will dr blake mysteries return in 2021

Will not be watching without Craig. DR.BLAKE, I believe as well that too many women come on to these lead actors thinking they will get ahead [Edited under Mumbrellas comment moderation policy] They should have them go to court & see if he get a guilty verdict. Half of the world has succumbed to the leftie lonnies ideology. My husband and I are huge fans of this show. It saddens me that a man went through an intensive investigation and was found innocent or at least the charges were found to be unfounded and he still loses his job. We waited for our beloved main characters to finally get together and this is what happens? Thats what they did with two main charactors off Coronation Street &a guess what they were found NOT GUILTY These women should really think of the implications when they start to accuse somebody. Without him, Im not interested enough to watch. With a passionate, loyal audience, we feel that Channel 7 should continue our journey with Lucien and Jean and bring back Craig McLachlan as Dr. Lucien Blake in future telemovies. Peace and reconciliation measures have overcome much more dire happenings elsewhere, so why not a reconciliation of sorts here. Our advisors are experts in the As an organization dedicated to facilitating the sharing of information among collaborative professionals, providing training opportunities, educating the public, and promoting professional standards, we also represent collaborative law in government and regulatory institutions. Extremely Disappointed. So Dr. Blake is over. 2/14/14. The document, released to the ABC this week by the NSW Supreme Court, details fresh claims by actresses Tamzen Hayes and Anna Samson, who played opposite Mr McLachlan in The Doctor Blake Mysteries, and Teagan Wouters, who played Janet in The Rocky Horror Show. He, himself, wrote in A legend of Australian entertainments biography that he had played a joke on the gay performer, whilst the performer was performing solo onstage. Now we are feeling the pain of both the victim and the perpetrator. Its a funny silver lining to a very dark cloud that we were all under for a long time, she says. How ridiculous! We can get used to him. Cant tell you how much excitement it brings when you have to wait for another new series to begin. Its superb cast is led by its star Craig McLachlan with his brilliant portrayal of Dr. Lucien Blake. I guess it takes $300 million, which few people have. So sad. . Oh well.. Ill find something else to watch. You will lose many many fans by dumping Craig especially after it was found there was no cade to answer. I WONT BE WATCHING. I wont watch anything again. BBC really blew it this time!!!!!!! The defence document alleges that during the scene, Mr McLachlan continued to whisper further comments to the effect that Ms Hayes was beautiful. I googled the show to see if it had been renewed and read the garbage about Craig McLachlan. This action was taken because of allegations vehemently refuted by Craig. I hope the fact they have written his character out by him disappearing means that there could be an opening for him to come back. I live in the USA,.. started watching Dr Blake series in October 2019. Dr Blake is the best character and no one but Craig McLachlan can play it. I agree. Deal with it when it happens girls or let it go!! Jean is good but cant take the place of Craig!! For heavens sake. can potentially be Fake new like we Still awesome!! BlakeArmy worked so hard to keep the show!!! This PC crap has just gone crazy. The show was said to have a Benny Hill type culture. Rose Lenore had never spoken to her father since she was five years old. Signup for our newsletter to get notified about our next ride. and I think the #metoo movement has been important to finally change the culture of harassment that women face daily. Who is Lucien Blake in the Doctor Blake Mysteries? This must be some kind of joke. It follows the titular character, Doctor Lucien Blake, who after an absence of nearly 30 years, comes back to his hometown Ballarat, located in the north-west corner of Melbourne, during the 1950s. There is nothing wrong with Nadine Garner. So we get punished for accusation that seems to have no merit. i will not be watching season 6, and i imagine others will do the same. It will not be the same without him Brenda, thanks for putting into words how I have been feeling as well. I have never had to suck up to a man to get ahead and nor should I if you have to do that then maybe your just not fit for the job or maybe its the man in the wrong for expecting you too! If you believe that the case handled appropriately and justly, and Craig was found innocent, there should be absolutely NO reason that he cannot return for another season. We need a show like this since it represents what TV should be. Bring him back. Especially when they dont say what country they are from. I personally think/feel that Jean Beazly ((Nadine Garner), is Absolutley Gorgeous Without waiting for due process, I feel that it was a bad choice by December Productions to go forward with the series without their star. It follows the titular character, Doctor Lucien Blake, who after an absence of nearly 30 years, comes back to his hometown Ballarat, located in the north-west corner of Melbourne, during the 1950s. He allegedly called her a gorgeous woman and said: "I love 22-year-olds.". Im Mormon now, too, so the drinking days are over ha ha ha! Men are getting a bad rap its all about money if a woman doesnt want sex she should slap his damn face and walk out if Dr. Blake goes off Ill will Go off when they change characters somehow it changes the The whole show They have done it with a lot of British comedies and I miss the main actors I know life must go on people change but we miss our first characters that we love and enjoyed so much. Its a shame so many women choose to adopt that kind of behaviour now, claiming its their right to behave as they wish, even if that behaviour is the lowest level, like that which they accuse men of. I will no longer watch until he returns. Its a good show and the cast is great big unnecessary changes like that are seriously not needed. Makes them afraid to come forward and makes it more difficult to get jobs. Putting up with it and then complaining about it is just crap. Dr. Blake is so loving and gentle on this show. $1.99. A close friend and her boyfriend were accused by his daughter, from a previous marriage, of some really disgusting acts. Ask Roxy, Carsales and Sydney Swans announce new partnership, TikTok introduces new screen time features for teens, Cannings Purple launches two new offerings, Jayne Ferguson joins Women in Media board of directors, Pureprofile appoints Liz Smith to board of directors, Wise launches new brand to reflect global community. If there is no evidence, what are you thinking. This has been done to both men and women so I dont think it is a jester that is intended to be sexual but more towards compassion. THAT is what they do in the whole show. Haha. How sad..these [Edited under Mumbrellas comment moderation policy] ..theyre not children. I love this show but I like many women have also been harassed by men at work because they could and I find many of the comments regarding women objecting to being harassed at work very offensive. I can understand if you are a child but you are adults and you can speak up for ur self.You have only made this man guilty before he has been to court, By the way I am a female and I have seen how we can carry on and we are just as bad as men. We have no idea what is to come of that, or where he stands. I will not be watching the new Blake Mysteries. A source at the Seven Network - the new home of Doctor Blake after it was axed by the ABC - confirmed the series will return without its title character. sorry you are even thinking of having Dr. Blake without Craig I wouldnt be interested in watching the show without him BAD MISTAKE. This is a wonderful show that people truly enjoy, of course someone will find a way to destroy it. We would all love to have a fun and exciting work place. "Jean's always been the font of knowledge of everything local," notes Adams. The Doctor Blake Mysteries was a huge hit in Australia and around the world. The petition to bring back The Doctor Blake Mysteries is getting close to 10,000 signatures. No Craig=No more following Dr Blakes Mysteries!!! If he was not found guilty he should be back. Want to end someones career? The defamation case was stayed pending the outcome of the criminal proceedings, and the witnesses have yet to give evidence about the allegations in the ABC's defence. This series is dead without Craig M. I deleted the second ep I had recorded without even bothering to watch it. If we dont watch the telemovie the show WILL be cancelled due to low ratings! Totally Wrong!! We have swung too far in the opposite direction when believe the woman without proof is the new standard. Management decisions by Australian companies always seem to be the wrong. I think the x-senator needs to run again because i think hed be re-elected. Bring Creig back! There is no reason for Craig to be blacklisted except fear or retaliation. Without him, it will not last. The Blake Mysteries season 5 premiered in Australia on ABC TV on September 17, 2017. I watched and waited for Lucien and Jean to finally get a chance at happiness together, only to find out you take him off? I just benged watched all season and was so disappointed to read that I would not see Lucien and Jean get married. I guess males cant be too entitled or privilidged if an investigation exonerated him and he still got fired. Utterly disgusting. If proven innocent. Its disgusting what is happening today. Ms Norfolk also alleges Mr McLachlan asked her to attend his dressing room during an interval to fix his microphone. From US $15.55. GG you have missed the NEW shows NEW title, THE BLAKE MYSTERIES. Nadine is great, but without Dr. Blake? Because of the fans and Craig McLachlan's tireless efforts, the show found a new home at Channel 7. And unfair to him, since it sounds like he was wrongly accused. I am a feminist (well, ALL life is important to me!) I dont think I will be watching the new series without him. And where are the men who have been harassed by their women co stars? What would be the point. about the doctor. The Doctor Blake Mysteries: Craig McLachlan as Doctor Lucien Blake Photo courtesy of Ovation TV. A lot of women are opportunists and see the almighty dollar with stars in their eyes! Some people need to grow up and stop being so thin skinned. Save your money Seven. I am over it and I want this show back!!! As much as I love all the characters, Craig just IS the show. There would be no point in having another actor try to play the part .. The show has been nominated and won numerous awards in Australia and internationally, including a silver award at the New York Festivals: Worlds Best TV and Films. Everyone assumed guilty and they lose guilty or not! Bring Craig back he made the show. I am in America and love the series. Hopefully, if they did do an investigation it was through a third party. I It was the out cry of people who saved the show and now you are about to destroy it. Right Margherita Working in an office environment these days must be really boring. And given the police couldnt put a case together, there clearly wasnt a case to answer. It is pretty obvious [Edited under Mumbrellas comment moderation policy], They get married on the last episode of season 5. Shame on you for accusing innocent people I possibly will no longer be watching the Doctor Blake Mysteries as Lucien was the main character and this program will NOT be the same without him and I wish Craig all the very best in the months to come. pentecostal assemblies of the world ordination; We just finished watching this series and want to watch more!!! Lol! A visiting spy. What kind of world do we live now? In the television show Doctor Blake Mysteries, Dr. Blake is a widower. No, The Doctor Blake Mysteries has not been cancelled. brought back! 2 Why did Mattie leave Dr Blake Mysteries? Nadine Garner, is at the centre of the action in The Blake Mysteries.Greg Noakes. He was found innocent, bring him back! I hope Seven Network and Screen Australia see these comments and before they invest major monies into production reconsider their decision. People really need to stop coddling these liberal/leftist groups. I love the Dr Blake series, but will NOT watch it if they take Dr Blake out.. ..he makes the show! If men just behaved and treated women with the same respect they demand for themselves, we wouldnt need me too. Please try again later. Victoria has a rich history that is demonstrated in the new season of Doctor Blake Mysteries. So please support them its the only way well get Craig back #BringBackCraig. Can we turn it up any higher? They work together, balance each other, play off each others character. Please, please reconsider putting our beloved Dr. Blake back in the near future. I dont believe anyone else could fill his shoes for this role and to try to amble through this would be mediocre at best. BRING BACK CRAIG, BRING BACK CRAIG, BRING BACK CRAIG. Now I must add my total disgust with Channel 7 how on earth can you put out a show without the main character. I guess thats the way the world is now youre guilty even when youre not. So happy to hear they will go forward, but very, very sad that they are punishing Craig. Australia is becoming ridiculously politically correct(; I watched one of the movie versions and although Nadine good she is part of the duo we here in uk loved please dont spoil a very good programme if nothing was found to be wrong . I just started watching the show a week ago and kept recognizing one of the characters from another show, so did a search and found all of the allegations and the decision to pull him from the show. Craig McLachlan was so terrific. The show will not be the same and I doubt we will watch it. I love all the other characters but Craig makes the show Dr Blake. Send the man to behavior modification school and make it clear he has to change. Wednesday 6th May 2009. The people ridiculously firing Craig are probably doing so as a cover for their own misbehavior. . They have some responsibility. It's an outing that will test the waters and gauge the significant variables: will fans follow Blake to a commercial network and suffer the ads? Oh wellbloody hell. We hounded Sen. Al Franken out of officefor nothing. Its also sad that no one will actually stand up for him. Charlie's brother, Ray. There are a lot of women lying now and have jumped on the band wagon of blaming men, I wont be watching either. Emphasis will be on the female examiner and she is friends of Ms. Beazley but I wont watch it without the main character. She has shifted her direction from actors to other targets. Danny Parks, her nephew, considers Jeans motherly instincts as annoying. I do not believe a man that looks like our Dr. Blake needs to make improper advances. Get Craig back on the show! Wednesday 6th May 2009. A lot of people fought hard to keep the show when it was dropped by ABC. There ARE alot of us who this has happened todont put all women into categories of just making up lies or whatever..it cheapens those of us who have been through this. Penny is a doctor in her own right and often assists her father in his work. And anyone can bring charges against Do the right thing and bring him back!! But I like to have fun and love the Dr. Blake Mysteries. At the time when it was all hitting the fan, in February, I was doing a little theatre piece and talking to journalists, and everyone was asking me about Blake, she says. He has suffered trial by media. I agree, Craig mclachlanshould stay on the show as dr. Blake. anyone these and tarnish the person with a bit of Swedish, about 2 cops who are a bit thick and about to get the sack, I loved this series. Dont punish him for being found innocent hes already had to deal with being blamed for something he hasnt done. Ovation TV, America's premier arts network, will begin airing the third and fourth seasons of The Doctor Blake Mysteries later this month. If such an episode was written and rated well, that would bring Craigs career back on track and send a big f#%k you to the Me Tooers., Ditto. Nadine Garner spills on her return to The Blake Mysteries . Pam Brown The West Australian. He as made this show popular. When the Doctor, Sarah and Harry arrive to resuscitate the sleepers, they discover something else on board. As a feminist out of the 1960s, I was incensed by the allegations of sexual misconduct. Will there be more Blake Mysteries ghost stories? What once a fantastic show just went downhill. Today they want to make decisions as to who goes and who stays.