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pocketing and stability" similar to the new Pro Staff 97 V13. Just so you know, TennisCompanion may collect a small share of sales from the links on this page to help keep this site running. This is a reasonably open string pattern which means more spin . I demo'd several Babolat and Yonex racquets, but couldn't make them work. Headlight MP Length: 27 inches Weight: Strung 11.6 oz Unstrung 11.1 oz Tension: 50-60 Pounds Balance: 10 Pts Head Light Beam Width: 21.5mm Composition: Braided Graphite Flex: 65 Grip Type: Wilson Pro Performance Power Level: Low String Pattern: 16 Mains / 19 Crosses I demoed this against a Babolat Pure Strike Tour, which I thought was a pretty good racquet, but the grip style and familiarity with Wilson racquets sealed the deal for me. To my surprising this frame has a bit more power and comfort. The current local time in Vitry-sur-Seine is 63 minutes ahead of apparent solar time. The 19mm beam and softer flex provide a plusher feel at impact with nice precision, and the even balance gives the Pro Staff 97S exceptional plow through and stability. I've been an on and off Pro Staff user since I was a junior player, and this is a very good iteration.From: MS, 4/11/21, Comments: The Wilson Pro Staff v13 is the perfect racquet for me. For the thirteenth generation of this racquet, Wilson returns to the all-black design and replaces the gloss finish at three and nine oclock on the racquets head with their velvet finish. It offers a nice blend between power from high stiffness and control from a smaller head size (97 sq inches). Kudos to Wilson quality control who really have stepped up their game! Wilson Pro Staff 97 V13 Tennis Racquet - Quality String - Choice of Grip Size. 2019 Model Year Rackets. We both are 5.0 level players. I cannot say that I can recommend this so, better test it and draw your conclusions before buying it. All in all, I would give this racquet a 8.8 out of 10.From: Dreher, 1/21/21, Comments: Best Wilson Pro Staff I have hit with yet. Similar control to the Prestige, but virtually no pain. Buy one and find out for yourself.From: Chad, 10/18/20, Comments: Very Pro Staff feel. Wilson recommends a string tension between 50-60 pounds (22.7 27.2kg) for the Wilson Pro Staff 97 v13. Designed with Paradigm Bending technology to optimize the bending profile between the shaft and hoop, this racket offers precision and pinpoint control. It is much easier to handle with less weight. From the baseline, this stick combines easy acceleration with impressive control on full swings. And has a lot of pop. For that reason, Ive put the Pro Staff 97 v13 to the test over the past few weeks. . They said they would take them and evaluate them and reimburse me later. I love it!From: Michael, 3/29/21, Comments: Great racquet with great control and feel, especially when hitting in the sweetspot. String Pattern: 16 Mains / 19 Crosses Mains Skip: 7T, 9T, . Wilson Pro Staff RF97 v13 Tennis Racquet. It comes in a 16 x 19 string pattern, as well as an 18 x 20. Compared to the first version,2015, this v13 is lousy. From: Jerry, FL, 1/25/22, Comments: The Wilson Pro Staff 97 v13 racquet is a high quality product! Please bring those back once more. Instant improvement. The RF97 Autograph was another story. Ill also hit the court to showcase how the Pro Staff 97 v13 performs and share my experience, so youll know what to expect from this iconic frame. Although we can attribute Roger Federers use of the Pro Staff line throughout his career to the racquets continued popularity, he doesnt endorse the Pro Staff 97. But the positive far outweighs the bad. Pro Staff 97UL v13. Also this racquet doesn't provide easy and basic spin because of the shape and the 97 square inch head.This review might come of as bias because I used the old all black Pro Staff 97 with no Countervail before this one. The ball is pocketing a little more on the string bed, giving people more control in putting the ball where they want to. Love the black paint job. I tried them back to back over an extensive period of quite a few months. . And the black paint job is super cool looking. 2:48 String Mapping I have been playing with the Wilson Pro Staff since the first on back in 1984 - the "Sampras 85". However, relative to the prior version, some crucial changes are worth noting, directly impacting the racquets feel and performance. I told them what I had. The cosmetics are different at the request of Roger himself as he wanted his racquet to look . How to String a Wilson Pro Staff 97 Lite Tennis Racquet - YouTube Follow me on instagram @stringingbyspize for stringing, coaching, and playing!stringingbyspize@gmail.com for phoenix. Wilson Pro Staff 97 Review (v13): My Experience. Coming from an oversized head racquet, I did not expect the transition to be as smooth as it was, even though the racquet is 97 square inches it still felt so consistent. They are harkening back to the era of their older Pro Staffs with the subtle red and yellow lines along one side of the throat and the inside of the top part of the head. I demoed a total of seven racquets. However, if you add some weight to increase it (around 5-8 grams), you will have almost a similar feel to RF97 in a lighter package that performs superbly. Also they're not the easiest on the wrist or arm. I even bought the TW reissues when they were around. Of course, this is a lighter, spin friendlier version of the legend that is Roger Federer's Pro Staff 97, and that means you get a racket that's as suave as it is a lethal weapon on court. Players looking to put their spin on the design should keep an eye on Wilsons custom racquet center, where I expect the pain job will be customizable in the future. If you're like me and a Pro Staff 95 user, now is the time to upgrade!From: Joshua, 12/31/20, Comments: I started learning and playing tennis actively in November 2019. The feel is very strange as well. Braid 45 construction arranges the double braided fibers at 45 degree angles for enhanced pocketing feel alongside incredible stability. Its lighter, easier to handle, and features the upgraded technologies weve covered earlier, including Braid 45 and String Mapping. 9:29 vs. The headlight balance allows me to generate fast racquet head speed for a fast serve. Featuring a refined, elegant design and coloring inspired by rich earth tones, the Wilson Pro Staff 97L v14 is a lighter version of our Pro Staff 97 v14, with the same Braid FORTYFIVE construction that offers a pronounce Serving with this racquet is also rewarding and I feel more confident serving with this racquet in my hand.From: Reyad, 12/4/20, Comments: I've played with every version of the Pro Staff 97 the last years and liked every model except the Countervails. All aspects of my game obtained an extra edge, serves, volleys, off position shots, and dirty dirty slices, it is so good! It's solid, comfortable and user friendly. I absolutely love this racquet and bought a second one right away. I initially ordered with 17 gauge Volkl Cyclone, but later tried 16 gauge Soft Solinco which I thought felt and sounded better.From: CK, Acton, MA, 1/30/22, Comments: The Pro Staff 97 seems to be much like the older versions as far as the way it hits. Holds up better against players who are big hitters. The Pro Staff 97LS weighs in at 290g unstrung but with a decent 314 swingweight that should help to give this racket some of the classic Pro Staff feel. in. Until recently, my primary stick was the Pro Staff RF97, I loved stability and plow through, however for long rallies it was quite a challenge to handle, especially off position shots. I love the control the Pro Staff gives you. The Wilson Pro Staff 97 CV has a head size of 97 square inches, a strung weight of 11.7 ounces, a 7-point head light balance and a 1619 string pattern. The first day was fine but during the 4th match on the second day my arm just felt like it was going to rip off during the 3rd set. I knew I needed something lighter, but previous generations of the Pro Staff 97 just did not feel right, harder to return and to volley. 1:52 Beam, 1:59: Technologies Roger Federer has once again partnered with Wilson to redesign the Pro Staff, the new Wilson Pro Staff RF 97 Autograph Tennis racquet is even better than before. These are amazing. For old-school feel and comfort with modern performance potential, try the Wilson Pro Staff 97S. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised. Breaking News. inches; String Pattern: 16 mains (19 crosses) Check Current Price & Reviews. I am a stringer and string about 10-15 racquets per week for people who have arm problems, lack of power, control, etc. But once you get that little bit of adjustment and you hit the ball and don't hesitate to swing it all the way to the end then you hear the nice sound and a powerful ball. Groundstrokes have improved depth, which I figure has to come from a higher spin rate combined with swinging more freely. Its far lighter and dramatically more flexible than the Pro Staff and offers more generous head sizes for added topspin. This Pro Staff is also great for adding more spin to the ball on groundstrokes and serve. The racquets are, by far, the most beautiful sticks I've ever owned, and with the addition of the brown leather grips as an homage to the original 85s, they couldn't look more awesome. 6:57 Volleys Slightly lighter than the Pro Staff RF 97, it still has a high weight that's concentrated in the handle. I believe these were all grade A or B racquets. The first time if you are used to using a lot of lift, you will have to review your gesture because it is more difficult to hit the sweetspot. The 85 is unforgiving for the currently popular semi-western topspin style with its 12.6 ounce (357 g) weight and low power. String Pattern Both the PS97 and B98 have a 1619 string pattern so they will be a good option for players who like hitting lots of topspin balls from the baseline Availability Both of these rackets are available to buy on online shops such as Tennis Warehouse, and Tennis-Point. The vibration dampening properties of the Kevlar also help provide a little extra control and touch in a relatively stiff frame. I had to swing hard and fast to make a good topspin shot. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); Your email address will not be published. For this model, Wilson removes Countervail, a somewhat controversial material added to the racquets layup in 2017. The first racquet that makes this list is the smallest in its size, but probably the biggest in overall hype. Lets take a quick look at what players should expect from each. If I have to camp at the baseline, it's consistent and stable. To help make my experience and thoughts on the Pro Staff 97 v13 more concrete, Ive rated the racquet on a set of criteria players typically find useful when evaluating a frame. From: Abdulrahman, 2/11/21, Comments: I have been using mostly Wilson frames for the last five years and this new version of the Pro Staff is the best model I have used yet. Players looking for a bit extra comfort might consider opting for a hybrid string setup, which combines a multifilament with polyester to improve the racquets comfort without sacrificing too much on the topspin front. Actual sales may not have occurred at this price. It's more rounded. The Pro Staff 97UL v13 also gets updated with Wilson's String Mapping, which creates denser spacing in the hitting area for a more predictable and controlled response. This new Pro Staff is a strange animal. Keep in mind that the string you choose for the mains will dominate the overall feel. Spin comes easy thanks to the open 16x19 string pattern. The last generation of the Pro Staff 97 incorporated Countervail into the graphite layup, which resulted in a somewhat muted feel and less feedback. The Pro Staff v13 has a more plush feel and better control than my past racquets. Featuring a refined, elegant design and coloring inspired by rich earth tones, the Wilson Pro Staff 97UL v14 is an even lighter version than the Pro Staff 97L v14, with the same dense string pattern that allows you to swing aggressively while maintaining pinpoint accuracy. We distribute tennis racquets, tennis apparel, tennis footwear, tennis strings and court equipment to pro . Next time, I plan to go with Hyper-G Soft. I'm 27 year old 4.5 level male player, and long time Pro Staff user. Very light in weight. Volleys were butter with good contact. Hitting the serve flat is much easier while getting big topspin is harder, although that is probably the string. I'm a 6'3, 190 lb. I demo-ed it with Wilson NXT @ 55lbs but wasn't completely convinced. I went from the v11.0, non-Countervail to this. I know this line of racquets inside and out. WILSON Pro Staff RF 97 Autograph Tennis Racquet Specifications: Playability: The Pro Staff RF 97 Autograph is a great option for the Advanced tournament players looking for control-oriented racquet. My two-handed backhand definitely requires some cleaning, but I am blasting winners from anywhere in the court with my forehand. Want the head-light feel and precision of our Pro Staff line in a frame that's easier to maneuver? String mapping intends to improve the racquets control and feel without giving up too much on the spin front. These days, Roger Federer continues the Pro Staffs legacy, having used it from the start of his professional career in 1998. The 97UL's weight (9.5oz/270g unstrung) makes this a great racket for those who grew up . Furthermore, many pros endorsing a specific frame use an older Pro Staff model, referred to as pro stock, which isnt available to the public, but they paint to look like the racquets latest version. While the Pro Staff gears toward higher-level play, the Wilson Clash is an extremely user-friendly racquet that is ideal for players who desire the utmost comfort. This creates a more consistent feel across the string bed. Highlighted by a design that pays tribute to the historic Pro Staff series, the Pro Staff 97 v13 features a new Braid 45 construction that increases precision by adjusting the angle of the double braided fibers for enhanced feel and stability. It seems that I'm getting easier access to power and great feel on volleys. Grip Type:Wilson Pro Performance: String Pattern: 16 Mains / 19 Crosses: Mains skip: 8T,7H,9H: One Piece: No Shared Holes: String Tension:50-60 pounds: . I used to play with a Radical Pro.From: Charly, 11/20/20, Comments: I have the stick for around four days and played already five hours with it. I also had a friend hit with it to make sure I wasn't just imagining things, and he immediately agreed, in fact, he couldn't hit more than two rallies before saying that was enough. Here are a few additional of my favorite polys worth considering from a variety of brands: Although I dont get much durability out of the 1.25 guage, its a reasonable tradeoff with this frame for a bit extra bite and added feel, which you could buffer with string savers if you feel compelled. I'm a 47 year old 4.0.From: Sean, 5/31/21Texas, Comments: "Downsized" from an RF97 I had been using for about 6 years. The Pro Staff 97 is 11.1 ounces unstrung, but it has a very mobile and head-light balance that makes the racquet easy to whip through the hitting zone. and also has power and control performance that can be used for modern power tennis. On the inside of the racquets throat, youll find a few of the racquets specs, including its weight, balance, and recommended tension. Comments: I am 58 years old, at the 4.0 level and have been playing tennis for over 40 years. And for Federer it's the reverse, the mains are strung tighter to create a more even feeling. Some Restrictions Apply. Theyve also updated the racquets graphite braid and tweaked the 1619 string pattern, all of which well cover as part of this review in greater depth. If you like that chip and charge style of playing it is perfect with this racquet. Wilson needs to rethink the racquet, especially since so many pros use it. Although the slightly tightened up string bed left me wanting a bit more topspin on groundstrokes, I found it worked well for me on returns offering extra control, especially with a more compact stroke. Recommend to 4.0 or higher players simply because of the weight.From: Vladimir, 10/9/20, Comments: This is a great stick in my opinion. Wilson is committed to achieving Level AA conformance with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 and achieving compliance with other accessibility standards. Players with healthy arms looking to get the most out of the racquets excellent feedback and response will likely appreciate swapping out the synthetic grip for leather, which will add a small bit of extra weight too. I have been using Pro Staffs my whole life. With Pro Staff 97 v13, I noticed that to get the best out of the service, I had to be very accurate in the strike zone. I have not demoed EZONE Tour and new Radical Pro. We hope you love this article. Wilson can credit 117 Grand Slam titles to the racquet, whos past champions include Pete Sampras, Steffi Graff, Stefan Edberg, and Chris Evert. More power in this frame, but still plenty of control everyone knows and loves about the Pro Staff. This is a review of the upcoming Wilson Pro Staff 97 Setup: Luxilon 4G 1.41mm @ 24kG (1 piece) Specs: Headsize: 97 sq.in. Below youll find timestamps to various sections of the video so that you can quickly jump around or reference a specific part in the future. I would recommend this racquet to players who are looking for similar features. Yes, the racquet can sometimes be less powerful than you need it to be, but it provides the ultimate precision and consistency for your shots, also it's really easy to follow through with your swing because of the great feel it provides, and the fast swing as a result of the highly headlight balance which compensates for the heavy weight of the racquet as well. I also notice the frame is a bit heavier, but I think with a few more hitting session to get use to.From: Jonyu, 1/4/21, Comments: New to the Pro Staff series and really happy with this particular iteration. In the broad scheme of tennis racquets, the Blade and the Pro Staff share many similarities, but generally speaking, the Blade will offer players with a bit less power and extra topspin, in a slightly lighter package. I notice this frame absorbs the shock really well, not too muted, so you can feel the ball. I was excited to see the new v13 line with the amazing old school eighties look, in homage to the famous tennis players, well done Wilson! Nice transition. Description. I am comparing it to the non-Countervail Pro Staff, all black or red and black, because the Countervail is just too muted.From: Carter, 9/25/20. Shift 99/300. Sure, on swingweight you can correct with stain stripes. He is happy with this racquet performance.From: Alena, FL.