wilcox county, alabama plantations

Wakefield was the site of our annual Christmas Open House Saturday, December 4th. We have received this award two years in a row. Being elected from the girls are Nell Tait, Pug Hayes, Martha Sue Philpott, and Jackie Capell. It seemed inconceivable to those who had made such sacrifices during the war, that you, as their king refused a lesser sacrifice. They returned home before sunset. Speir were hosts last Thursday to a large crowd of Wilcox and Butler County friends at their plantation near Furman. Mr. Burson, an original member of the Wilcox True Blues Company, delivered the Confederacy surrender papers to General Ulysses Grant at Appomattox. Approximately seven issues will constitute the current school years publication. However, the doors to the fellowship hall, the banister that divides the choir stand, and some of the lumber is from the original building. I returned to banking in 1989 working as a credit analyst and then a mortgage loan officer at Regions Bank in Mobile. Miss Olivia McArthur entertained the high school department Friday evening from 7:30 until 11 oclock. Welcome to new members: from Alabama Bruce and Faye Bennett of Pine Apple, Dan Brooks of Camden, Mr. and Mrs. Andy Coats of Birmingham and Camden, Grey Davis and Keller Monet Leathers of Grove Hill, Bobby Dees of Auburn, Bobby and Caroleene Dobson of Birmingham, Al and Sue Gaston of Georgiana, Edgar and Mary Glenn Grant of Camden, Dr. & Mrs. Phil Hardee of Beatrice, Virginia Kelly of Enterprise, Gayle Leathers of Grove Hill, Greg and Susan Luce of Mobile, William and Daphne Malone of Camden, Tennant and Susan McWilliams of Fairhope, Dr. and Mrs. Arthur Moore of Headland, Harvey Nobles of Robertsdale, Adrian and Sheila Percival of Catherine, John and Sarah Potts of Evergreen, Kay and Luisa Reyes of Tuscaloosa, David and Andrea Snyder of Homewood, Shirley Stinson of Greenville. I would love to know if this is true or not. Annual dues are $30 for a couple, $25 for single. Please contact Mary Glen Grant to volunteer. They have been very generous with us in the past and we hope now that we have floor plans, renderings, and cost projections, they will continue to help us restore the Institute. Those present were: Mrs. J.S. My name is Heather, and I am reaching out to ask about the Seale Plantation house (Moss Hill.) Editors Note: President-Elect Franklin D. Roosevelts visit to Montgomery was on Saturday, January 21, 1933. Judge Purifoy, of Furman, introduced Dr. Philip Speir, who has recently returned to Greenville, after completing medical college and hospital training to join with his father in the practice of medicine here. Mrs. Williamson was the first Director. Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated. The award from the Arts Council gets us closer to breaking ground on the project. I would love to come next year for the tour. Another reason was that, as part of the Black Belt, Wilcox County was also part of this Cotton Kingdom which shared in a sort of Gone-with-the-Wind glory in ante-bellum days. I have been interested in my family history from an early age. A large crowd attended the concert sponsored by the WHS. From there we will begin a modest update of the Speirs home in Furman. Mr. Speir is a native of Furman and attended school in this building. After Mrs. Mathesons death in 1928 the library was named for her in appreciate of their work. The Board will be presenting the renderings and floor plans for the expansion of the Institute. I know with this Covid stuff I probably wont be able to go inside the house, but Id like to drive by. Wilcox County Alabama . Bryant of Canton. The young women had wonderful training in club work. Free shipping for many products! Mr. Dudley graduated from Auburn University in 1949 with a degree in Electrical Engineering. What a lovely, rural town, beautiful homes, buildings and countryside, everywhere in the area. M.F. We purchased the home from Kathryn and Tim Hicks. We installed all new plumbing, wiring and HVAC and a front and back porch. The Wilcox Female Institute was once again host to the Harvest Arts Duo on June 18th. I was a guest of Miss Kitty Lamkin. Nestled away in Wilcox county, this waterfront oasis is easy to enjoy with its screened-in porch as long as the . It has sold goods made by the blind each year and contributed to other scholarships. He went on to be a prominent lawyer in Nacogdoches, Texas and then to Austin, Texas, where he helped to write many of the state bylaws. I have to thank our Vice President, Garland Smith, for meeting me in Montgomery to help pitch the concept to the Council. Mr. Smith is deeply passionate and involved with preservation and conservation efforts. The church was recently restored and will celebrate its 191st anniversary this month. At this meeting Mrs. J.A. These photos are now available for purchase with the proceeds going to the Furman Historical Society for the work the group is doing to preserve its historic structures. Tom Paul from Grove Hill was the last pastor. Pictured is Dr. Ashley Dumas with WHS members Andy and Kathy Coats examining a fragment of a 16th century horseshoe which is one of the documented artifacts that is leading to the discover of the battle site. Mattie Mathews Chambliss portrait as a young lady, hangs in Sturdivant Hall in Selma today. Before visiting the cemetery, my friend and I visited Camden. Thank you all for joining the WHS! , I am researching the Lee family. Included were committee members names and various advertisements. Wed be interested in any other recommendations you might have. The Mobile Daily Tribune (Mobile, Alabama). A number of my ancestors came to Alabama before the Territory became a state 1815 with James Powers, to 1816 with Richard Warren and James Steen, to 1818 with Robert Anthony Yeldell. , The Alabama State Council on the Arts recently awarded twenty-one Fellowship grants totaling $105,000 and ten Arts Facilities grants totaling $267,500 for a total of $372,500 in funding. Fontaine was my husbands grandfather. Built183056, burned1939. Editors Note: The Story of Yellow Bluff, Alabama Community and Post Office history was first published in the July, 1958 issue of The Bama Postmaster. Your donation is tax deductible. Member, Camille Armstrong Selsor Jones, age 89, a resident of Camden, Alabama, died at her home on September 1, 2021. I enjoy photography and gardening. The Reverend George Fontaine lived in the house on the river bank before Mr. McCall, the first postmaster, occupied it. Im trying to determine if I am a descendant of the Swene McIntosh, Sr. who is buried in this cemetery and am hopeful that someone in the Wilcox Historical Society may know some information about this cemetery, or the McIntosh family in Wilcox County. The kitchen is fully stocked with dishes, pots and pans and utensils. The deacons that were instrumental in establishing the church were: Dec. Curtis Hardaway, Dec. Johnny Stanford, and Dec. John Palmore. Would you show some of the recipes? Our children follow in her footsteps as lovers of books, the theater and music. Buy. It was demolished in 1939. Located on the south bank of the Alabama River, it served as the first county seat for Wilcox County from 1819 until its move to Camden in 1833. SIGNED BOOK OPTION$50 per bookOnly 100 available. Thank you all for your hard work, time, and investment. M. Nichols. We will release the dates as soon as they are available. The Institute will be continued under the management of its founder and present able principal, Mrs. Upson. It is an exciting time to live in Wilcox County. We spent the first two years of our married life in Germany, I was in the Army Military Police, and discharged from the Army in 1979 after serving my obligation. J. Sanders, Mrs. Glen D. Liddell = my grandmother! The state archives do not know anything about it though. We are excited to welcome the Right Honorable Countess of Carnarvon of Downton Abbeys unforgettable Highclere Castle as the Guest Speaker of our 2023 Tour of Homes in Pine Apple! He bought fabulous jewels for her form Cartier in Paris, and as if that were not enough, to which hurt King George and Queen Mary especially was that many of the jewels that Mrs. Simpson paraded were royal heirlooms from the priceless collection of the Kings mother Queen Alexandra, who bequeathed them to the Prince of Wales to be worn by his future wife. Don shared with the group the interesting history of the Furman area. Well, I really didnt have any plans as to what Id do after that didnt know whether Id spend the night here or not but decided Id go to the Exchange and maybe run up on somebody from Camden. Take home an autographed copy as a keepsake of this special weekend. A fence is maintained around the cemetery. Mr. Dudley was born in Montgomery, Alabama and grew up in Pine Apple, Alabama. Mansells program is entitled Souvenirs of Travel: Southerners on the Grand Tour. Member, Palmer Clarkson Hamilton, a native of Mobile, Alabama died Friday, October 15, 2021. Samuel was a member of the Wilcox County Revenue Commission and was elected to the state legislature in the 1880s as a representative from Wilcox County. Gratifying the public, Elizabeth must learn was not an end in itself and being a royal was a matter of living out a role, not acting it. In 1848 a board of citizens made up subscriptions for the construction of the building to be known as The Wilcox County Female Institute. It was built by slave labor and the bricks used throughout were made from the clay in the space now used as the athletic field of Wilcox County High School. Parliamentary laws were stressed. As guests arrived and during the ball, photographs were taken by the talented Laura Agee of Agee Images + Film. The Senior Class has also been busy electing Favorites for the year. Linking names of plantations in this County with the names of the large holders on this list should not be a difficult research task, but it is beyond the scope of this transcription. The pilot house perched atop the Texas which housed the officer quarters; below the Texas were the passenger deck and quarters; and near the water level, the freight deck with its cargo and crew of deck hands. Alabama Millers Ferry Wilcox County, 1933. Golden Guests will receive a signed copy of her book Seasons at Highclere as well. The whisky men had practically given up the fight by noon, admitting that it was only a question of how great the prohibition majority would be. Many cotton lands will have to be planted in corn. In the early spring of the year 1926 George V sat upon the throne of England. Isaiah Posey. Thank you all for honoring his legacy. Her family was dominated by her grandfather, King George V who was the first British Monarch to exemplify the majesty of the ordinary man. From FindaGrave I know that Idas parents are TJ Pritchett (1848-1922) and Alice Pritchett (1859-?). Miss Hines and Miss McNeill have accepted. Cemetery is located on the Old Ervin Plantation. Our next meeting will be held on Sunday afternoon, November 14 at 2 oclock at the Wilcox Female Institute in Camden. We have received four versions and after discussion and revisions have come up with an exciting product that preserves the original look of the building while making it functional for our current and future needs. Thank you all for your support, generosity, and enthusiasm for our Historical Society. I am happy to announce the continuation of our Concert Series in 2022! This is a nationally known Wilcox County, AL plantation home. For our Royal, Golden, and Highclere Ticket Holders, the weekend starts Friday, March 24th, with our 2023 Guest Speaker, the Right Honorable Countess of Carnarvon of Highclere Castle, site of the hit series Downton Abbey.The Wilcox Historical Society and Lady Carnarvon offer a day full of royal experiences March 24. Each son became a successful planter himself. Mason, Joseph George, and their associate stockholders of the Wilcox Female Institute. He was instrumental in the organization and chartering of Town-County Bank in 1978 and enjoyed his job there for over forty years, as both the Vice President and later the President and CEO. You did not seem able to take in any point of view but your own. Perdue and D. W. Watson are slowly improving. View Go. Think of all the people who are waiting to see us, where upon Queen Mary had the little girl taken down the back way and sent home in a taxi. Ms. Dolan was also directed to the Friendship Baptist Church Cemetery in Pine Apple where several members of the Bloxom family are buried. Old Matthew's Place - State Route 28, located 1 mile south of Miller's Ferry near Camden, Wilcox County, Alabama. The WHS Classes of 1962 and 1963 gave a generous contribution to the Female Institute in honor of Governor Kay Ivey last month and others targeted year-end donations that were matched by their employers. Circuit Judge Gamble, Probate Judge McLeod of Wilcox and Probate Judge Golson of Butler, Tax Assessor Watts of Wilcox and Tax Collector Calhoun of Butler and others made interesting short talks. Proven 6/21/1847. There were 6,183 housing units at an average density of 7 per square mile (3/km2). We worked with Lady Carnarvon to plan a day full of royal experiences on March 24, the day before our Tour in beautiful Pine Apple. Mr. Pat Matheson was the second postmaster. I will be back in the Black Belt next week. Laura and I both wanted something small and manageable. It was organized by the Decorative Arts of the Gulf South Project highlighting their best finds from the last ten years of documenting objects in Alabama, Louisiana, and Mississippi. Hartwell Kedar Hawthorne (1842-1863). I would like to locate descendants, or donate to your organization, provided you would like to have it. For years, I looked aimlessly for information on my Hawthornes in libraries, picking up bits of information here and there, until I got a computer in the late 1990s. We are very thankful for their continued support as a Platinum Sponsor of Tour this year as well as the Fox and Hen. He was a leading authority on Railroad History and was honored for his community service and contributions to the North Alabama Railroad Museum by the naming of the Hugh Dudley Railroad History Center. He lived his entire life here except when he was in school or serving in Europe. This award is our second this year. During the War refreshments were not served at the Club meetings, but it did not dampen the enthusiasm. Built for Nathaniel Welch, a native of Virginia, by Almarion Devalco Bell in 1858. McWilliams and family, have moved from their plantation into the home vacated by Mr. Martin. Several of their men were unable to come on account of serving on a jury. Mr. Smith makes his permanent home with his partner, two Scottish Terriers, and hundreds of heritage birds in Arkansas, where his voracious appetite for new projects, design challenges and sharing his love of the garden with new friends takes shape at his design studio and farm. The median income for a household in the county was $16,646, and the median income for a family was $22,200. King George V and Queen Mary were awakened at 4:00 a.m. to tell them of the good news and Queen Mary said: Such a relief and joy.. [1] Its county seat is Camden. And welcome to new Life Members Linn and Trisha Pritchett of Minter, Alabama! Directly across the river from Camden, and southeast of Selma, Gee's Bend has one road into the community. Once this giant is harnessed and put to work, other industries such as McMillan-Bloedel will come and cluster near his great sinews to receive strength of their endeavors. I hope you will all return the WHS Member Ticket Order Form on the last page of this Newsletter to guarantee your ticket to this years Tour. Wilcox Historical Society 2023 Tour of Homes Sponsorship Opportunities, Name placed prominently in the Tour of Homes Brochure, Recognition of your support at the Welcome Reception, 4 Royal Package Tickets to the Tour of Homes $1400 Value, Personalized, Signed Copy of Seasons at Highclere $50 value, Complimentary 1 year membership in the Wilcox Historical Society, Name included in all print/social media Tour Advertising, Name included in the Tour of Homes Brochure, 2 Royal Package Tickets to the Tour of Homes $700 Value, Name included in all print Tour Advertising, 2 Highclere Package Tickets to the Tour of Homes $300 Value, 1 Highclere Package Ticket to the Tour of Homes $150 Value, 2 Tour Package Tickets for the Tour of Homes $100 Value. L. Hall. I am pleased to be the WHS Newsletter Editor and Social Media Manager two jobs that were created when I became WHS President in 2017. If you have any information to help with these inquiries, please let us know and we will be happy to pass it along or put you in contact with the interested party. At that time there were 30 members in the Club. The present agricultural building is located at the rear of the gymnasium. He would undoubtedly be absolutely delighted and proud of the community spirit that is surely what kept him here for his medical career. It has been in existence for 123 years and is still in the original location. Loved every one of the homes! His name was Willie Morris Henderson and he was living in Georgiana. and W.F. He graduated from Moore Academy in 1943. That it will be the maker and molder of life in Wilcox County for many years to come is a fore-gone conclusion. Thinking about other great things happening in our state set me to thinking that, by whatever names we may call them, giants are walking in our land. She wore the christening robe of cream Brussels lace that had been used for the children of Queen Victoria. The latitude and longitude information provided in this table was derived originally from the National Register Information System, which has been found to be fairly accurate for about 99% of listings. Hugh Joseph Dudley, 97, passed away at his home in Huntsville on October 5, 2022. Questions? There were 4,776 households, out of which 36.00% had children under the age of 18 living with them, 39.80% were married couples living together, 26.50% had a female householder with no husband present, and 29.30% were non-families. We had no mails Monday. Atkins killed the animal with two loads of buckshot when dogs drove it past his stand. Rev. As previously mentioned, we need your help as house guides this year. It was decided to have monthly musical programs through the summer. M.L. Some of the cabins have two bedrooms and can sleep up to six people. Their director, Sarah Duggan, has spoken at two of our meetings in recent years. Flouting the wishes of his elected government and pursuing personal enthusiasm with no regard for the reaction of the nation as a whole, Kind Edward VIII wanted to be himself on his own terms which was impossible. Bigger, J.B. L. Hall, Alexandra, VA, From a WHS Facebook post from RuralSWAlabama.org of the Hawthorne House in Pine Apple, So much history! As of the 2020 United States census, there were 10,600 people, 3,854 households, and 2,284 families residing in the county. We are working to bring Hungarian Concert Pianist, Vince Vajda, to perform on the 9 Mason & Hamlin concert grand piano at the Institute. OF THE CIVIL WAR IN VIRGINIA, Anne Trice Thompson Akers, Thesis submitted to the Faculty of the Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, Blacksburg, Virginia, 1981, The Canebrake Herald (Uniontown, Alabama)26 Mar 1903, Page 8, Aunt Phebe, Uncle Tom and Others: Character Studies Among the Old Slaves of the South, Fifty Years After, Essie Collins Matthews, Champlin Press, 1915, Last edited on 25 February 2023, at 00:46, Alabama Register of Landmarks and Heritage, How to Apply the National Register Criteria for Evaluation, "National Historic Landmarks Survey: List of National Historic Landmarks by State", "National Historic Landmark Program: NHL Database", "The Alabama Register of Landmarks & Heritage", "Farms Recognized as Alabama Century and/or Heritage Farms", "10 endangered Alabama plantation homes, plus 15 mansions lost to history", "Desha Smith (18421889) Find A Grave Memorial", "Perry County, Alabama Communities & Places", https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=List_of_plantations_in_Alabama&oldid=1141426462, Contributing property to a National Register of Historic Places historic district, Alabama Century and/or Heritage Farm (Alabama Department of Agriculture), Built from 184446 for Amos Travis, a native of Georgia. Heather N., Georgia. The inscription reads that he was a Volunteer in the war. All of the cabins have a full kitchen with a gas range, microwave oven, coffee maker and fridge with an ice maker. He was a man of rather slender build with dark hair and dark whiskers. Your arm band is needed for all events! He was head of the Washington, D.C. law office of Jones Walker, and as a partner in the firms Governmental Relations Practice Group split his time between there and Mobile. This special event will feature wine and hor doeuvres provided by one of our Platinum Sponsors, The Pecan on Broad in Camden, Alabama. In June, the Club met by invitation with Mrs. Finklea. There is a collection of old Alabama maps at MapGeeks.org All ticket holders will need to register at the church to receive an arm band, brochure and map. Mrs. Woodson was introduced by the program chairman, William C. Griffin. The brides host of friends regret to see her departure. Co-sponsored by Senator Lister Hill of Alabama, the Act provided funds to communities with a need for adequate hospitals and the means to sustain them. I am curious if there are records that are accessible via internet or at a physical location. You will know by November 15th if we were able to fulfill your ticket request. He is a TEDx speaker and the founder of the Heritage Poultry Conservancy. 1851.) When you walk through the cemetery you read: McNeil, Tom Nettles, Jordan, Wright, Tyler, Daniels, George Mayton and his wife Elizabeth and small daughter, Martin Dumas, Mrs. Ella Pitts, the daughter of William and Mary Kirven and sister of Oscar Shamburger Kirven (his grave, like a number of others, is unmarked). Read more about him below. The Mobile Weekly Advocate (Mobile, Alabama), The Rev. About This Website. It is beautiful! Miss Gaston was the daughter of the late James Allison Gaston and Willie Dent Rumbley Gaston. I am finding precious little on this individual. We will do our best to offer other options in the event certain tickets sell out. Jim Phillips, I am interested in information about the L&N train route in Camden as it headed to the sawmill in Vredenburgh. My grandfather was born in Greenville, Alabama, my dad in Houston, and myself in California. The two churches on the Tour will be Bethsaida Baptist Church, c 1858 and Furman Methodist Church, c 1882. The John Coleman House, also known as Grassdale, is a two-story wood-frame I-House built by John Coleman on property that he settled in 1819. Motley & U.C. W.J. Land for Sale. THE TOUR PACKAGE$50 per personONLY 200 available as of February 24th! This 7 cabin/9 RV park has just added The Hank, a 2 bedroom (queen), 2 bath, with kitchen, WIFI & cable TV. Greek Revival plantation house, built for John Robert McDowell in 1855. Church on Pecan and Live Oak Streets, pastored the Morning Star Baptist Church 4 years, Macedonia Baptist Church, Pensacola, Fla. After 5 years illness I resigned the pastorage and am doing evangelistic work for God and His Christ, teaching Bible school in my home each Wednesday from 8:30-9:30. Comer. We will be happy to review it for a future issue! The final stage of this project is the addition of shutters to the windows/front door and replacing the damaged HVAC system. Source: Notecards written by Frances Donald Dudley Grimes; date unknown, occasion unknown. When the happiness of a future baby became assured, the Duchess decided that she wanted her baby to be born in her parents London home at 17 Bruton Street. Greenleaves and James and I are happy to be the caretakers of this beautiful old home that has been in my family for over 150 years. This little church in the wildwood was established in 1828 with my ancestors joining in the 1830s and each October we gather for an annual homecoming celebration. With your help we will make this years Tour another success. Her grandparents were Camille and Pete Jones. A presentation of five-act comedy which would have been a credit to a professional cast, was given by the pupils of McWilliams high school Tuesday evening, May 4, at the school auditorium. Mary Hodo is a native of Selma but her ancestral roots run deep in Wilcox County. Many Baptists moved their membership from Pisgah to Pine Hill. PTA met at the school house Tuesday, at 4 p.m. with Mrs. M.L. All public schools in the county are operated by the Wilcox County School District[14] and include Camden School of Arts and Technology and Wilcox Central Academy. Even the first year of the Club a reading circle was formed and as many books bought as there were members of the club. Each member planted one in memory of her mother and the Club planted four in memory of members who had died. I stumbled on it recently driving around and shooting photos in the area. Welcome Reception at Wakefield begins at 6:00 pm. We have five grandchildren ranging in age from 10 to 15. Start your day with an exclusive luncheon where you will meet and have a photo opportunity with our guest of honor, The Right Honorable Countess of Carnarvon. The lovely and serene Rosemary Plantation sits near the Alabama River, about 10 miles northwest of Camden. Furnishings and other items that are still in use from the original church are the ladder back choir chairs and the communion set, with glasses. Mary also added a second story to the home and the large center staircase around 1900. We are very thankful for her help in coordinating our volunteers this year. Do not let Wilcox County be at the bottom of this list. Ticket sales online have been quite strong thus far with a majority of tickets sold being our Friday/Saturday VIP Ticket. Robbin (Dudley) Klemm and Mike Klemm, three grandsons and brother, Harold (Hal) Watts Grimes. His talk is entitled Souvenirs of travel: Southerners on the Grand Tour. I hope to see you all there! Mrs. Pie Malone provided wonderful holiday food that included homemade gingerbread cookies. When we sold the business in 2017, we had over one hundred employees. I was attending Riverside Military Academy; she was attending public school. Laura and I contacted Don Bell to help us move the stairway out of the dogtrot. The Harvest Arts musicians will return Saturday night, December 18th to perform a Christmas concert in Camden. Mrs. Williamson gave her untiring energy to seeing the young club established and to her more than any other one person the club owes the success of its early years. A. Hare of Selma, and Architect, Mr. Arthur Joe Grant of Montgomery, we won the battle with one compromise, that the rear of the structure, which was originally used as a dormitory for girls and an auditorium, be torn away, leaving the main portion. These pioneers used skiffs, rafts and keel-boats the heavier craft for downstream traffic which, being too heavy to fight the upstream current, had to be built anew for each trip to the Gulf. This years Tour will feature eight homes and two churches as well as other historical buildings in Furman. A son, Dan McCall (who was born at Yellow Bluff landing), lived at Thomasville, Ala. One son, John McCall brought his father to visit the cemetery several years ago. He confessed faith in Christ at an early age and was called to the ministry while young. This is the third consecutive year we have received a grant from the AHC. The healthcare industry has indeed changed; yet the level of community spirit in Wilcox County proves once again that where there is a will, there is a way. . In 1989 Watson Jones of Camden purchased the 2,000-acre plantation from the Frank Cade estate. Dr. Paul Jones was her great x3 grandfather, which makes Dr. J. Paul Jones her first cousin three times removed. Dr. Dumas is the Associate Professor of Anthropology at the University of West Alabama in Livingston. I was born and raised in Selma (4th generation). McCarty, W. P. Preston, A.J. We will be happy to review it for a future issue. Owner in 1937 - Mrs. F. L. Cade. They all rest in Live Oak today. Holiday Inn Express & Suites, Greenville, AL, 100 Paul Stabler Dr, Greenville, AL 36037, CAMDEN, ALABAMA 25 minutes from Pine Apple, 1. Dennis McIntire, Ph.D., State Registrar, Georgia SocietySons of the American Revolution, Hello, my name is Jerry Siegel, I am a photographer living in Atlanta and Selma. This was the parting of ways. Cant wait for the 2022! Seale, Vice President; Miss AdaSue Hawthorne, Secretary; Miss Bertha Adams, Treasurer and Mrs. E.L. Williams, Federation Secretary. His great grandparents, Pinkie and Samuel Fowlkes, lived in Rehoboth. And people will come from miles around to find renewal of spirt in its thousands of acres of placid waters and evergreen play-grounds. He returned home to Furman and later served in the Alabama House of Representatives. We will be exploring the architecture of this great Southern City with its majestic homes filled with antiques. The name J. Paul Jones is as familiar to most folks in Wilcox County as Kay Ivey is to Alabamians. Also on tour is the original Alabama Baptist Newspaper building first published in 1843. I have to thank Katie Summerville, our grant writer, for helping us prepare the application.