Riki pulls back from his neck to see the look on his face. I dont like the idea of being that person to someone., Jongseong props his head up on his elbow, resting his cheek in the nook of his hand. But this is the difference: when Riki looks at Heeseung, he is not trying to find anything. Jongseongs heart is not his own, in this moment. Riki still had no idea who the guy was; he asked Sunoo and Jungwon, and neither of them had anything insightful to say. Were totally going to win this bet, Sunghoon says when he notices that Heeseung and Jongseong are both missing from the party. Hes my friend., Sunoo tilted his head to the side. oh yeah nvm i forgot i had something sorry. To stay?. Riki glares at him. Ever. Riki brings his puff bar back to his mouth. We were planning to ask you, actually, but then it justhappened tonight., Well, Im glad it happened the way it did, Jake admits, not looking at Sunghoon. Heeseung thinks its the greatest game ever invented. He picked up his board and held it against his leg. For me, it frequently appeared in text-to-speech videos that often narrated interactions between cats (this should give you an idea of what my For You page looks like). Jongseong only stares mutely at the cat whiskers laid over Jungwons toes. Just to confirm Jongseong will admit that having a foursome with your two best friends and the hot guy you just met at a party wasnt a great idea, but all things considered, it could have gone a lot worse. Im sure you do, Jungwon says, feeling like hes just peeked into another part of Riki and Heeseungs relationship that he shouldnt have seen. Like most trends these days, I first noticed the proliferation of the term bestie on TikTok. Sunghoon doesnt say anything; he looks too shocked to speak. Sunoo and Jungwon are popular; theres no going about that. Riki places his hands over Sunoos, and Sunoo twitches violently, like hes going to yank them away, but he doesnt. He isnt looking for anything more. How do you know about that?, Riki shrugs. 2000 aesthetic, best friends, ride or die, right hand, happiness, goals, bestie goals, best friend goals, y2k aesthetic, tumblr fashion, 2000s vibes, 90s aesthetic, early 2000s, retro aesthetic, edgy aesthetic, shopcider, cider clothing, best friend . Riki already had a fresh roll in his pocket, but he wasnt going to say no. I dont think Heeseung feels guilty. Any time, Jake says, and its with a heavy heart that he leaves Sunoo behind and heads up the stairs to Heeseungs apartment. Sunoos best friend is Yang Jungwon, and Jungwons other best friend is Jongseong, one of Sunghoons best friends, so its a wonder that Sunghoon didnt meet him sooner. Im sorry that when I finally got a footing, I didnt Riki cuts himself off, his voice cracking. No. But I knew I was trying to be you.. Oh yeah, have you talked to Sunoo about The Bet? Jongseong, Sunghoon, and Jake had just started living together in an apartment off-campus, and it was awkward for a few days: Sunghoon would lock his door at random points, Jake would bring a full change of clothes to their shared bathroom as if they hadnt already seen it all, and Jongseong would go pink all the way up to his ears whenever he met eyes with Sunghoon, because each time he did he couldnt help but remember how hes had that guys dick up his ass. He asked Sunoo if he wanted to go smoke with him outside, but Sunoo didnt want to get crossed, so he said no, and Riki went outside on his own. A bestie is the person who you not only go shopping with on a regular basis but also trust implicitly with anything.. besties do not come and go like waves and. Heeseung chuckled. No. He and Heeseung are best friends. We can practice.. American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, Fifth Edition. Jake is very talkative when hes drunk., If you knew about it, then whyd you raise it to five-hundred dollars?, Because their plan is going to backfire, obviously, he says, bringing the covers up to his chest. Thank you, he says under his breath, hands fisting over the covers. Jongseong turns to look at him. As if we werent He cuts himself off and bites down on his bottom lip. People think its hard to love more than one person at the same time, but Jongseong happens to excel at it. He knows that Jongseong feels the same way. An individual who engages in playing the field for members of the opposite sex, the only difference to a regular playa is that this species will give you the honest heads up and provide some caveats! For most of November, Jongseong saw Jungwon a total of five times. Jongseong places a hand on Jungwons waist, and hes not so careful about it, the way he pushes him down to the carpet until hes laid flat on his back. He needs to drown himself in alcohol immediately. Hes unduly self-sacrificing to the point that his selflessness errs on the side of selfishness. Heeseung, Riki answers immediately. Sunoo makes a noise in excitement. Jongseong and Jungwon; Heeseung, Jake, and Sunghoon; and strangely, Riki and Sunoo. sunghoon Yeah.. WHAT THE FUCK? You guys arent dating, right?. Its not that he doesnt see Rikis numerous faults, its that he sees them and thinks theyre all funny and harmless. Riki once created a virus that actually destroyed my laptop, Jongseong screeched. Where are you heading to?. More random definitions It was good at first. No response. Fine, deal.. Hes also seen his love life. He started learning English only last year, but hes quite good at it. My treat :), Of course, Riki replies. Theres no point in denying it. He opens his laptop back up, and without looking at Jongseong, mutters, We dont need to. Plus, he says with a smirk, I remember you enjoying yourself.. Jungwon shakes his head again. He looks at the painting again, squinting and looking for a face hidden in the composition. Right, Jongseong says, then he realizes that Jungwons own laptop is closed, that Jungwon is looking at him, expectantly. I mean, if youre okay with that?. sunghoon He starts with the premise, and goes from there. Besties vibes only Besties vibes only is the best discord server I can ever be in: "Hey are you in besties vibes only discord server ?" " Oh yea! Sunoo looks unsure whether he should stay or not. Jongseong is very glad that the Riki-Sunoo breakup happened before they all were friends, because if it happened now, hes absolutely sure it would tear their friend group to shreds. Most of what he knew about Heeseung was from Sunoo and Jungwon, but neither of them knew him very well either. We just Riki swallowed a small sob and squeezed his eyes shut. Somewhere fancy. Sunoo lifts up off Jakes dick and glares at Jongseong. If he greens out tonight, so be it. Literally?. Its that. As a result, Sunghoon was able to start over. im with riki at the art dept. Sunghoons face scrunches up. No, it was real to me, but it wasnt for him, and I knew that. If you still care about him, then why are you ignoring him? He was happy that Riki trusted him enough to ask. He usually came over to Sunoo and Jungwons in his free nights to game, do homework together, or just enjoy each others company. Im over Riki, Sunoo says. Literally and metaphorically. Where even is that? News He thought they were subtle. Hes concerned, but Jungwon is too cute like this, and Jongseong is very high. Youre beautiful, Jungwon wants to say, but he knows that that isnt an appropriate thing to say to someone whose heart has just been broken in two. Jongseong knew, from Rikis Instagram, that he and Heeseung went to a skate park together yesterday. Your apartment., Sunoo has to hurry. Sort of. He snaps his eyes back open, sees that Jongseong looks like his entire world has come crashing down. For me, it frequently appeared in text-to-speech videos that often narrated interactions between cats (this should give you an idea of what my For You page looks like). About what? Riki asks, putting his phone down on the desk. WHAT HAPPENED Jungwon isnt settlinghe knows his self-worth enough not to. Watch popular content from the following creators: Maddie Grace(@maddieboucher5), Ilona Maher(@ilonamaher), Lillie(@lillie.raver), sunny(@sunymtz), :)(@transcribedsounds), meredithbull(@meredith_bull), Audrey (@audreytruitt12), Love Island USA(@loveislandusa), tatchi(@tringsby), sam(@sam.mcnab) . What happened?. Sunghoon loses, and Jake completes the rest of the walk by himself. Jungwon doesnt know how he didnt notice it before, how happy Heeseung and Riki make each other, how happy they are just to have each other. Jongseong was worried at first. How do you really feel about Riki? Jongseong asks. No, that does not make Jake feel any better. It was supposed to be just the juniors and Heeseung, but then Jongseong asked if he could invite Jungwon, who in turn asked if he could bring Sunoo. Perhaps the one good thing that came out of it is that it roped Heeseung into their trio. And Ill do better. Go cozy up with ur bf, heeseung Im taking intro to visual arts, though, and its a lot of fun, he added. It was so hard for me, he says quietly. He cant help but glance at Jungwons lips, wonder if theyd feel as soft as they look. The only problem is the way that Jongseong looks at Heeseung. If Jongseong is being honest, he forgot everyone else was there. High quality Bestie Vibes Only Tiktok Original-inspired gifts and merchandise. I dont know much about art.. Jay? Jungwon asks when Jongseong doesnt respond. Riki cant look at him when he says, I grew up. I grew up, away from you and toward him, he doesnt say. We should hang out more, said Heeseung. Jake swallows. I know Im gonna reach for as many besties as possible. So thats why Sunoo is distraught downstairs. That has nothing to do with this.. So youre a compsci major? Heeseung asked. We see the way you look at him., Jongseong swallows. And he even won an award for it! Heeseung pulls himself back with an annoyed huff. Hell tell Heeseung about what happened with Sunoo tomorrow. mesurer votre utilisation de nos sites et applications. And then Heeseung brought Sunoos ex-boyfriend. Glimpses of a love that doesnt belong to you, doesnt belong to anyone but the moon and the sun, the love of the family in the car or the runaway bride and her lover driving into the sunset. Sunoo was the best person Riki knew. Jongseong blinks, the door slams behind Jungwon, and then he realizes. Okay, maybe Heeseung had everything to do with The Breakup. Youyou would do the same for me. Its quieter here as well; the bass of the speaker thumps against the ceiling, loud pop music still reverberating into the room, but its manageable. Weve only bet fifty dollars, but this is the plan: you two need to start playing it up.. Really, it was all so that Riki wouldnt find out, and given how close Heeseung and Riki are, it wouldnt be too far of a jump to say that if not for the NDAs, Heeseung mighht have told Riki immediately. I dont know what to tell you, Riki continues. I love his art.. For instance, the new Gen-Z app Hive almost never goes a tweet without using the term to refer to its user base. Nothing, Riki says. The moon and stars shine prettily on his cheekbones. I didnt stop caring about you. In simpler terms, a butterfly flaps its wings in the Amazonian Forest, and subsequently a storm ravages half of Europe. I have another. Sex means different things to different people, and its an simple concept for straight people. Neither Sunoo nor Jongseong are in engineering. Jungwon catches a smile pulling on Rikis lips. He internet-stalked Heeseung the next day. Riki, Jungwon says, firmer this time. You were sucking me off! He winces when he realizes that he, too, also broke the Fight Club rule just now. The thing about Heeseung is that he takes and does what he wants, and he doesnt care about being gentle or nice about his kisses. When its just Jongseong and Sunghoon mixing drinks in the kitchen, Jongseong asks, Whats going on with you and Sunoo? Jungwon religiously uses lip balm. Maybe it wasnt the only reason, but it was a factor. He snaps his gaze back up. My cat is my bestie. Jungwonie Jongseong mutters, frowning, and Jungwon pulls him into a hug. Sunghoon rolls his eyes. And thats okay, Heeseung said, and Riki tried his hardest to believe him. Ill give you something real. I lost like fifty followers!, Remember the time he drew all over my face when I was drunk, took a video of it, and submitted it as an assignment for his studio class calling it performance art? Sunghoon asked. The Meet-Cute: They met on the first day of classes. 4 sizes available. Popularity in college isnt at all like popularity in high school, but it exists, especially since theres less than two thousand students in each class year. My cat is my bestie. youd know if read the NDA contracts I really do, Riki said, voice cracking. Between them is the most striking part of the painting: its something like a green pasture with blue skies and white clouds, and it takes up so little of the composition, but its like everything elsethe chaos, the violence, the adrenalineis building up to that tiny, serene pasture. Sunoo must bring something out of him. AH Im so sorry I told won I would go to his meet, jake I know you are., We didnt even date for that long, and its been months, butit meant something to me. Heeseung, mostly. He is also half in love with Jungwon. Only if Im not locked into answering it, Riki says. Let them learn. They were playing games in Heeseungs room, sharing Pocky and half spilled over each others laps. The only person Riki ever told about Sunoo, why and how he ended things with him, was Heeseung. And Ill try to do better, too. My first love, he says. What youre doingtreating him like a strangerisnt fair to him., Riki looks at Jungwon. Sunghoon nods and gets up. He skipped all his classes the first two weeks of fall semester, and when he started showing up, to Jongseongs surprise, they had not one, not two, but three classes together. im starting my research around then, jongseong Jungwon wordlessly tugs him inside the building. And you seem different lately., Sunoo turned to look at him and nodded. by Bestie vibes only November 23, 2021. Yeah, Jungwon replies, panting slightly. I love you because you do this thing where youthink you know whats best for everyone, and you cant accept when they want anything other than what you think is best for them. Jongseong almost thinks to comment on it, but he doesnt bother. What? Jongseong asks, half-distracted listening to Jake struggling to get the worker to understand his Australian accent. That it feels like you never cared about him at all. That was the moment Riki knew, some part of him, at least, that if even no one else in the world understood him, that would be okay, because Heeseung would, and Heeseung would always be there. me: ok i saw that already They didnt know how to in the new context. He really doesnt. Instead of lamenting the loss of the one person who youve previously been able to (physically) lean on in times of trouble, the internet has presented a new solution: What if everyone is your bestie now? His lock screen lights up with two texts sent at the same time. Of course I know about The Bet., Do you also know about the plan to make me up the stakes?, Heeseung laughs. Summer clothes and everything youll need for a week It takes Jongseong a long time to realize what Heeseung just said, and the incredulous looks on Sunoo and Jungwons faces. Even if you can stop it. Well, Im not going to say no to free weed.. Heeseung took your virginity?, Jake opens his mouth. At the same time, Jungwon comes bouncing over, a plastic bag slung around his wrist. Finally. He sees it in the way Jongseong blushes each time Heeseung makes fun of him, lightheartedly, because Heeseung never does or says anything with that much gravityat the same time, though, hes a calamity, leaves nothing but devastation behind him, and never blinks an eye. Come sit, Riki says, not wanting to waste this chance. Pretending to be in love with Yang Jungwonwell, its not like Jongseong has anything to lose, and from the way Sunoo is looking at him right now, insistent and impatient, it seems that he really wants to make high margins off his ex-boyfriend. He brandished a smile. For now, at least., Jungwon lifts a brow. want to meet halfway on main green? I really appreciate it, butIll be fine.. Cant you see how much that hurts him?. It really doesnt. He was so bad at Mario Kart it was funny. Heeseungs eyes soften. No one stirs. I do too. Heeseung and Jake manage to swindle five-percent shares each; Sunoos share is cut down to forty-five, Jongseongs back to five. And he really loved me. You cant.. She gave me a weird vibe. The Bet would be over a lot quicker if you and Jongseong werent hooking up in secret., You guys sneak off together. That no one knows anything about him other than that he has sex with a lot of people.. Boyfriend: Hey, wanna go to the movies with me later? Not like, sexual tension, but tension.. One: Heeseung and Riki really were just friends. Riki doesnt blame Sunoo for the way he felt. So, the person before him said, how do you know Heeseung?, Riki passed the joint back to him, and their fingertips brushed. But he looks at Heeseung and frowns. You have to really look to see all the details. Um., I mean, if you really want to get into things, do you want to talk about how you and Heeseung started sleeping together after The Foursome?, Jongseongs mouth falls open. I admire you for the opposite, Jungwon says. Sunoo explained until he understood. Riki takes the opportunity to wipe his face with the back of his sleeve. Other times, Riki came to him with a piece of American slang he didnt quite get, but always heard people using, embarrassed and shy. Let them own it. Everyone gladly agreed. He continues scanning through missed texts, and he scrolls past most of them, but lands on one from Jongseong, time stamped around midnight. Yes, Jungwonie?, I can walk you back to your dorm. Okay. So I ran.. We should kiss, Jungwon says a full week into The Bet. Jake thinks, wanting very much to melt into the ground right about now.