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Access via Princess Hwy. Be prepared for a lot of weed. Firstly there is the main boat ramp facility on Diggers road. We will ride on the new Miami Beach trail, stretching from Historic Inlet Pier to South Beach, with Ocean to one side and luxurious hotels separating us from the reach of cars to the other. We recommend targeting redfin with a light spin outfit. During summer or when irrigation diversion from the Werribee Weir is occurring, flow through Werribee can be extremely low. It passes through the town of Ballan, where water is diverted to Pykes Creek Reservoir, then flows through the Werribee Gorge to Bacchus Marsh. Free Photo Studio 2. . trips from $235 The Reel Thing Charters - Carrum 4.7 / 5 (103 reviews) At these times, regardless of the rig pattern chosen, I would recommend setting up a Weedless Rig. Need advice on good landbased spot and hook size. BECOME A FISHINGMAD MEMBER & UNLOCK ACCESS TO, Workshops | Giveaways | Podcasts | Competitions | Reports | Maps | GPS Marks | Rigging Tutorials | Sounder School | Exclusive Footage | Tackle Talks | Gear Guides | Kayak Club | Much More, The Werribee River throughout provides nice scenic views. Thank you, Please familiarise yourself with the terms and conditions of using the FishingMad website, Copyright 2021 FishingMad.com.au Pty Ltd. All Rights Reserved. View Website. There is also the national equestrian centre and golf course. We would break the river up into 3 main sections which are all fished very differently. Riparian vegetation is restricted to some willows. We have also fished well using unweighted baits. Werribee River can be visited at different locations: Watton Street, Werribee (Chirnside Park or Wyndham Park) Where possible we encourage catch and release. The only reason Ive rated this nice spot as 4 stars is that in recent years theres been a lack of annual dredging and a lack of upkeep on the toilet area. The weediness has been worse in recent years due to a lack of dredging. Save Hireup for Support Coordinators Morning Tea- Melbourne West to your collection. Yesterday - Thursday - I left from Werribee around 10.30am to St Leonards with my friends Phill Hodgkinson and Tass Nidis. Sadly, this popular land-based fishing destination was closed September of 2020. This book is a work of art. Search Advanced search. The condition of the actual pier is excellent and very comfortable to fish. Boat ramp, picnic facilities. Boat hire operators work out of Mordialloc Creek. It spans past farmlands near the K-road cliffs and Werribee golf course, then passes through the popular townships of Werribee. The choice of lures is almost endless to make things easier we created a detailed video on the best lures and how to use them. Low tide occurs roughly half way in between. I wouldnt use a running sinker for this reason. Fishing is available from a number of jetties or a long section of beach. There are two lookouts, walking trails and beaches nearby. Compleat Angler Dandenong 241-243 Princes Highway, Dandenong 4.7 Graph Plots Open in Graphs. You can also target carp with hard body lures and soft plastics. There is extensive shallow water at Bacchus Marsh with pools 80-100 cm deep and some sedimentation. These pools have never been surveyed for fish but the remainder of this section of the river is known to contain brown trout to 800 g (av. If you're lucky, you might spot the endangered Orange-bellied Parrot. 2008 Piaggio fly125/250 scooter -unfinished project Bike is a fly125 with a water cooled Vespa gts250 motor fitted Light are not working because the globes are missing as are most of the lens, Does start and ride Would be great to finish off or to use for parts,(motor will bolt straight into an et2 or et4 or simular) Comes with the original 125 motor Selling as is Will take $900 if it's today Cod are most active in low light conditions such as sunrise and sundown. Werribee Fishing When you think of Port Phillip Bay, Werribee doesn't usually come to mind, but it is much closer than you would think. Fishing and tide times for: Werribee South Timezone: Australia/Melbourne Local Time: Sun, 26 Feb 17:18 Coordinates: -37.948 ,144.717 Tidestation: Melbourne, Australia Sun and Moon The sun will be at it's highest point at 01:34 pm. As a general rule if theres been heavy rain in the Western suburbs of Melbourne theres a strong likelihood that the Werribee River entrance will be discoloured. Redfin tend to be small, but small numbers of good-sized brown trout can be taken at times. Be prepared to get snagged up occasionally but the Werribee river has an immense structure that is home to many Bream. 1.5m 1m 0.5m. The minimum legal size is 60cm with a daily bag limit of 5 over legal size.Live baits are a top choice when targeting mulloways such as mullet, salmon, and whiting. Always carry your Victorian fishing license. Fishing at Wyndham Harbour Rockwall At Wyndham harbour Rockwall you can catch snapper, mulloway, snook, flathead, gummy shark, trevally, 7 gill shark, whiting, squid and salmon. This is a challenging stretch of river to fish, its quite shallow with occasional deeper pools and does take some time to master. Ideally cast down breeze which will stop the float from coming back to you. 17,000 ML. Funfair Rides: Rides are closed till 2022. Scents such as S-Factor or Procure certainly helps.Most mullet is quite small therefore a 7-foot rod in a 1-3 or 2-4 kilo class, paired with a 1000, 2000 or 2500 reel spooled with 2-6-pound braid and equivalent leader. Less info. Whitebait, prawn, worms after rain. Search; Area; Multiday; Add a Walk; Chat. Werribee South Fishing River Entrance Overview Using the Werribee South boat ramp, heading out of the mouth into Port Phillip Bay gives access to deeper water with pinkie snapper, adult snapper, calamari, and Australian Salmon. Thanks for reading our Werribee River Fishing Guide. Bass although powerful requires finesse. The jetties are good platforms to fish for bream from. Melbourne Fishing Reports - Port Phillip Bay and Mornington Peninsula, Department of Primary Industries / Fisheries, VRFish (Victorian Recreational Fishing Peak-Body), Melbourne Fishing Reports - Port Phillip Bay and Mornington Peninsula, Gunnamatta Beach and The Back Beaches, Geelong, The Great Ocean Road and the Bellarine Peninsula Fishing Reports, Grampians and Surrounds Fishing Reports, Snorkeling and diving around Melbourne. Phone: (03) 6295 8111 Fax: (03) 6295 8151 Email: huonaqua@huonaqua.com.au For rod selection, a 3-5 kilo rod coupled with a 4000 size reel is very suitable. You cannot post new topics in this forumYou cannot reply to topics in this forumYou cannot edit your posts in this forumYou cannot delete your posts in this forumYou cannot post attachments in this forum, Powered by phpBB Forum Software phpBB Limited, Melbourne Fishing Reports - Port Phillip Bay and Mornington Peninsula, Department of Primary Industries / Fisheries, VRFish (Victorian Recreational Fishing Peak-Body), Melbourne Fishing Reports - Port Phillip Bay and Mornington Peninsula, Gunnamatta Beach and The Back Beaches, Geelong, The Great Ocean Road and the Bellarine Peninsula Fishing Reports, Grampians and Surrounds Fishing Reports, Snorkeling and diving around Melbourne. Menu. Surrounded by grazing land, mud bottom. The Werribee River is a diverse fishing location. 20 ha. So do be careful of touching the water and eating fish in that immediate area. Fishermans Bend (formerly Fishermen's Bend) is a precinct within the City of Port Phillip and the City of Melbourne.It is located on the south of the Yarra River in the suburb of Port Melbourne and opposite Coode Island, close to the Melbourne central business district.Fishermans Bend originally included the area now known as . Contains some redfin, short-finned eel, tench, goldfish, European carp and roach. The lake is ideal if you are wanting to learn how to catch a BIG Barra using lures. Soft plastics, shallow diving hard body lures and crab imitations work well here. Other baits that also work well include sandworms, pilchard strips, prawns, mussels, yabbies, raw chicken strips and maggots. Getting the amount of lead right so that movement is under control is important. Amenities: Plenty of parking, and a toilet block and kiosk at the foot of the pier. 320 ha. Yeah, Bream is a finicky fish. Since then, many have benefitted from his knowledge and experience, as well as the great fish and seafood he selects. (Melway Ref: 487 A12), A large attractive pier situated on the Geelong waterfront district at Western Beach which has several restaurants situated on it. Barges broke loose during Hurricane Sally and damaged the pier. Many anglers gain their first fishing experience from pier fishing, often going for summer mackerel, which leads to a lifelong love of angling. With lures and baits. The same can be said for the car parking which is free and extensive. Werribee South on the eastern side of the Princes Freeway actually fronts the bay and has some pretty good fishing spots and easy access to the surrounding waters. The lake is fished mainly by children and locals and is used for general picnicking and windsurfing. Basically, anything that doesnt dive too deep and makes a good vibrating action will work well. The river then flows into Port Phillip Bay which is great for boating and fishing., This was filmed fishing above the Werribee River wire wall near the historic park catching estuary perch and redfin. The key to achieving the best price when selling your vessel is presentation. Its most popular for fishing is around the K road entrance not far from the Werribee golf course where anglers will target bream or a prized mulloway and further upstream opposite the historic park near estuary perch and redfin. The most effective way to use these is to cast towards visible structure and slowly roll the soft plastic with lifts and pauses for the retrieve. An irrigation storage supplying water to the Bacchus Marsh and Werribee areas. One is the private pier at Lawson's Landing, just south of Sand Point and the mouth Judge John Sutter Pier Oakland Irrespective of these environmental issues the Werribee River continues to produce quality fish year in, year out. Spanning from Werribee, and past Melton, Bacchus Marsh and Ballan.If you plan on fishing with baits then the humble scrub worm is a very effective bait for saltwater and freshwater species in particular bream, redfin or perch in this area. Improve your soft plastics fishing with these 10 Tips, how to clean your fishing reel Spin reel maintenance, Buying a used fishing kayak What you need to know, Cherry Lake Chemical Spill Fishing Disaster, Sea-Doo FISH PRO 2022 Trophy Scout & Sport announced, Kayak Fishing Event Night at the Mitcham Angling Club, Improve your Estuary Fishing Presentation at Werribee Angling club, Tiemco Cicada Soft Shell Surface Lure 40mm, Savage Gear shallow diving fathead cranks. Fish Market is a place where you can sell and buy fish. Naturally, other great bay species like flathead are there too. Deaf, or hearing or speech impaired? It is not recommended as an angling water. I was out that morning for a bit of a fish in the area with a fan of the page and I had never been to the area before so I thought I would give everyone a look at the area. being careful with hooks, lures and knives, being conscious of the dangers associated with water at all times. Parking is widely available a popular spot to park is above the K road cliffs and walking down the stairs to the river. The action can be frantic on warm balmy evenings with low wind. At Werribee South fishing for the following fish species is possible: Despite some of the negatives, this is actually one of my favourite fishing spots. Well worth fishing. Opening times April to September: 8.00am - 5.00pm October to March: 8:00am - 7:00pm The Tower Carpark gates are locked two hours before the Point Cook Coastal Park closing time. Best access for shore fishing in the estuary is the lower western shore via the Melbourne Water farm (permit to enter the farm required). River width at Ballan is from 2-5 m. Much of the river is shallow and the bed is exposed with little fish cover during low flows. A Pier Fishing Rig for the Gully A simple paternoster rig Whatever bait you use - and peeler crab, mussel and worm baits are likely to be best - the fish will expect to find it right at the bottom of the gully, and it would be wise not to disappoint them. Pirate's Landing Fishing Pier - Located on State Highway 100 at the south end of South Padre Island in Cameron County. Not recognised as an angling water. It gives you a big edge over other anglers. This consists of a 10 km reach of river. These include many migratory waders such as the Double-banded Plover and the Lesser Golden Plover. I finally found some time to fish Werribee South, the first time in probably almost a year. Fish species: Snapper, flathead, silver trevally, Australian salmon, garfish, tailor, barracouta, mulloway, rock ling. Werribee South Boat Ramp A 30.0 Km Easy Drive From The City At the time of writing, boaties are calling on assistance to have the Werribee South Boat Ramp repaired. Keep your fishing experience a safe and pleasant one by: Being well prepared for a fishing trip will increase your chances of success and ensure you have an enjoyable experience. Provides poor angling and is considered mainly a boating lake. Where possible we encourage catch and release. Reviewed in the United States on January 19, 2013. (Melway Ref: 104 D9), A very wide and roomy pier situated on the Esplanade at Sorrento which also incorporates the Queenscliff to Sorrento and Peninsula Searoad Ferry Terminals. Squidgies between 80mm and 100mm are good options here. The Lake is fed by Police Creek and has been stocked with barramundi, along with some other species. NRG Power Station Hot Water Outlet. These imitate small baitfish that the EPs are actively feeding on. The lack of upkeep has led to a sense of disappointment. Swimbaits are becoming increasingly popular and a great choice. Wind the bait up a short distance off the bottom.Baits: Small pieces of pipi or squidTime and tides: Can be caught throughout the day. Carries abundant small redfin to 350 g, some to 600 g, roach, European carp to 5 kg, tench, some short-finned eel and a self sustaining brown trout population with fish to 1.5 kg. This would make a great and sensitive outfit to feel the bites and inquiries of timid bream and mullet.Soft plastics, shallow diving hard body lures and Blades are great in this area, where you can accurately cast your lure of choice very close to structure and strike zone. Boardwalks, boat ramp, picnic facilites, barbecues, bird hide, playground. Bass pound for pound is considered the best sports fish on the planet. by smile0784 Thu Oct 04, 2018 6:04 pm, Powered by phpBB Forum Software phpBB Limited, Williamstown, Altona, Point Cook, Werribee. The boat ramp is reasonably maintained but at times can have lots of weed making access a little slippery. This is an extremely popular fishing destination among the area's boaters. But I am prepared to lose some good fish in the process. However, there is a separate "Pensacola Bay Fishing Pier" running alongside the northern section of 3 mile bridge. I have available for sale 3 collectable Money Boxes. Werribee is a wonderful location for boat and kayak access. These include bag limits and minimum size limits for different types of fish. The river is deeply entrenched in the rocky-gorge section and consists of some shallow riffles, but mostly very extensive deep pools, with slow turbid water. Fishing is a popular activity along the Werribee River with anglers dropping a line in many well known fishing spots Enjoy a picnic Enjoy the views over the Werribee River, the K Road cliffs and surrounding landscapes. He established Fish Pier over 20 years ago to source quality, fresh fish and seafood. We also recommend using natural coloured flick baits, shads, paddle tails and grubz are top choices, you can also purchase pre-made rigs such as slick rigs. Soft plastics, shallow diving hard body lures and Blades are great in this area, where you can accurately cast your lure of choice very close to structure and strike zone. National Relay Service: 133 677 orwww.relayservice.gov.au. by Texas Tue Oct 02, 2018 7:35 pm, Post A domestic water storage managed by Western Water and closed to fishing. Gravel and rock bottom. This is rather inaccessible but contains extensive pools up to 6 m deep. When the bream are biting fishing can be hectic. listen for the sound of breaking water which indicates EPs are feeding. 48 ha. Fish can be caught any time of day, the mullet often get a little more aggressive at sunrise and sundown. The options available are almost endless so make sure you read our guide on the best lures to catch bream. Fishing Trips, Werribee South, VIC 3030. . Access road is not suitable for conventional vehicles in wet weather. Some locals seem to believe its for exclusive use only. If you are targeting bream with bait then we would highly recommend sandworms, maggots, scrub worms, mussels, yabbies, & chicken. Popular fishing methods include fly fishing, spinning with lures or bait fishing with worms, maggots and yabbies, usually on the bottom. The river flows through forest and grazing land in a steep-sided valley. Lagoon Pier, Kerferd Road Pier, Station Pier, Princes Pier, Webb Dock Port Melbourne. Then tie a medium swivel to the end allowing the sinker to run up the mainline freely. There is some shoreline and jetty fishing at Werribee South and the lower river section can be reached by boat from Port Phillip Bay or the Werribee South boat ramp. A few hours either side of high tide.Hot spot: Mordialloc Pier, Peak season: June NovemberTechnique: Baitfishing using a running sinker, or actively casting with soft plastics or small hard bodied lures.Baits: Bass yabbies, sandworms, prawns, musselsTime and tides: Morning or late afternoon. Welcome To WAAFR, Made By Locals, For Locals!