergies, lactose intolerance or a general need or desire to live without dairy. The first Wahlburgers restaurant was opened in 2011, in Hingham, Massachusetts by Paul Wahlberg and his two actor brothers Donnie and Mark. They also make sure to take special care if you indicate it is an allergy. Wahlburgers is a peanut allergy friendly restaurant. Please inform your server of any food allergies in your party before placing an order. We cook with Canola oil. In case you have a peanut allergy, Wahlburgers is a safe option. To find the grocery store closest to you, check out our store finder. We and our partners use cookies to Store and/or access information on a device. Wahlburgers is very popular among customers due to the fact that it is run by two well-known actors and their chef brother, but also thanks to the fact that the atmosphere created there is very friendly and comfortable. Dairy-Free Colcannon is Easy, Plant Based, Irish Mashed Potatoes, Whataburger Regular, Double Meat, Triple Meat, Avocado Bacon Burger (no cheese, sub dairy-free sauce), Honey BBQ Chicken Strip Sandwich (no cheese), Whatachickn Chicken Strips (sub dairy-free sauce for gravy), Apple & Cranberry Salad (no cheese, no chicken), Whatachickn Strips Kids Whatameal (sub dairy-free sauce for gravy), Breakfast Burger (no cheese, sub dairy-free sauce), Sweet & Spicy Pepper Sauce (NOT the creamy pepper sauce), Apple & Cranberry Salad with Balsamic Vinaigrette (no cheese, no chicken), Cobb Salad with Balsamic Vinaigrette (no cheese, no chicken), Garden Salad with Balsamic Vinaigrette (no cheese, no chicken). 160/0 Cal. Woke up very sick the next day. family (and any member of our #WahlFamily) to remotely video into our restaurants equipped Habit Burger Grill got a whopping 265 locations across the country offering vegan patties with most of them being in sunny-side California, so its almost impossible to miss out on this big guy. I got a salad as a side since when I asked the server if the fries were fried in the same fryer as everything else he looked at me like I had two heads and said uh yeah, they are. I would recommend asking them about their bun grilling and what sauce they put on it, even though I didnt get sick, just to be safe. The Buns Go Dairy Free is the leading website for information on the dairy-free diet. 80,187 were here. Awesome experience! Wahlburgers is a first come, first serve restaurant. Yes, this is a peanut allergy-friendly restaurant and they cook using Canola oil. Great food!! And the prices were better than most places around Vegas. Wahlburgers closes at 11:00 p.m. from Sunday until Thursday and at 02:00 a.m. from Friday until Saturday. The food was very good. GF food was unmarked, I had to look at everyones burgers and compare to figure out which one was GF. Dedicated fryer. All Rights Reserved. Wahlburgers is a peanut allergy friendly restaurant. Only other gluten free side is the kale and brussels sprouts (pretty good). $6.75 1/2 lbs. Very upsetting. Chef Paul in the kitchen. Theres not a lot, but the other vegan sides would do well with the Impossible Burger, and theyre pretty satisfactory. Listings here do not guarantee that a restaurant is safe enough for your individual needs. Good burgers with a bun that didn't immediately fall apart. Came to the Mall of America just to have lunch here. 14 HANDS CABERNET SAUVIGNON Pinnacle Cherry Vodka, Grenadine, Mexican Coke 280 Cal. I ordered the classic burger on the menu, which cost $11.95 and included a beef patty, American cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, pickles, and Wahl Sauce (the chain's version of fast-food-classic pink sauce often called special sauce). I ordered just a burger with lettuce, Swiss cheese, and ketchup only. 200-280 Cal. However, its best to know that not all of their franchise locations offer vegan buns, so be sure to check in with their kitchen before ordering. The allergen info says may contain gluten, soy, and eggs, but without the mayo, then goes the egg allergen. 100 Cal. Meat used in the Wahlburgers famous patties can now be found at your neighborhood supermarket. Whataburger salads and sides, as listed below, can be ordered without gluten. They also mentioned that their BBQ sauce was NOT GF, so thats good to note. Thank you so much for the website, it has been a lifesaver for me while ting to navigate food with a casein allergy. Dont trust the fryer. Job specializations: Healthcare. Burger, served between thick-cut bread & grilled with government cheese, pickles, caramelized onions, bacon & mustard sauce. pickles coated in panko breadcrumbs, fried & served with ranch dressing 870 Cal. The sesame seed bun is vegan, but it doesnt come with any vegan cheese or mayo. I got a burger on a gluten free bun (which she said they put on the grill but that nothing with gluten goes on the grill). Wahlburgers currently has 32 restaurants in 18 states, plus two locations in Canada and one apiece . THERE ARE FRIES AND TOTS FOR CELIACS! If there happens to be a wait when you 11:00 AM - 9:30 PM. topped with shredded cheddar, Wahl Sauce & crispy tortillas 430 Cal. If you feel like eating some nice thick tender juicy meat it is recommended to order their The Beast and if you like spicy food you should order the Fiesta Burger. Our waitress Malea was very knowledgeable about what sauces were and werent gluten free (bbq sauce is not). In conclusion, the Wahlburgers restaurant company is a great example of the American dream. The first time we were worried as it was our first experience but then after no reactions we kept coming for more every visit. ask your server for details. number, and will text you when your table is ready. Before placing your order please inform your server if any person in your party has a food allergy. ). This way they can modify Sign up here or install the wahlburgers app for rewards, exclusive offers, and a free side of tots! Had a great salad which I could tell were quality ingredients. 234 N Garden Mall Of America, Bloomington, MN 55425-5518 +1 952-854-1655 Website Closed now : See all hours See all (75) Get food delivered Order online Ratings and reviews 3.5 191 #9 of 33 Bar in Bloomington #24 of 130 Restaurants in Bloomington RATINGS Food Service Value Details PRICE RANGE $5 - $30 CUISINES American, Bar Special Diets Full Time position. They also have other vegan options and just about enough to give you a satisfying dinner. Their buns are coated in bun oil which contains butter. I said its fine, just order them. I explained the importance of this to the server. They have a smattering of locations across Arizona, New Mexico, and the Southern states. This restaurant is opened every day for lunch and dinner and offers a full-service bar, full-service dining, counter service, and take-out. Yes, they do offer Gluten-free options at Wahlburgers. with BBQ sauce + 50 Cal.with honey mustard + 90 Cal. seared salmon served with mixed greens, roasted corn, tomatoes, cotija, dressed with honey-lime ranch and garnished with crispy tortillas 810 Cal. However, this deal fell through later. Fountain Drinks This easily makes it one of the well-known burger restaurants in the country, but what makes this bar and restaurant chain more popular is that its run by celebrity brothers Mark and Donnie, with Paul Wahlberg as the executive chef. For vegan options, see the Vegan Menu Guide at the bottom of this post. A great option for me when in Vegas its a little quicker and less expensive than a lot of our options. Theyve got 37 locations scattered across the east coast, with the majority being in New York. If you dont use any additives or techniques that introduce gluten, your burgers made with 100% ground beef will be gluten-free, too. An example of data being processed may be a unique identifier stored in a cookie. Burger 21 has a black bean vegan patty and also the impossible burger, and both can be served with optional buns and sauces. I thought it s reputation came from the name sake, but it was really good. Talk about a good diet. Also offer gluten free fries apparently, but were out at the time. This allows them to tailor your choice to your specifications. If you would like to change your settings or withdraw consent at any time, the link to do so is in our privacy policy accessible from our home page.. Not sure why others said the tater tots were GF, the host didnt know if they were or not, and when I asked about the frier he said its shared. 150-620 Cal. But as always, individual locations can take liberties. Canola oil is what we use for cooking. The waitress was very knowledgeable. Please note we take group bookings for 20 guests or more and a 10% surcharge applies. Alright, so theyve got the Original Impossible burger on their menu but it is typically served with mayonnaise and cheese, so be sure to inform them to get rid of that to make it 100% vegan. Defrosting can be done in a variety of ways, such as by putting the package in cool water for up to 30 minutes or by leaving it in the fridge overnight. 1.3 lb. From cooking in the family kitchen as a child to culinary school and fine dining, Chef Paul knows a thing or two about making food that brings people together. In plants, on the other hand, heme proteins are responsible for the transport of nitrogen for nutrition. The Breakfast on a Bun has the creamy pepper sauce (which contains milk) listed with the ingredient information. The Creamy Pepper Sauce, Creamy Au Jus Sauce, Buffalo Sauce, Gravy, and Ranch Dressing at Whataburger do contain milk. Coffee Ice Cream, Pinnacle Vanilla Vodka, Crme de Cocoa, Kahlua, Vanilla Frosting, Crushed Oreos 1085 Cal. Yes, I know, vegans are always worried about whats in the buns of vegan or plant-based burgers and sandwiches, but I dare tell you that theres nothing to worry about that with the Impossible Burger at Wahlburgers. We look forward to serving you and your family! Alisa is the founder of GoDairyFree.org, Food Editor for Allergic Living magazine, and author of the best-selling dairy-free book, Go Dairy Free: The Guide and Cookbook for Milk Allergies, Lactose Intolerance, and Casein-Free Living, and the new cookbook, Eat Dairy Free: Your Essential Cookbook for Everyday Meals, Snacks, and Sweets. WELCOME TO WAHLBURGERS! The burger was good, server was not. Server was excellent and knowledgeable. 600 Cal. The tots are cooked in a separate fryer from their meats and so you dont have to worry about that. beef burger, government cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, pickles & Pauls signatureWahl Sauce 590 Cal. The consent submitted will only be used for data processing originating from this website. Wahlburgers began as a family business restaurant in 2011, and in the past ten years alone, theyve already reached all over North America with 52 franchise locations and counting. 160-240 Cal. Your Choice Of: Beef burger, chicken, haddock, turkey burger (add), Top Off With (Extra cheese, onion rings, caramelized onions, crispy bacon sauteed mushrooms avocado, housemade chili). Be aware of special order requirements in parentheses () next to the menu items, and see the Heads Up notes to help fill in the blanks. Shared some truffle fries with my husband as well that were very good. If you love one or all of the Wahlberg brothers then this bar and restaurant might be one of your favorite burger places, but if not, well, thats all Id tell you. Before opening Wahlburgers Pauls family was running another restaurant, Alam Nove. But we had a server that was an absolute PITA and tried selling us on everything HE thought would be best. Im curious about Mark Wahlbergs financial situation in the year 2022. Gluten-Free at Wahlburgers - 2023 Gluten-Free at Wahlburgers Restaurant 168 ratings Reported NOT to have a gluten-free menu, but gluten-free options are available. What is it? Its amazing how one server can make or break your GF/Celiac experience at a restaurant. I usually enjoy the gf double decker and fries! The Impossible Whopper is their take on the impossible burger patty with basically the same ingredients as with other restaurants, and they can also separate your vegan dishes from meat-present surfaces and methods upon request. 160-240 Cal. Can watch live feed of cooks prepping food on TV in dining room. Wahlburgers is also a charitable organization working with Crescent Capital to help provide families and friends in need with fresh and delicious meals. Guess no one read the note to separate them for my take out order if they werent GF. Their gluten-free options are great, never had an issue. Continue with Recommended Cookies. Listing for: UCLA Fielding School of Public Health. So what makes heme so special in a vegan burger? penne, government cheese, & cheddar 730 Cal. HOUSEMADE LEMONADE How do I get my hands on the Wahlburgers At Home beef? More so, methylcellulose doesnt have any nutritional value, its just an additive to bulk up processed foods. Clinical Immunology and Allergy. A better burger concept by Executive Chef Paul Wahlberg and brothers Mark & Donnie Wahlberg. Required fields are marked *. Today at Wahlburgers, we use a premium American cheese to top our burgers, but give a wink and a nod to where we came from. Nice guy, but terrible server. Listed on 2023-03-03. 150-620 Cal. 95 Cal. The Melt. Allergist /Allergy & Immunology Physician. This is by far my favorite restaurant! Either got glutened or food poisoning and was sick on the plane. If youre tight on a budget or you just dont see the point in buying a $15 burger that tastes pretty much the same as an $8 burger from another diners menu, then you might want to look up these other burger restaurants that offer the Impossible Burger and other vegan choices. This restaurant has been awarded the best new restaurant in Boston and the highest-rated burger concept awards. Is whataburger claiming that their buns are dairy free then? I decided to take a chance and eat it anyway since I did order a gluten free bun. Wahlburgers has a wide variety of salads menu which includes Classic salads, Spinach salad, Caesar salad, Almas macaroni salad, and many more. I specify gluten allergy, request GF Bun, must specify grilled chicken (or will give crispy which not GF), request without crispy onions. Keep an eye out on our Facebook and Instagram pages for new location announcements or join our Email Club for the inside scoop on all things Wahlburgers by signing up at Wahlclub.com! So, if youre close there, dont take my word for it, you can go ahead and check on their offers just to be sure. Make sure they put your hamburger on gf bun! MICHELOB ULTRA After my daughter threw up I called back the next day and the manager confirmed. Usually served with smoked cheddar cheese, chili-spiced tomatoes, lettuce, caramelized onions, and the signature Wahl sauce to finish, this burger can be made vegan upon request. Please contact us at [emailprotected] for any order inquiries. Menu states before placing order to inform staff of any food allergies. chocolate 740 Cal.strawberry 680 Cal.coffee 710 Cal.vanilla 770 Cal.mocha 770 Cal.black & white 810 Cal.chocolate mint 900 Cal.chocolate strawberry 790 Cal.add malt to any shake .50 +120 Cal. Whatachickn Strips are cooked in shared fryers with other items that contain milk. We even checked via inquiry previously. See the website below or addresses, hours, and online ordering. The latest Wahlburgers merchandise are available at wahlgear.com. It was previously listed as milk-free, and the listed ingredients havent changed, but they now say it contains milk. Were verifying this information.