The goal is to show that the more challenges you overcome, the more you prove to yourself that you're capable of anything. Escape will cancel and close the window. Western Region - DCMA You'll coordinate transportation, track supplies, or manage inventory to keep internal . Leading Soldiers and planning missions are just some of the ways you'll serve as an Officer in the Armyand it starts with a college education. Youll coordinate transportation, track supplies, or manage inventory to keep internal operations running as smoothly as possible. The Infantry Branch mission is to meet any threat by land. MOS Branch Transportation Corps - USArmyBasic 88N Transportation Management | U.S. Army Transportation Corps and Reach out and we'll help you get there. The United States Army Ordnance branch mission is to support the development, production, acquisition, and sustainment of; Personnel assigned to the United States Army Psychological Operations branch provide support to Army operations that range from strategic planning to tactical employment. Youll live in a community designed for Soldiers and their Families with housing, amenities, parks, and more. Personnel includesArmyofficers who are also lawyers, legal administrator warrant officers,paralegalnoncommissioned officers, junior enlisted support personnel, and civilian employees. Must complete the application packet and submit it to the U.S. Army Acquisition Support Center. You will document and inventory freight shipments, prepare cargo for travel, and coordinate transportation for Soldiers and other personnel. Full-time Soldiers and their families receive free health care, and part-time soldiers and their families pay minimal out-of-pocket costs. The mission of the United States Army Cyber Branch is to; Personnel assigned to the Electronic Warfare Branch focus on actions that involve the use of the electromagnetic spectrum. The GI Bill, scholarships, financial aid programs, and the Reserve Officers' Training Corps (ROTC) are all ways you can get help paying for up to full tuition, housing, books, and supplies. This requires individuals to possess extensive critical thinking capabilities in varied stressful situations. VA loans are guaranteed by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). Provide service support in coordinated operations as an integral member of the combined arms team. Army Transportation Branch - Etsy You can always reach out to your recruiter for more specific details. MOS 88N Transportation Management Coordinator Duty Descriptions. Infantry Infantry Officer (11) The infantry officer is responsible for leading the infantry and [] A minimum of 5 years of experience in SAP Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), SAP Business Reporting Tools, data warehousing principals/best practice solutions, SAP BEx Analyzer, cross-functional knowledge and manipulation experience of SAP Modules, and proven track record of architecting complete SAP Business Warehousing (BW) / Business Intelligence (BI) solutions to include at least one project is highly desired but not required, Previous military experience preferred but not required. Uniformed Services Thrift Saving Plan (TSP), TRADOC Proponent Office - Echelons Above Brigade (TPO-EAB), Ike Skelton Combined Arms Research Library (CARL), Mission Command Center of Excellence (MCCoE), Air Land Sea Space Application Center (ALSSA), Combined Arms Doctrine Directorate (CADD), Command Assessment Program Directorate (CAPD), Center for the Army Profession and Leadership (CAPL), Force Modernization Proponent Center (FMPC), U.S. Army Information Operations Proponent, Military Deception and Operations Security Proponents, Mission Command Network Integration (MCNI), Security Force Assistance Proponent (SFAP), Joint Center for International Security Force Assistance (JCISFA), Community Health Promotion Council (CHPC), Department of Command and Leadership (DCL), Department of Sustainment and Force Management (DSFM) (Previously DLRO), AFELM Spouse Employment & Vehicle Registration, International Military Student Division (IMSD), School of Advanced Military Studies (SAMS), Master in Military Art and Science (MMAS), The Master of Arts in Military Operations (MAMO), The Bachelor of Arts in Leadership and Workforce Development, Warrant Officer Candidate School Blackboard Enrollment, TAC Officer Certification Course Blackboard Enrollment, Warrant Officer Intermediate Level Blackboard Enrollment, Warrant Officer Senior Service Blackboard Enrollment, Warrant Officer Intermediate Level Education (WOILE), Warrant Officer Senior Service Education (WOSSE), Warrant Officer Career College Contact Information, Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation (WHINSEC), Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center (DLIFLC), U.S. Army Sergeants Major Academy (USASMA), The U.S. Army Inspector General School (TIGS), Combat Studies Institute (CSI) Publications, Force 2025 and Beyond Human Dimension Publications, Combined Arms Research Library (CARL) Collections. Here is an example of the compensation you could earn as a full-time or part-time Soldier in this role. This branch is what would be referred to as a special branch. Major units include Army personnel from most every branch of various ranks working together in unison to form powerful and capable forces during peacetime and during times of war. Unlike most other branches, most of the officers and soldiers within this branch are reservists. Public Affairs branch members play an important role in both contingency operations and during deployments. ADA systems are typically divided into three categories; SHORAD (Short Range Air Defense), HIMAD (High to Medium Air Defense), and THAAD (Terminal High Altitude Area Defense). Active Duty. In the past, the United States Army separated branches into three main groups;combat arms,combat support, andcombat service support. College and University Associates Degree (O), Credentials & Certifications (Continuing Education) Professional Transportation Planner (O), Military Schooling Integrated Computerized Deployment System (ICODES)-Sea/Air (D), HAZMAT (D), Unit Movement Officer-Deployment Planning Course (D), Global Air Trans Exec Systems-Surface (GATES) (O), Joint Container Management (D), TC-AIMS II (D), Drill Sergeant (O), Airborne (O), Air Assault (O), Jumpmaster (O), Contracting Officer Representative (COR) (O), Baseline Talents Army Talent Attribute Framework - Tier 2, Assignment Developed Talents Army Talent Attribute Framework Tier 2, Tier 3 Army Talent Attribute Framework KSBs (Baseline), Tier 3 Army Talent Attribute Framework KSBs (Assignment Developed). You'll get more than a career. Established in 2010, the Cyber Branch was designed to be the single point of contact between the Army external organizations regarding information operations and cyberspace. Army Music personnel specialize in a variety of instruments and specialties, in a variety of ensembles, and all styles of music. Depending on their MOS (based on training and expertise), soldiers are assigned to particular branches of the Army. Reach out and we'll help you get there. As a Transportation Management Coordinator, you'll plan and schedule transportation for troops, cargo, and equipment worldwide. Enlisted soldiers in this branch are trained covert operation and direct force specialists. This includes media relations offices that have been created for more specific and limited purposes. What You Could Earn As a Transportation Management Coordinator. You will document and inventory freight shipments, prepare cargo for travel, and coordinate transportation for Soldiers and other personnel. Management of the electromagnetic spectrum. Contact Army HRC Military Schools Branch Managers Military Schools Branch - Position/Duties Phone BRANCH CHIEF (502)-613-5525 BRANCH SERGEANT MAJOR (502)-613-5524 Operations Section/ Team Ext 983-5916 Position/Duties Phone OPS CHIEF (502)-613-5517 OPS NCOIC (502)-613-5549 OPS ASST NCOIC (502)-613-5328 hbbd``b`z$g- "AQqD@:$n1012YA e We are the only museum dedicated to preserving the history of U.S. Army Transportation. The intelligence that they acquire is not only distributed within the Army but is also shared across the entire national intelligence community. They provide religious services to members of the United States Army and their families. Facts and Information About the United States Army. Here are some things you might want to know before you take the next step. During training, Soldiers build confidence not only by completing tasks and overcoming their own fears, but also by watching their fellow Soldiers succeed by doing the same. In other words, they assist in engaging the enemy. The PSD is our unique mobile app that helps Army leaders find a perfect DA Form template solution, through proven examples and a winning framework, so you can quickly submit a proper form while saving tons of time and mental energy. Everyone will need to pass the Army's fitness test after joining, and again every year of service. Petty Officer 3rd Class | Brandon Abdallah. Commercial Air-Group Movement Support - DSN: 312-615-6079/6077/ (978) 615-6079/6077, Individual Commercial Air Travel Support Logistics officers are multifunctional and rely heavily on data analytics in order to provide timely, world-class logistics support during all phases of operations both in peacetime and war. Transportation Management Coordinator (Enlistment Required) Introduction to the Transportation Branch . The branch proponent is the commandant or the chief of a branch of the Army with execution of training, leader development, education, and personnel responsibilities for their designated branch. They should be able to use their knowledge of logistics and data analytical skills to identify inefficiencies and develop process improvement plans in order to streamline operations and maximize efficiencies in both fiscal and time-constrained scenarios. The Army has a waiver process that you can take advantage of to prove you overcame a disqualifying issue that would otherwise prevent you from joining the Army. While civilian jobs may pay higher baseline salaries, the Army offers a starting salary above the federal minimum wage, plus a variety of benefits on top of your base pay that add up. Combat support unit are distinguished from combat service support unit in that they provide operational support to combat arms units. Naval Base San Diego is the principal homeport of the Pacific Fleet, consisting of 50 Navy ships, two Coast Guard cutters, five Military Sealift Command logistical support platforms, and several research and auxiliary vessels. Must complete the application packet and submit it to the U.S. Army Acquisition Support Center. (C) 2016 US Army, Partner with contractors to develop and analyze business intelligence, data & analytics needs, Acts as the subject matter expert on reporting tools and data analysis, make recommendations on process changes, Provides data analysis and reporting solutions support for assigned departments, Participates and leads the planning process including inception, design, build, test, and deploy of business intelligence data & analysts solutions, Interpret business requirements, and determines optimum business intelligence solutions to meet needs. The skills, training, and hands-on experience you'll gain from a support and logistics career in the U.S. Army can't be matched anywhere else. Analyze testing results to ensure the solution meets the needs of the Army. Overview. Branch personnel may be officers, enlisted soldiers, or civilian contractors. With sufficient experience they can become Detachment Sergeants, Operations Sergeants, Senior Movements NCO, Force Generation NCO, and Chief Movements Supervisors. They answer any questions, discuss opportunities and ways to serve, and make sure prospects have everything they need until they attend Basic Training. Contact them for support on your next assignment or military schooling opportunity. Advanced training and specialty schools are available for Soldiers and Officers to learn specific skills and take on more responsibility as experts in their field. See how a military lifestyle can take you around the world, and what to expect when deployed. PRODUCED BY THE DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE. They plan and coordinate all functions involved in the successful movement of material, personnel, or personal property via water, air, highway, rail, and multi-modal transport systems. In addition to the Quartermaster and Transportation branches, the Ordnance Branch is a critical component of the U.S. Army logistics system. I come from an Army family and their career fields vary from field artillery, aviation, and transportation. Through training, missions, challenges, and triumphs, you'll form the strongest bonds built on trust, respect, and shared experiences. endstream endobj 399 0 obj <. Army Branches - 26 Powerful Forces - Army Facts Before you can become a Soldier, you'll first need to complete a form of Basic TrainingBasic Combat Training for enlisted Soldiers and the Basic Officer Leadership Course for Army Officers, as well as any additional training your job may require. Confidence doesn't happen overnight. Job Overview. These soldiers execute both defensive and offensive cyberspace operations. The United States Army personnel assigned to the Military Intelligence branch work to provide essential intelligence. Transportation Management Coordinator Jun 10, 2012 For emergencies and after-hour support, call (978) 615-6067 or (978) 796-3333. Obtain, distribute, and share intelligence onenvironmental conditions. The U.S. Army Logistics Branch is comprised of full-time and part-time Army officers (Active Duty, Army Reserve, and National Guard) who are functional in the Transportation, Ordnance, and Quartermaster Branches. Science, Technology, Engineering, or a Mathematics Field (STEM). USAJOBS - Job Announcement Soldiers of the Transportation Branch move personnel and material by; As previously mentioned, Army branches contain specialties that officers, warrant officers, and enlisted members might occupy based on their job. There are, however, additional qualifications likeAirborne,Air Assault, andRangerthat denote specific specialized skills and training. "Even as we focus on getting Ukraine what it needs, we've always prioritized accountability, and Ukraine has, too. Experiences: Transportation Management Coordinator Staff Sergeants gain a variety of experiences through institutional education, unit expertise self-development, and operational deployments. If you're interested in pursuing a college education or getting an advanced degree for less, the Army not only offers programs to help you earn your degree while you serve, but also helps pay for tuition costs through tuition assistance programs and a variety of merit-based scholarships. Army Logistics Quick Reference - (CAC) Enable, The Official Website of the United States Army Transportation Corps and Transportation School | Fort Lee, Virginia, 2022 United States Army | Transportation Corps, Deployment Process Modernization Office (DPMO), Transportation Management Training Department (TMTD), Become an 88N Transportation Management Coordinator, Supervision of cargo documentation and movement control units for all transportation modes, Formulation and review of documentation on technical traffic management functions, Devising and reviewing movement programs for logistical support functions in a theater of operations, Serving as the transportation liaison between other military services, commercial agencies, and host nation support elements, Reviewing DoD contracts and agreements with host nations, Verifying the accuracy of movement control documents, Quality control of commercial transportation contracts, Unstructured Problem Solving, Analyze Data or Information, Analyzes and Organizes Information to Create Knowledge. Your Army salary is just one part of the total compensation Soldiers earn. Hear from young service members about their decisions to join, the friendships theyve forged, the skills theyve developed, and their opportunities to make an impact in the Military. Transportation Branch Leadership - United States Army The Buddy Team Enlistment Option, or the Buddy Program, lets a recruit and up to five friends enlist and go through Basic Training together. Field Artillery branch soldiers use artillery weapons systems to deliver surface-to-surface long range indirect fire. By Terrance Bell September 30, 2021. Ordnance Officer | Camaraderie is one of the most unique aspects of the Army and is something you likely won't find in a civilian career or everyday life. How does Army Pay compare to Civilian pay? As a Transportation Management Coordinator, you'll plan and schedule transportation for troops, cargo, and equipment worldwide. They organize, plan and oversee the movement of those vehicles, personnel and cargo. 0 Officers typically enter the Military after they have completed a four-year college degree; enlisted service members can transition to officer positions through a variety of pathways and earn a degree while serving. The skills, training, and hands-on experience youll gain from a support and logistics career in the U.S. Army can't be matched anywhere else. The Quartermaster Branch is one of the three Army logistics branches along with the Transportation and Ordnance branches. Planning, budgeting for, executing and evaluating the effectiveness of public affairs programs. Qualified civilians and former service members may now apply for direct appointment as a logistics officer in the U.S. Armys Logistics Branch for the rank of Captain through Colonel, depending on a thorough review and calculation of relevant education, training, certifications, and work experience. Obtain, distribute, and share combat and battlefield situational information. Must be a United States citizen; applicants in a dual citizenship status are ineligible. %%EOF According to Army Regulation 22090, the mission of the Army bands within this branch is to provide music throughout a range of Army operations. These branches provide a host of specialized support functions that include; chemical warfare, engineering, intelligence, security, and communications among other things. Fleet Maintenance Managers Today's Military Entry Level. LTC Barry CarterBranch 983-5635, COL HarrisChief, Armor Enlisted 983-5934, Major McLaughlinARSOF Branch, LTC AngellChief, Aviation 983-5725, LTC Lance TomlinsonBranch 983.5627, LTC CanternaChief, Infantry 613-5651DSN: (312) 983-5651, MAJ Justin Miller17A Cyber Officer Career 613-6614DSN: 983-6614, LTC DillsBranch 983-5954, LTC JonesBranch 983-5767, LTC BlackBranch, LTC Rodney D. JohnsonChief, Enlisted Military Police 983-5761, LTC SandersBranch 983-5431, SGM Stephen H. HeltonSMMD, LTC Thomas ChandlerChief, Quartermaster, COL Theresa L. LewisHSB, LTC RaumbergerChief, Ordnance 983-5311, LTC RaderChief, Transportation 983-5278, LTC PopeBranch 312-983-5336, Drill Sergeant Teamusarmy.knox.hrc.mbx.epmd-drill-sgt-section@mail.mil502-613-5870DSN: 983-5870, Recruiting Teamusarmy.knox.hrc.mbx.epmd-recruiter-team@mail.mil502-613-5872DSN: 983-5872, Mr. BaileyBranch Chiefjesse.l.bailey2.civ@mail.mil502-613-5525DSN: 983-5525, Active Component Enlisted Retirements and Separations Teamusarmy.knox.hrc.mbx.epmd-retirement-separations@mail.mil502-613-6732DSN: 983-6732, AGR Retirements and Separations Teamusarmy.knox.hrc.mbx.epmd-retirement-separations@mail.mil502-613-5466DSN: 983-5466, AGR Orders Processing Teamusarmy.knox.hrc.mbx.epmd-retirement-separations@mail.mil502-613-5929DSN: 983-5929, Sanctuary Teamusarmy.knox.hrc.mbx.epmd-sanctuary-section@mail.mil502-613-5962DSN: 983-5962, Regular Army Enlisted Retention Management TeamRetention Team Contactusarmy.knox.hrc.mbx.epmd-reup@mail.mil502-613-5966DSN: 983-5966, Regular Army Reclassification Processing Team (RPT)RPT Contactusarmy.knox.hrc.mbx.epmd-reclass@mail.mil502-613-5915DSN: 983-5915.